Jiang Tiao was stunned speechless.
She took a look at her hand, “It’s fine, the wound has already scabbed….”

“Wear it, just in case you get an infection.” Fu Ting Chuan had already crumpled the paper bag and is already looking down at the newspaper with an attitude that says “I’m reading, don’t disturb me.”

At the side, Xu Che urged, “Teacher Jiang, you should wear it.
Old Fu has OCD so he pays close attention to detail.
Besides, the gloves are not silk so it won’t hinder your work.”

Jiang Tiao glanced at Fu Ting Chuan once again, who is indifferently focused on reading.

Fine then, the customer is king.
Jiang Tiao put the gloves on suddenly feeling like a “noble lady.”

Sure enough, because of this pair of gloves, Jiang Tiao became the focus of everyone’s discussion for the next hour.

Everyone who came into the dressing room would ask her about it.

Jiang Tiao could only smile and deal with it one by one, “I got scratched yesterday so I’m wearing it for the time being so I won’t get an infection.

“What a load of bull.” Bai Rui sneered as she walked by.

Jiang Tiao was too lazy to deal with her.

Fu Ting Chuan’s makeup is simple so it didn’t take long for her to finish.
In order to not to delay the filming, most of the makeup and hair styling is carried out at the same time.
Jiang Tiao is responsible for the face while the other colleague is responsible for his hairstyle.

After the other actors are done, Jiang Tiao carried the costumes and her big bag of makeup and headed to the crew bus.

Today is her turn to be on the front lines.

Because there is going to be a night scene, Jiang Tiao brought a coat to keep warm.
She stuffed it into her backpack which seems to be bulging.

Fu Ting Chuan also boarded his own car to head to the film site.
He looked back and saw Jiang Tiao.

The props and bags overwhelmed the petite woman’s frame.
She is talking and smiling with a girl she got on the bus with.
She is dressed neatly and her ponytail is tied high on her head as the morning sun shines on her forehead.

It really is strange.
How can this woman be able to tug at a man’s heartstrings?

“Get in the car! What are you waiting for?” Xu Che pressed the horn a few times and leaned over to look at him.

Of course, he was not able to see what Fu Ting Chuan is looking at.

The man inserted his hand into his trouser pocket, “I was wondering whether I brought my phone with me.” He immediately got in the car, “I brought it.”

Xu Che sighed and started the car.

Fu Ting Chuan is a natural actor, being able to act perfectly on the spot.

In the past ten years in this business, most of the time is spent pretending to be someone else.
Faced with unexpected occasions, he would be able to make a smooth transition to fit those situations.

Only in a few times will he be able to revert back to himself, that is when he is alone.

Like right now, he is leaning back on the black leather seats with his eyes closed and no disturbances around.

The whole world has nothing to do with him.


Tangcheng Film and Television Base have many outdoor filming locations so many of today’s scenes are filmed outdoors.

The morning air is fresh and pleasant.
After the actors have changed into their costumes, they are hard at work studying the script.
Jiang Tiao’s job is to do the makeup of the extras on set.
Each person would have a designated time limit: 5 minutes for palace maids, and 3 minutes for eunuchs.

This continues until the end.

She still has that pair of gloves on and does not intend to take it off.
Of course, women tend to overthink and Jiang Tiao is no different.
She is worried that if Fu Ting Chuan sees that she is not wearing it, he would think that she does not like his gift.

After doing a couple, Jiang Tiao’s hands are sore.
She walked to the side of the pavilion, drank some water, and twist her hand.

To, for, up, down, left right.

It seems that this is where the next scene will be filmed.
The assistant director pulled the male and female lead here and began to talk to them.

Jiang Tiao’s movements slowed down.
She turned her back to them and concentrated on listening.

“Jing Nian, this is a romantic scene.
Xue Shao came into the palace to see you.
After walking, he stops to rest at Chenxiang Pavilion.
You snuck away from your servants and followed him.
After a kiss on the cheek, you got it?”

“Got it.” Tong Jing Nian’s voice is tender and innocent.

The assistant director then turned to Fu Ting Chuan, “Teacher Fu, how are you going to show how Xue Shao feels after being kissed?”

Fu Ting Chuan casually said, “Slightly smile.
Xue Shao is much older than Taiping so he is mature.
Even if he is ecstatic, on the surface, he will be filled with a wave of emotions.”

“En, yes.
You two practice first then we will start.
I will go back.”

When he finished talking, he walked out of the pavilion.

Jiang Tiao suddenly was a bit embarrassed and at a loss as she began to contemplate whether she should go and give a greeting.


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