The three people parted ways at the entrance of the hotel.

After returning to his room, Fu Ting Chuan put Little Riceball down before attaching a cat cone around its neck.

This is to prevent the little guy from biting on the bandage and licking the wound which could cause inflammation.
Daddy Fu is really thoughtful.

As if it could sense that the person in front of it is a good person, the little white furball is not as resistant as the day before.
It limped and took two steps before lying sideways on the carpet, languid and comfortable.

Even animals can tell if someone is true to their heart; a lot of people can’t.

Xu Che began to arrange all of the cat’s stuff in the room.

Fu Ting Chuan scratched Little Riceball’s chin and stood up, “I’m going to take a shower.”

While Xu Che is assembling the scratchboard, he looked up at the slender figure, “Old Fu, can I ask you something?”

The man stopped, “What?”

“Do you want to pick up a girl?”

“What?” Fu Ting Chuan didn’t understand and asked once again to confirm.

Xu Che switched back from the slang he used, “Do you want to find a girlfriend?”

Fu Ting Chuan coldly replied, “No time.”

Xu Che furrowed his eyebrows, “Then are you interested in that makeup artist?”


“You have good feelings towards her?”

“….” Fu Ting Chuan paused for a second, “No.”

“Why did you help her today?” Xu Che asked in all seriousness, “Because her hand looks good? For the next two months, you will have to face those hands every day.
We also don’t know her very well.
If she finds out about your fault and leaks it out, our studio will immediately….”

“She is my fan.” Fu Ting Chuan interrupted.

Xu Che reproached, “So what if she is your fan.
Can fans help keep your secret forever? This year, I have seen many fans become antis.”

“What I mean is,” Fu Ting Chuan turned and narrowed his peach blossom eyes at him, “She is my fan.
I don’t want to see any of them being bulled in front of me.”

“What happened today was not bullying.
Bai Rui just overreacted but Jiang Tiao really did pull her hair.
No matter how it escalates, Yuan Yang will resolve it.
There’s no need for you to butt in.” Xu Che voiced his thoughts.

“What’s with all this nonsense.
Who exactly is the boss here.” Fu Ting Chuan imposingly said.

Xu Che stubbornly resisted, “You're too selfish!”

“Whatever you say.”

After he said this, Fu Ting Chuan walked into the bathroom and slammed the door.

Xu Che’s head began to hurt that he wants to hit it a couple times.

He had served this master for more than ten years.
During these years, Fu Ting Chuan’s life, mood, and physical condition are all in his grasp.

But these past two days, he felt that Fu Ting Chuan’s behavior was abnormal.
He had always had a fixation with hands; this he had always been aware of.
He knows to stay away from those who make him sexually active.

But this afternoon, he actually brought a ticking time bomb to his side….

The next shooting period, every day, every minute, every second, he has to worry about this bomb, suddenly going off, and BOOM!

Crap! What is Old Fu thinking?!

In fact, Fu Ting Chuan also isn’t very clear about what he is thinking.

Regarding the “heroic act” this afternoon, he didn’t think too much at the time.
The young woman looked helpless and seems to be asking for help, even if that wasn’t her intention at all.

Forget, just take it….as fighting fire with fire.
Fu Ting Chuan slowly closed his eyes.

The sound of water running echoes through the room as mist filled the air.

The shower head hung high above him as the water seeped into his dark hair and slowed flow down his wide shoulder to his narrow waist and then to his long legs, outlining his figure.


The next day, Jiang Tiao got up early and carefully tidied herself up before she arrived at the dressing room in advance.

Like going to her first interview or starting a new job, she feels very nervous.

Jiang Tiao thought that she had come too early so she didn’t expect someone to be there as well.
As expected, your master will always be your master.

The door was slightly ajar.
When she pushed the door open, she can see Yuan Yang already in the costume room, choosing the costumes for today.
There is also a young lady standing by his side helping him.

This type of work can obviously be handed to the assistant to deal with but instead, he decided to personally do it himself.

Don’t be naive to think that he is a perfectionist and a hard worker, in fact…he just doesn’t other people’s tastes and aesthetics.

Jiang Tiao smiled at him and greeted, “Master, good morning.”

“Good morning apprentice.” Yuan Yang took advantage of the opportunity to role-play.

There are no coming at the moment so she is very idle.
Jiang Tiao simply went into the break room to make coffee.

After she finished brewing the coffee, there are already a few people in the room.

Among them is Fu Ting Chuan.
Jiang Tiao looked around and didn’t see Assistant Xu anywhere.
That means he came by himself.

Jiang Tiao immediately turned around and pour a cup of brewed coffee.

The first and freshly brewed cup of coffee of the day is dedicated to her new “employer.”

Fu, good morning.” She went over to where the man is sitting and put the mug on the dressing table.

White steam rose up the cup as a strong smell of coffee beans permeated the air.

“Good morning.” When Fu Ting Chuan heard someone’s greeting, he folded the newspaper in his hand.
Reading newspapers is a habit after waking up in the morning, just like running at night.

When he noticed that it was Jiang Tiao who greeted him, he blinked and looked at her.

She opened the makeup bag and place the tools in order on the table, “Mr.
Fu, I brewed this cup of coffee.
You should try it.”

“En.” He absent-mindedly replied and continued to pay attention to her hand.

God sure is mystical, giving humans skin and bone.

Her thumb and forefinger are naturally pinched together, as she gently pulls out brushes of various sizes from her bag.

White hand and black handle.
Black and white, a stark contrast.
As if it was that easy to reveal all his inner demons and make him feel at ease.

Fu Ting Chuan looked away and took a sip of the coffee.

Rich and decadent.

Jiang Tiao’s hand washed the coffee machine….

Jiang Tiao’s hand ground the coffee beans…..

Jiang Tiao’s hand blended the sugar and creamer to make this sweet cup of coffee…..

Fu Ting Chuan’s head is filled with her hand.
He suddenly regretted it.
He suddenly regretted his impulsive action yesterday and personally brought her to his side.

Fortunately, he thought of an idea before going to bed last night.

Fu Ting Chuan lightly said, “Wait for my assistant to come before applying my makeup.”

Jiang Tiao froze, “Okay.”

Coincidentally, her preparations have been completed at this time, and have since hidden her hand away from his sight.

Fu Ting Chuan stared at the newspaper but couldn’t read a single word.
He can only give up and try to look for something else to do to hide his discomfort.

He took out his phone and open the monitoring app that Xu Che downloaded from him.

He has to spend the entire day on set.
When he has time, he wants to check how Little Riceball is doing.

The camera is located high up on the wall, overlooking the entire guest room.

On the phone screen, a clear picture suddenly appeared.

Fu Ting Chuan spotted Little Riceball at a glance.
The ball of white fur is huddled up on the brown European-style sofa, sleeping peacefully.

Cats would usually spend 16 hours of the day sleeping, not giving a care for the world.

“Jiang Tiao, look.” He suddenly became a little boy inviting his friend to watch a mobile game.

The young woman’s gaze was immediately attracted, “What?”


Jiang Tiao moves closer but not too close, still maintaining polite spacing.

The focus of civilians and the rich is always different.
Her eyes stayed glued to the screen while she whispers, “Are you using 4G to watch this?”

“…..It’s fine.” A while ago he received an endorsement from a communications company.

The rich are really capricious, Jiang Tiao silently cursed.
However, a smile still remained on her face, “It is a real housecat now.”

Fu Ting Chuan said, “It can also hear you.”

“Really? It can hear?”


Jiang Tiao whispered, “Little Riceball, Little Riceball–––”

The kitten’s ears moved on the screen.
It suddenly raised its head, looking for the source of the voice.

Intrigued, the two people laughed at the same time.

Xu Che stood half a meter away.
Leaving is not good neither is staying.

What the hell are these two people doing again? They are acting like a couple teasing their child and laughing at how adorable it is.

After they finished teasing the kitten, Xu Che came forward and handed a paper bag to Fu Ting Chuan.

Fu Ting Chuan’s smile vanished, “You got it?”


The man pulled open the bag and inspected the item inside.
Then he reached in and took something out to hand to Jiang Tiao, “For you.”

Jiang Tiao carefully looked at it.
It is a pair of white female gloves.
Ruffles line the wrist of the cotton gloves and are decorated with a circle of small crystals.
It looks elegant and dignified.

Then, Fu Ting Chuan instructed, “Your hand is still injured.
Makeup can likely cause an infection.
In the future when you apply makeup, put on gloves.”


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