Should she accept it or not?

That is the question.

Fu Ting Chuan had been holding the bottle for almost a minute.
Jiang Tiao stood there and didn’t move.

She held the powder compact tightly in her hand.

If she accepts it, doesn’t it show that she needs some kind of reward and recognition for her work?

If she doesn’t accept it, it would be like slapping the male god in the face.

So, does Fu Ting Chuan wish for her to accept it or refuse it?

Before she could drag it out any longer, she took the mineral water into her hand.

She smiled politely, “Thank you, Mr.
Fu, for your recognition of my work.”

For the past four years, she hasn't cared about anyone's judgment of her work.
Whether it was praise or criticism, it didn’t matter.

But today, what she desperately wants is recognition from her idol.

She took this bottle as his thanks.
Maybe the other party’s intention was to preach and hope she understand something.

Fu Ting Chuan didn’t seem to foresee her reaction.
He raised his eyebrow and didn’t say a word.

“Haha” Assistant Xu uncomfortably laughed and tried to dissipate the awkward atmosphere by changing the topic, “Old Fu, your next outfit is the official's robe for the photoshoot with Taiping later.”

Old Fu? This title makes Jiang Tian smile from the bottom of her heart.

She turned and called a girl over, “Xiao Lin, bring that headwear over.”

“The one drooping down?” The girl named Xiao Lin rummaged around on the small table at the side.

“En, the one for the emperor is for Li Shi.” Jiang Tiao retrieves the hat and put it on top of Fu Ting Chuan’s head.
She carefully shoved all the loose strands of hair on his forehead and pressed them into the brim of the hat.
Then her hands ran around the man's head and nicely laid out the strap.

The man stayed the same, he didn’t move or make a sound.

But for some reason, her mood improved a lot.

She glanced at the half-filled water bottle next to her and wanted to hum.


The photo shoot went very smoothly, they finished everything in one afternoon.

Everyone went off work at 5:30.
Around 6 o’clock, Jiang Tiao was properly packing everything away in the dressing room.

She wiped the table clean and took the opportunity to lift up her hip and sit on the table

Her butt took up half of the space and the other half of the water bottle took up the other half.

All the mirror lights are turned on shining through clear liquid.

Jiang Tiao took out her phone and took a picture of the water bottle.

Then she went on Instagram and applied a filter to it.

After uploading the photo on Instagram, she shared it on Weibo.
The content was only a link without any other words.

Jiang Tiao is a beauty blogger and every now and then, she would recommend some skincare and makeup products.

Over the past year, she has accumulated more than 120,000 fans.

She didn’t apply to get a gold V*.
Her Weibo content is very simple, no self-portrait, no personal details, no work description, and no videos.

T/N: Gold V= verified account

There are only product pictures, brand names, and good or bad reviews, all short and concise.

The photos are taken with her holding the product in front of a white background.

So, besides guessing that she is a girl from her hand, her fan doesn’t know any other information about her.

But there are netizens who like this.
Compared to those bloggers who put up their personal life on the internet, they prefer this mysterious, slightly high-class, professional.

Today, she posted a picture of a water bottle.
Naturally, it would arouse some curiosity.

Filled with Fragrance: Can the goddess tell us clearly.
Are you trying to tell us that this brand of mineral water is good for moisturizing?

Buy and Buy Fish: Obviously, she is advertising for Evian.

Jenny Martha: Evian can be used as a face spray.
After I put on my makeup, I spray a layer of Evian on top and it looks clear.

Oh Greatness Reply to Jenny Martha: Really? I shall ask my boyfriend to buy it for me!

Pass Out Big Money: Are people really that stupid? Does Evian need someone with 120,000 fans to advertise for them?


Jiang Tiao smiled as she went through the comments.
Actually, she just wanted to show off but she didn’t want anyone to know what she is showing off.

The photo was only a picture of a transparent water bottle with a light blue cap.

But Jiang Tiao knew that her vain and crazy fangirl side of her which hadn’t been seen in a long time are all in that photo.

It was overflowing with light and shining brightly.

She likes it so much that she doesn’t want to throw it away or drink it.

Just like with her phone case, she will carefully apply a layer of seal and never use it again.

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