So the male god also has to use the washroom.

This is the first thought that flashes through Jiang Tiao’s mind.

Fu Ting Chuan is really handsome!!!

This was her second thought.
All of her veins and pores are screaming.

Jiang Tiao tried very hard to calm down and plan for her next move.

Should she go say hello to the male god and introduce herself?

Or should she wait to do that in the dressing room?

If she doesn’t talk to him, will he think that she is rude for pretending not to know him when they had already met in front of the washroom?

Should she introduce herself right now?

What should she call him? Mr.
Fu? Teacher Fu?

So tiring,

Jiang Tiao’s heart turned a thousand times over.

As she was thinking this, she never thought he would take the initiative to speak first.

As Fu Ting Chuan wiped his hands in front of the towel dispenser, he noticed the girl strangely standing there, not moving.
He threw away the paper towel in his hand and took another one.
He turned to Jiang Tiao.

He asked, “What, are you scared of me?”

Jiang Tiao’s face burned up, “No, no, I was waiting for you to finish first.”

After all, Fu Ting Chuan is tall and strong, why must she squeeze herself in front of the small dispenser.

“Am I blocking you?” Fu Ting Chuan seemed to have read her mind and moved away.

Jiang Tiao quickly explained, “No, I don’t use paper towels.
There are hand dryers next to it.”

After she said this, she walked to the hand dryer in two steps.

When she stood in front of the dryer, she discovered that she forgot to take the paper towel from Fu Jing Tian’s hand.

Fu Jing Tian didn’t care about this.
He retrieved his hand and smiled, “Then what have you been doing?”

It is really shameful….Jiang Tiao couldn’t think of an answer right away.
She calmed her heart and cleared her throat, “Mr.
Fu, actually, I am one of the crew members as well as one of your fans.
I was standing behind you because I was waiting for you to finish so that I can ask for your autograph.”

Fu Ting Chuan understood, “Oh….do you have a pen, I will sign for you.”

“I…do-don't have one.” Jiang Tiao realized that she was unprepared.

“I also don’t have one on me.” Fu Ting Chuan looked at her, “What should we do?”

What to do?

Jiang Tiao paused.
Like a light bulb going off in her head, she searched through her pocket.

Fortunately, she kept that thing with her.

Jiang Tiao took advantage of this opportunity, “But I have an eyebrow pencil, can you sign with this?”

“Eyebrow pencil?” He thought for two seconds and raised his brows, “The one to draw on eyebrows?”



Jiang Tiao breathed a sigh of relief and took out the hexagonal Shiseido eyebrow pencil and handed it to him.


“Where do I sign?” The man looked at the little pencil head in his hand and unscrew the cap.

“Can you sign my phone? I have a matte white case on.” Her reaction was to the peak of her life like all the problems are solved in one moment.

Fu Jing Tian took Jiang Tiao’s phone and turned it over.

It really is a matte white shell, there is nothing on the back.

His fingers are slender, his palm generous.
Holding the tiny eyebrow pencil almost seemed like a violation and unsuitable.

But he still flamboyantly signed his name.

Jiang Tiao took back her phone.

Fu Jing Chuan.


Three words, black marks against the white surface.
The sincerity is exactly the same as the signature she had seen online before.

Like moving clouds and flowing water, it was natural and unforced.

She didn’t dare to put her phone back in her pocket, afraid that it will rub off.

Along the way, she contemplated whether she should put on a top coat to prevent the color from fading.

After all, from now on, his phone case is no longer a mobile phone case.
It is an heirloom.

“Your handwriting is very beautiful.” Jiang Tiao sincerely praised.
She is so happy now, every nerve in her body is full of satisfaction and warmth.

“If you sign a lot, of course, it will look nice.” He put the cap back on pencil and returned it to her.

She took it and said, “I didn't expect to meet you here so you have to use this to sign.
My apologies.”

“It’s fine,” The man encountered, “I think this kind of method is very…”

His phone rang, interrupting him.

But Jiang Tiao could probably guess that he was trying to compliment her.

“Okay, en, delay some time, no, no need to pick up, I’m not a three-year-old child, I don’t need someone to pick me up from the restroom.
En, I’ll go myself.”

While the male god talked freely on the phone, she also raised her ears and listened carefully.

Who would’ve thought that not only is Fu Ting Chuan close to other people, but he also has a sense of humor?

The corner of Jiang Tiao’s lips rose.
Her happiness could be described as a bird fluttering its wings, desperately trying to squeeze out of her chest.

When the other party hung up, Jiang Tiao hurried to put on a straight face.

Fu Ting Chuan looked at the girl in front of him and asked, “You’re part of the crew right?”

“Yes.” Jiang Tiao immediately straightened up.

“Do you know where the dressing room is?”

“Yes.” Jiang Tiao is probably the person most familiar with that area.
She felt this was the right time to introduce herself to him.

Fu, I am your makeup artist.”

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