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[Countdown 00:03:53]

After the temperature around him rose, Chi Yiyin noticed something abnormal in the garden the same time the female ghost disappeared from his side.

Before, the garden was beautiful and thriving like false blossom, but then the flowers suddenly began to wither rapidly.

And if one were to look carefully, they would find that the withered flowers on the ground were in the shape of a string of footprints, spreading all the way to the back of the rockery.

From Chi Yiyin’s perspective, he was just blocked from looking at the swing behind the rockery.

——This meant the housekeeper was also unable to see behind the rockery.

The first thing Chi Yiyin thought of was the female ghost.

She lived here before her death, so she was more familiar with the structure here, and she showed resistance to the housekeeper, so it was to be expected that she would avoid him.

From then on, Chi Yiyin planned the female ghost hiding in the garden as one of his retreats.

And now…

“Aren’t you going to give your partner a hand?”

Chi Yiyin called out to the female ghost: “Don’t you want to take another look at the outside of this mansion, Yuze!”

[Countdown 00:03:41]

The group of snakes wrapped around the skeleton slithered to Chi Yiyin’s side in a short period of time.
The floating snakes spat out their tongues, and approached him from behind amidst the creepy hissing sound, and almost touched his hair.

Meanwhile, the big hand of the skeleton followed after him, falling from the sky, and was about to slap Chi Yiyin.

With his speed, he couldn’t get out of the skeleton’s attack range, but not only was he not afraid.

He was even laughing.

As if death was just an interesting journey for him.

The swing was still creaking, it seemed that the female ghost didn’t intend to pay any attention to Chi Yiyin as a partner at all.
She hated the housekeeper, but she also didn’t like strangers very much.
She was not interested in helping Chi Yiyin, but preferred to watch the fun brought by his death.

Because of the rule of death upon seeing the female ghost, Chi Yiyin closed his eyes tightly and relied on his perception of the subtle voices in his ears and the three-dimensional map of the mansion constructed in his mind, he barely escaped the housekeeper’s attack time and time again, and ran towards the female ghost.

But the housekeeper had an absolute advantage.
Not only was he able to see the overall situation from a height, but he also had power far beyond Chi Yiyin.
No matter where he went, the attack would follow.
What’s more, the snake attached to the housekeeper’s body had quickly filled the entire courtyard, surrounding him imperviously.

Even if Chi Yiyin escaped once or twice, he would still be blocked by the housekeeper and die under overwhelming force.

[Countdown 00:03:00]

The outcome seemed to have been decided.

Even the audience who had expectations for Chi Yiyin sighed and shook their heads and left, and went to the live broadcast room of other people in the instance.

The reminder of the drop in the number of followers kept ringing, and most of the remaining people were full of malice and wanted to witness Chi Yiyin’s death with their own eyes.

[Cry! Beg for forgiveness! Then spice up my life with your tragic death, hahaha!]

[He will turn into meat paste, die quickly, what are you running for! I can’t wait to see it!]

Because the popularity dropped too quickly, the system began to deduct Chi Yiyin’s points, but he had no time to take care of it now, and even simply turned off the notification sound, not caring that he would be deducted to 0 points and die.

Chi Yiyin, who didn’t get a response, already guessed what the female ghost was thinking.

But fortunately, his trust in the female ghost was only lip service, and it was just an accidental gift to show his sincerity with cooperation.

He was not good with unrealistic delusions, and preferred things that could actually be used.

For example… behind the female ghost, there’s a gap covered by flowers.

When he saw the oil painting in the boudoir, Chi Yiyin had already deduced the character of the eldest miss of Ma family from the various items in the boudoir, and knew that she would never be content to be locked up in the mansion.
Otherwise, the housekeeper would not lock the carriage heavily to prevent her from escaping.

There must have been a precedent.

Perhaps, there’s a passable escape route in the boudoir.

This guess was finally confirmed when the female ghost walked towards the rockery.

——Where do people subconsciously go when they are frightened?

The way out.

When the female ghost saw someone she didn’t like, she instinctively approached the place where she was most at ease.
Not her boudoir, but a place to escape at any time.

It was exactly what Chi Yiyin wanted to find with the help of the female ghost.

He’s not familiar with the mansion? It doesn’t matter, someone who is familiar with it and could show him the way.

Chi Yiyin smiled and tilted his head slightly, then he turned his head in an instant to avoid a hissing snake, and ran towards the creaking swing.

The moment he rubbed shoulders with the female ghost, Chi Yiyin finally opened his eyes slowly, and for the first time looked closely at the gap behind the flowers in the corner of the wall.
The moment he saw it clearly, a smile appeared in his eyes.

At that moment, the female ghost appeared on the swing, and turned her head in astonishment to look at Chi Yiyin with the wind blowing past her.

The housekeeper who had turned into a skeleton also roared and rushed towards him, and thousands of snakes all over the courtyard quickly slithered towards him.

But Chi Yiyin didn’t even turn around at all, and went straight to the gap, and even waved his hand back in a good mood, and said with a smile to the female ghost: “Thank you for showing me the way, see you outside the courtyard.”

[Countdown 00:02:56]

Working at the desk all year round made Chi Yiyin’s figure slender and handsome, with a narrow waist and long legs, he only needed to turn sideways, and then quickly slipped out of the gap.

But now was not the time to relax.

The snakes chased out along the gap, and because the housekeeper was enraged by his escape, the snakes also hissed like crazy, it slithered towards him faster than before.
Before he had run far, he heard their hissing.
The sound, as if it was in the ear, made one’s hair instinctively stood up.

Most importantly, Chi Yiyin had not forgotten another task that has been counting down.

——When both the path to go forward and backward are death, what would you choose?

The sound of the clock hands passing by the minutes and seconds rang coldly in his mind, coinciding with his heartbeat, and tightly grasped his pulse.

But Chi Yiyin had already made a decision in an instant.

Since he would die if he went both forward and backward, then he would choose neither!

Who said you have to choose one or the other? The system had never admitted that.
This was merely the player’s subconscious thought.

And another option that replaced both was…

[Countdown 00:02:32]

Chi Yiyin did not run to the back of the mansion, but ran towards the main gate, which was unexpected by the housekeeper.

The tall skeleton grinned, and its eyes locked on Chi Yiyin again.
It stepped out of the wall and stepped directly before the main gate.
It bent down and reached out to its prey.

Closer, closer…

Seeing that the housekeeper was about to catch Chi Yiyin, the servant who was guarding behind the gate of the mansion like a puppet started to move.

The servant, like a robot with a pre-set time, walked to the gate without fail, holding the gold-plated handles in the left and right of the gate, and pushed the heavy gate open forcefully.

There was a heavy-muffled sound, and the gap between the gate gradually widened.

Chi Yiyin’s eyes were also slowly lit up, and a smile appeared on the corner of his lips.

However, the housekeeper didn’t have the slightest sense of panic that the prey was about to escape.
Instead, he let out a strange laugh, as if mocking Chi Yiyin’s innocence.

Before the live broadcast, the last player who had goodwill towards Chi Yiyin also shook his head and left disappointed.

[The name of the instance is [Dear Home], so the main scope of activities have already been determined to be in the mansion.
The newcomers didn’t know this, and wanted to escape…]

[I dare to use 100 points as a bet, at the first step when he runs out, he will be corroded by the thick fog outside to mere bones.]

Under the gazes of several parties, Chi Yiyin stopped abruptly just before the gate, and stood in place.

He looked as if he was so frightened that he didn’t even know how to dodge the attack behind him.

The housekeeper grinned grimly, and slapped the standing prey with his huge palm, the force created a strong wind in the air.

Chi Yiyin’s hair was blown up, he squinted his eyes, and opened his arms towards the gate with a smile: “Welcome to Ma’s house.”

In the next second, the gap in the gate widened, and a graceful woman in a cheongsam appeared in Chi Yiyin’s field of vision.

The moment the woman also saw Chi Yiyin, the countdown that had been ringing stopped unexpectedly.

[Countdown 00:02:11, the countdown has stopped, the banquet mission has been cancelled.]

The players who were about to turn around and leave the live broadcast room came back instantly in shock: [What?!!]

[What’s going on, why did it stop? What happened!]

[Who is this woman, how does the newcomer know that she will appear? ]

But immediately, Chi Yiyin made a behavior that puzzled all the players.

Instead of continuing to walk towards the woman who made the dire situation better, he took out a notebook from his pocket, and then quickly turned around to face the terrifying housekeeper.

The notebook opened automatically in Chi Yiyin’s hands without wind, making a rattling sound.

He raised his eyes and his lips curled into a chuckle, turning the pen in his hand.

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