Ten minutes later, Fu Ting Chuan sat in front of the mirror with four people surrounding him.

There’s one securing the wig and another styling it.
All are following Jiang Tiao’s orders.

They are all girls.
Once again, Fu Ting Chuan’s popularity is put on full display.
They act as if they were injected with chicken blood, energetically moving around and chattering away nonstop.

Jiang Tiao is the main force.
With a palette in hand, her main purpose is to conceal the dark circles.

Fu Ting Chuan paid attention to the movements of Jiang Tiao’s hand.

The woman's hands are beautiful, including their movements.

Every star that has been with her whether intentionally or not, would pay attention to her hands.

The great god also can't be exempted.

Fu Ting Chuan rarely puts on makeup when filming.
He is famous in the entertainment circle as the bare-faced male god.

His facial features are profound, and even if he does not wear makeup, he still has a photogenic face.

A very handsome and good-looking face.

Because of this Jiang Tiao didn’t put any foundation on him.
After putting on some basic moisturizer, she swept some loose powder to set his face.

It only took one step for her to finish with the base makeup.

Jiang Tiao could feel Fu Ting Chuan’s gaze on her.
She took a deep breath and remind herself to keep calm.

Be calm and professional.

Don't tremble and embarrass yourself.

At this time, Fu Ting Chuan’s gaze landed on the nameplate on her chest.

“Is the second word of your name tiǎo or yáo?” he suddenly asked.

Jiang Tiao was caught off guard.
Very few people knew that “(窕) tiao” has another pronunciation like “yao.”

“The first one.”


He didn’t ask anymore.

Jiang Tiao felt proud of herself.
Their idol is just like what is written about him online.
Someone who can’t tolerate mistakes.

Plus, his own tone is especially good.
High but not awkward, low but not muddles, fast but not chaotic, low but not scattered.

Because of this, most of Fu Ting Chuan’s role is dubbed by himself, or his voice from the original live filming is used.
The productions rarely need to find CVs to dub for him.

It is said that when he finds an error in the script such as improper use of words, he would give the screenwriter some comments.

Jiang Tiao raised her brush and put some color on his lid.

En, almost done.

“I won’t put any unnecessary product on your face and just conceal some dark spots.
Is that okay?”

“En.” Fu Ting Chuan indifferently looked straight ahead.

Jiang Tiao drew a triangle under his eyes and used a sponge to blend it out.

Her hand which was holding the sponge was at a fairly close distance.

Fu Ting Chuan couldn't help but look at the girl's hand again.

It is so fair that it dazzling to the eyes.

Every nail is trimmed to a proper length and did not extend beyond her fingertips.
The ends are polished to an extremely smooth finish with no trace of angularity.

Very warm and gentle.

The hand is like the second face of a woman.
This saying is probably not wrong.

“You don’t grow out your nails?” Probably because he was bored, Fu Ting Chuan chatted with her.

“Huh,” she glanced at her finger: “Yes, the job requires me to keep it short..”

Fu Ting Chuan questioned: “I have also seen some makeup artists keep their nails long.”

“Really?” Jiang Tiao faintly responded and raised her hand to look at it.
It doesn’t really stand out, “That….
it must depend on the person because sometimes you need to use your finger to apply makeup.
My technique is not really good so if I grow out my nails, I might accidentally scratch that person and make them feel uncomfortable.

Fu Ting Chuan raised his eyebrows: “Technique is not good?”

This question seemed to be targeted against the crew.
Slightly embarrassed, she quickly defended, “No, I was just being modest, humble…”

“Oh, I understand.” Fu Ting Chuan kindly helped her out of her predicament.

Jiang Tiao changed the topic, “Mr.
Fu, your lips are dark.
Should I put some lipstick on to make your complexion look better?”

Because he had to stay up late filming, his complexion is a bit pale.
Especially when he is expressionless, he will appear more solemn and cold as a statue of a god.

The statue suddenly smiles, “Out of all the makeup artists I’ve met, you’re the most talkative.”


“You even explain your makeup process.”

“….” Jiang Tiao felt a little shameful.
In fact, she isn’t like this with other artists where she would act shy or have a card up her sleeve.

“Do whatever you think is best, no need to ask me.”


When she said this, she scrapes some concealer on her fingertip and put it on his lips.

Because it was a habitual reaction, she only reacted after her finger touches his lips.

It’s like the lips of the male god…

The touch is so gentle that she wants to retract her hand immediately.

In her line of daily work, Jiang Tiao often uses her fingers.

In the eyes of professional makeup artists, this is just a very common and easy-to-use “makeup tool.”

But today, when she uses it on Fu Ting Chuan, it feels completely different.

Jiang Tiao couldn’t pinpoint what is exactly different.

She felt a bit shy and like she is violating something.

It’s like….her finger and his lips are kissing….

But, she can’t back out anymore and could only evenly apply the concealer on his lips.

Her index finger lightly taps the concealer from the center of his lips to the corners….

Halfway through, Jiang Tiao seemed to catch a glance of Fu Ting Chuan slightly frowning.

She looked and him and confirmed that he really is.

Could it be that the male god has mysophobia and resent others touching him with their hands? She removed her hand and explained, “Mr.
Fu, I am very clean, don't worry…”

You also saw me wash my hands earlier, she added to her heart.

“It’s fine.” The comfort in his face dissipated.
As if it didn’t happen, he quickly added, “It had nothing to do with you, continue.”

“Oh, ok.” A big stone fell.

However, Jiang Tiao didn’t dare to use her finger to apply lipstick and instead picked up a lip brush.

It didn't take long before Fu Ting Chuan's assistant to come in.

“Are you done? Our naturally handsome star needs to take this long for makeup and hair?”

“Almost done.” Jiang Tiao thought about whether she should contour his face or not.
Fu Ting Chuan looked thinner than he does on TV and his cheeks are sharp as a knife.

Forget it.
If his fans see him in makeup, they will feel distressed.

She slightly bent her legs and studied Fu Ting Chuan’s face before assertively saying, “Done.”

When the assistant heard her words, he walked over and saw Fu Ting Chuan with his eyes closed.
He softly said, “Is he asleep?”

“Don’t know.” She doesn’t know for sure but she also doesn’t want to disturb him.
Jiang Tiao still softly replied, “Maybe he is just resting his eyes.”

The male god’s eyelashes are like two small brushes fanned out on his face.

“I'm not sleeping, let's go.” Fu Ting Chuan opened his eyes and stood up from the chair.

He didn’t say goodbye and just walked out of the room.

Jiang Tiao looked at his retreating back and felt everything is surreal.

It was like a dream.


On the way to the film set, Assistant Xu followed behind Fu Ting Chuan and strangely asked, “Are you sick again?”

“You’re the one that’s sick.” Fu Ting Chuan turned and looked as if he was about to punch him.

Assistant Xu quickly evaded, “Then why did you close your eyes earlier.
I thought you were sleeping.”

Fu Ting Chuan was too lazy to bother with him.

The assistant touched his chin: “But the makeup artist's hands are so beautiful, right?”

Fu Ting Chuan didn’t respond as if he didn’t hear anything.

“Was it hard?”


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