Getting rid of these inexplicable thoughts, Jiang Tiao replaced the blotting sheet with another one and continue to pat his T-zone area.

Shortly afterward, she found that Fu Ting Chuan has an intriguing expression that she had never encountered before in her career as part of a production crew.

Many actors, whether they are male or female, whenever they are getting their makeup done or getting a touchup, they would lift up their chin so that their features would be under the control of the makeup artist.

But Fu Ting Chuan is different.
His long eyelashes are held back, his chin is lowered and he isn’t looking at her or elsewhere.

If other people saw it, they would see it as nothing but Jiang Tiao had been in the business for many years so she can definitely feel the atmosphere.

He is avoiding her.

Although she doesn’t know the reason, she is definitely certain of one thing.

He is definitely avoiding her.

Just like when they were in the dressing room.

She thought she finally figured out what the strange atmosphere that lingered between them.

His discomfort, his annoyance, his evasion.

He is strongly expressing his urge to stay away which she can immediately notice.

Fu.” Jiang Tiao pulled back her hand and called his name.

“Hm?” Fu Ting Chuan’s eyes followed her voice and looked up.

His pair of peach blossom eyes were narrow and deep and when looking at a certain direction, appear dark and calm, any emotion hidden from sight.
But at this moment, when he is looking up against the light, his eyes looked to be rippling like water.
Whoever sees this image would make their heart pound.

Jiang Tiao control the color threatening to rise on her face and asked, “Are you uncomfortable with my style of makeup?”

She tried to make herself sound sweet and gentle.

The assistant next to him suddenly showed a strange look, like he was suppressing a laugh.

Fu Ting Chuan seemed somewhat at a loss and quickly denied, “No.”

He returned the water to the assistant’s hand and took out his phone from his pocket, “Continue.”

“Ok.” Jiang Tiao responded and continue with her work.
She lightly pressed on the powder compact and calmly stated, “Actually, I’m only responsible for your makeup today for your photoshoot.
In two days, my master will be back.
He is your actual makeup artist, his techniques are far better than mine.”

Fu Ting Chuan ignored her and look over the news on his phone.

Jiang Tiao's nose is a bit sour.

The first time she got to put on makeup for the male star whom she worshipped the most, she didn’t make any mistake and put on a good performance but inexplicably he was disgusted with her.

Honestly speaking, she can't stand it.

It can be said that during university, she chose cinema makeup as her concentration not only because it is her passion but 70-80% of the reason is due to Fu Ting Chuan.

She is not one of those crazy fans or those who wait outside venues and airports holding up big signs as he makes his entrance.

She can only quietly, in her way, get closer to him.

And maybe one day, she could meet him in the crew, get an autograph, and say a few words.
She would be satisfied with this much.

Her emotions are a mess.
After all, she is still a girl with a fragile heart.

The assistant seemed to notice the bitterness coming from the girl and spoke.

“Sister, don’t take it to heart.
He usually doesn’t wear makeup so he is not used to it.”

“I didn’t” Jiang Tiao took a deep breath trying to dispel those burning thoughts: “I’m just worried that Mr.
Fu is not feeling well.”

Fu Ting Chuan put the phone back into his trouser pocket and raised his eyes, “Why are you thinking so much?”

After a moment of silent conflict, Jiang Tiao did not think that Fu Ting Chuan was still willing to talk to her.

She looked at him with surprise.

“Your work is already done well, are other people’s feelings that important to you?” Fu Ting Chuan asked.

Faced with his serious attitude, Jiang Tiao could only force out, “My job….is based on other people’s feelings and aesthetics.”

“That's just what your job requires, not your work attitude.

“What?” Jiang Tiao didn’t quite get his meaning.

“No matter whether I am laughing today or frowning or acting temperamental you still have to carry out your work as planned.
As long as I didn’t say anything, don't think too much, blame yourself for my emotion,” Fu Ting Chuan leans back on the chair, “I already told you in the dressing room earlier, it has nothing to do with you.”

“I don’t like keeping too many things to myself and there are some opinions that I won’t openly express but I will absolutely not show any prejudice against a person for no reason.
If you would like some approval for doing your job” Fu Ting Chuan took back the water bottle he handed to his assistant earlier and hand it to her, “I am rewarding you with this water bottle for your hard work today.”

“Are you happy now?”

Jiang Tiao froze in place.

His arm is lifted up, his hand steadily holding the bottle, waiting for her response.

Jiang Tiao fixed her eyes on it.
Fine, should she take it or not?

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