ng judgment and wrote a plot that didn’t fit the character of the housekeeper, even the parts already included in the book would become invalid.
At that time, the housekeeper would break free from the chain and kill him in turn.

For example, if he wrote, “the housekeeper is loyal to Chi Yiyin” or “the housekeeper commits suicide” and other unreasonable developments, his success would fall short.

Chi Yiyin’s fingers rubbed the spine of the book, thinking that fortunately he had the habit of observing and exploring the people around him, and it was always useful to plan ahead.

The housekeeper was still in shock, he wasn’t sure about Chi Yiyin’s identity.

But Chi Yiyin smiled at the housekeeper, closed the notebook with a “snap!” and put it back in the pocket of his suit.

Immediately, he turned around calmly and walked towards the gate, bent slightly with a smile, and made an invitation gesture to the elderly woman in cheongsam.

“Auntie, welcome to the Ma’s house.”

Chi Yiyin smiled and reached out to the woman in the cheongsam.

The aunt was looking at the abnormal noise in the courtyard in surprise, but when she saw Chi Yiyin, she smiled in surprise.

“Yuze, you’ve come back from Shanghai.
Auntie thought you were fascinated by the city that never sleeps, and wouldn’t go back to such a small place as Gushu Town.”

The aunt held Chi Yiyin’s arm tightly, looked him up and down, said yes repeatedly, and narrowed her eyes with a smile.

Chi Yiyin frowned, although he didn’t like other people’s touch, but now in order to release the shackles brought by the rules, he could only endure it temporarily.

When the servant led him across the courtyard to the eldest miss’ boudoir, he heard the order passed among the other servants, saying that Madam Ma’s sister heard that the eldest miss was coming home, and so she wanted to visit her and stay for a few days to get close to the eldest miss.

A servant was ordering others to clean the guest room and arrange the furniture, and Chi Yiyin secretly wrote down the time the servant said, which happened to be in the evening.

So when the housekeeper said that the madam was not here, but the banquet was going to be held, Chi Yiyin immediately thought of Madam Ma’s sister.

Without the elders at the table, it was impossible for a few juniors to have a banquet.

The only explanation was that the aunt from Madam Ma’s natal family would arrive at Ma’s mansion at around 5 o’clock, so the younger generation must come to accompany and cannot be late in front of the elder.
This was the “etiquette of prestigious families” that the housekeeper insisted on.

This was also the reason for the penalty for failing to attend the banquet after the time limit.

Therefore, when Chi Yiyin ran out of the boudoir, he went straight to the main gate.
He knew the approximate size of the mansion, so he deduced from the 5 o’clock given by the housekeeper, and calculated that his aunt would walk to the main gate at this time.

Since the truth of being punished was because of being rude in front of the elders, as long as he opened his mind, gave up going to the banquet hall, and went to the gate to pick up the aunt, it would not be considered rude.

On the contrary, it was polite.

The mother was seriously ill and bedridden, and the eldest sister was like a mother, entertaining relatives instead of the mother, not to mention that the aunt came here for the elder sister.

According to behavior, this was entirely in line with etiquette.

And it was true.

The moment Chi Yiyin saw the aunt, his countdown stopped, and the task of going to the banquet was over.

The aunt was still holding him in surprise, and asked him about his school life in Shanghai with concern and detail, but Chi Yiyin curled his lips.
He glanced at the housekeeper standing beside him, and smiled lightly.

Under the influence of Chi Yiyin’s notes, the housekeeper, who originally wanted to ask about Chi Yiyin’s identity.
But when he saw that the aunt, a relative of Ma family was present and grabbed Chi Yiyin and called him “Yuze,” the housekeeper looked bewildered.
He was stunned, but still abided by his duties as a servant, bowed to the waist deeply and dared not say anything in front of the aunt.

“Let’s go, aunt.
I have asked the housekeeper to prepare the dishes, and the brothers and sister should have arrived.”

Chi Yiyin naturally claimed all the housekeeper’s preparations were his own, without the slightest guilty conscience.

He stretched out his arm, and asked the aunt to hold his hand like a gentleman, leading her inside the mansion, and taking advantage of the aunt’s momentum, he instructed the housekeeper, “What are you doing in a daze? You don’t even lead the way.”

Seeing the housekeeper’s appearance of holding back his anger but having no choice but to obey, Chi Yiyin’s smile deepened.

The aunt was coaxed by Chi Yiyin into laughter, and repeatedly praised Yuze for being a good child.

The system notification tone was online again: [Congratulations to the survivor for over completing the task of ‘Going to the Banquet!’ Awarded 5 points.
Gain +10 favorability with the key character ‘Aunt.’ Rewarded 1 point.
Current point is 61.]

Before the live broadcast, all the audience were dumbfounded.

[Wait… fuck! What the hell is this nb character, you can still play like this?]

T/N: nb = 牛逼 (niu bi) = chinese slang meaning “when someone did smth shocking or amazing” 

[I have watched the live broadcast of this instance several times before, and no one thought of using the aunt to complete the banquet task.
When did he know about the aunt? How could he know that he even ran over just in time for his aunt to come? It’s really… shit, my brain is so short-circuited that I can’t figure it out! ]

[The strength of this big shot is terrifying.]

[Other players are looking for death in the banquet hall, but he is better off.
Just let the housekeeper lead the way??? It is estimated that the housekeeper is about to die of anger, but can’t resist.
Suddenly, I feel that in front of him, the annoying housekeeper is a little pitiful?]

[In the previous recordings, the housekeeper’s skeleton state appeared several times, but without exception, all the players died, and no one knew about the subsequent development.
This time, following the big shot, I finally saw the world of big shots.]

[I’m convinced.
This is the first time I’ve seen someone over completing an instance task.
Reward points +5]

[Reward points +1]

[The current number of viewers is 23007, and the number of followers is 3792.
The number of followers increased 3000x within an hour.
Congratulations to survivor Z1001 for winning the title “By leaps and bounds!” Bonus points, 3 points.]

Hearing the chattering and laughing of the aunt beside him, Chi Yiyin lowered his eyelashes and stood still slightly in front of the banquet hall.

The housekeeper was afraid of Chi Yiyin, but had no choice but to bend down respectfully, and opened the door of the banquet hall for Chi Yiyin and the aunt.

Chi Yiyin stepped forward calmly, and the leather shoes landed on the mahogany floor with a crisp sound.

The players who watched over slowly widened their eyes in disbelief.

“This person… is still alive!”

“He is with an NPC, and the housekeeper’s attitude is so polite, how did he do it!”

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