Thundery Flames

3. Zairo meets Zaya...

sition, his hawk eyes spot a little girl about his age he thought. She was training in an empty room, she moved very fast for a girl of her size.

”master she has arrived ”

”Kiara? Shinok who was meditating while levitating lowered himself to the ground ”and the child? Taero answered with a slight nod ”bring her in ”.

”You can come with me maam. The master would see you now ”. Taero announced as he got to where they sat.

”Zairo, come on lets go ” she stands up, but the boy wouldn budge.

”I thought you said you wanted to meet my friend, don you want to meet him again? She asked confused and also flashing the man standing a sorry smile as she felt they were wasting his time.

” I want to, but I also want to watch them. ” He conveyed when in actuality, he just couldn fathom the fact that a little girl of about his age was moving so fast and doing some serious whoosh whoosh paw.

”*sigh* okay fine, but don cause any trouble okay. Remember you promised. Don do anything you shouldn okay? He nods flashing her a cute smile, exposing his deep dimples.

” Okay, lets go sir ” she turns to the man to leave, but then Zairo pulls on her skirt.

”What is it? ”

”what about my chicken? ” she laughs and brings out the box of chicken from the bag and hands it to him as she walked away with Taero.

Now with his box of chicken in his hand, his eyes trail off back to where he had seen the girl practicing, and soon his legs moves him there too.

She was still practicing, he watched as she moved almost too perfectly for her age and size, He wasn sure, but it seemed her eyes were green, but at times it sparkled a dust of gold, her raven black her flowed like the dancing palm does in a cool summer breeze.

She had a Tattoo on her neck or was it a birthmark? He couldn tell. It was shaped in the form of the dragon and turtle in the middle of the temple.

He just stood there watching her like a person in a cinema watching a movie with popcorn in hand. Only instead of popcorn, he had chicken.

She was done practicing and that was when she noticed him. He was pointing a chicken at her, she tilts her head a bit as if that would help her see and understand him better.

She walks over to him, and scans his appearance, the huge grin on his face was evidence that he wanted to be friends.

Her eyes trail to the chicken in his hand. It was a drumstick, she unconsciously licks her lips, and then without further thinking, or wondering who the perfect stranger was, she collects the chicken. An enormous grin now pasted on her own face.

They both sat down together eating chicken, it appears that she also loved it. ”what is your name? mine is zairo ”

in between a mouth full of delicious chicken she said ”Zaya ”

Master shinok and Kiara were already talking about old times and then suddenly…

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