Thundery Flames

6. Taero Falls...

r their shoulders and watch, but the loud grunts and groans and silent sounds of sword cutting flesh and the low thuds of bodies hitting the ground was enough to terrify them both.

”My_My dad, hell b_be okay right.? He_Hell come back right ” the child trembled as she thought of her father alone back at the temple in this same kind of situation as they were in at the moment.

It was at this time that Zairo noticed her quivering with fear, he wasn doing better himself, but she seemed to have it worse. His little arms went over her shoulder, pulling her in a comforting hug, whispering some comforting and assuring words into her ear, both warm bodies shivering in each others embrace.

Taero and Kiara had their backs rested on each other, their swords firmly positioned in their hands, sweat and blood running down their bodies, inhaling and exhaling heavily.

”you have to take the kids and move on ” Taero whispers to her. ”but I can leave you to face them on your own ” she refuses. ”if you don , we might all perish, so just take them and go. ” his words sounded all too familiar, Virgo had said similar words to her that day.

”Go my lady, Ill hold them off. You have to take them and go ” he was right, she knew it. The fight seemed endless, almost like a means to waste time. ”but you must follow after us. Don die here ” she ordered, but she also knew that he might end up not following these orders.

He gives a slight nod, and she immediately bolts for the children, swooshing from her way any demon that tried to stop her.

”Lets go ” she grabs both their hands, and runs with them, not once looking back at Taero.

Being on the run with two children was no easy thing to do, but they ran as fast as their little legs could carry them, even though they still had no idea what was going on, but clearly understood that their lives were at stake.

Taero did well in holding them off, not being able to keep up again, he had transformed into his demon form, using his powers at the same time using his weapon, but soon enough he had cuts all over his body, blood dripping from different parts, there was just five demons left standing, including Shinryung.

And they clearly were not planning on showing any mercy.

Shinryung soon joined in fighting him, as he fought with shinryung, he was trying his possible best to keep the rest of shinryungs men there too. Not letting them go after Kiara and the children, he fought as much as he could but…

IN a minute, shinryung who didn bother turning into his demon form to take on the man still fought with his sword, Taero trying to attack another demon had left his chest vulnerable and open for attack, shinryung saw the opportunity and with a swift and firm movement of his arm, thrust the sword straight and deep into Taeros open chest. A blood-curdling grunt escaped Taeros lips as Shinryung dug in deeper into his chest, the sword sticking out his back.

”Arghhhhh ” He groaned as shinryung drove the full length of his sword into his chest. ”Master, Ive failed you ”

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