When Jiang Tiao came out of the emergency ward the sky is completely dark.

A few stars hung in the dark blue sky with gray clouds looming over them.

Because she had to come to get a rabies shot, she was not able to get dinner with her other coworkers.

Right after work, she took a taxi to a nearby hospital.

After she got her shot and her medicine, she checked the time on her phone and found that it is already 8.
So, on her way back to the hotel, she decided to walk around and see what snacks there are to eat.

This will count as her dinner.

Egg pancakes are too greasy, mala soup is too spicy, and grilled squid is seafood.
Following the doctor’s advice, she decided to buy a sticky rice roll.

Pickled vegetables, meat floss, and youtiao all wrapped in cooked rice.
It is shaped to an oval shape and held together by plastic wrap.
It is almost similar to a Japanese onigiri.

Sticky Rice Rolls


She took a twenty dollar bill from her wallet and handed it to the stall owner who looks bored to death.

Jiang Tiao suddenly noticed a pet store far away, with a cartoon cat and dog on the store sign.
The color of the store looks warm and inviting.

Jiang Tiao narrowed her eyes….as an idea is forming in her head.

She tore through the plastic wrap and took a big bite of the piping hot rice roll.
Chewing, she pushed open the door of the pet store.

Ding––– Ding––––

There is an alert on the door that chimes whenever there is a customer.

The dogs in the cage also start to bark.

Jiang Tiao casually swept her bangs behind her ear.
As soon as she looked up, she saw three people standing behind the glass window of the treatment room.

And they are also looking at her.

Jiang Tiao froze in place, her eyes widening in shock.
What a coincidence.

She originally wanted to buy a bag of cat food for Fu Ting Chuan to show her gratitude for helping her out today.
However, she never expected to run into him and Assistant Xu here.

He is fully disguised, his face undiscernible, but he still stands out.

After seeing Jiang Tiao, he simply took off his cap and nodded his head in greeting.
Besides, the owner already recognized him.

Assistant Xu opened the door of the treatment room and stuck his head out, “Teacher Jiang, what a coincidence, what are you doing here?”

“It really is a coincidence.” Jiang Tiao politely smiled and walked over, the little white kitten appearing in sight.

She thought that Fu Ting Chuan might not want Assistant Xu to know about their little interaction so she decided to be ignorant, “I came to look at the little pets.
I used to raise one when I was younger but now that I am older and have work, I don’t have the energy to take care of one.”

“Exactly,” Xu Che pointed his thumb at Fu Ting Chuan, “This guy does not understand these reasons and brought a stray kitten home.”

“That’s because Handsome Fu is compassionate!” The owner kissed up to him.

Jiang Tiao simply smiled, “Yes.”

“Look at these people!” Xu Che cried out, “You’re too starstruck.”

“Talk less.” Fu Ting Chuan couldn’t help but speak.
Everything about his assistant is good, the only drawback is that he is too talkative.

Jiang Tiao walked over to the operating desk to look at the little white kitten.

It had just been bathed so its fur looks whiter.
The gauze on its arm is replaced, its complexion looking much better than last night.

It looked up at Jiang Tiao, its eyes filled with hostility.
Jiang Tiao was mesmerized by the sight.

Its small eyes are pure, free of any impurities, and filled with the vast expanse of stars.

“This kitten is very cute.” Jiang Tiao heartfully raised.

Like it was his own kid being praised, Fu Ting Chuan pretended to be modest, “He’s okay.”

“Hehe.” Xu Che snorted.

The owner was smiling as he patiently the dermatological cream on the kitten, “Okay, what is it that you want? Let me see the list.”

Xu Che promptly took out his “10% bonus” and handed it to the owner.

The owner let out a gasp of amazement at the long list of items and went to look for them on the shelves.

“You intend to raise it for a long time?” Jiang Tiao whispered to Fu Ting Chuan.

He put the little cat in the cap as a makeshift bed, “En.”

“Thank you very much for today.” She carried out her original plan, “Why don’t I buy you a bag of cat food to show my gratitude.”

Fu Ting Chuan carried the little kitten.
It seemed to be lovelier today, “No need.”


The man looked at her his dark eyes behind his glasses filled with emotion, “You raised a pet before?”

“En, yes.” Jiang Tiao was confused by his sudden question.

“I made a shopping list.
Why don’t you help me look at it, it is better to have a woman’s opinion.”

Jiang Tiao paused for a moment before she accepted, “Okay, no problem.”

And so….the man, woman, and cat began to browse through the shelves.

The owner, “This is artificial grain, this is organic.”

Fu Ting Chuan, “Which one is better?”

Jiang Tiao, “Organic.”

The owner, “Yes, this young lady knows her stuff.
Organic grain is also divided into subcategories such as general, medium, and high-end grain.
Also, they are targeted toward a specific need, such as a healthy digestive system or beautiful hair.
You should also take into consideration the cat’s age as well.”

Fu Ting Chuan, “I will take the high-end organic kitten food.”

Jiang Tiao, “…..”

The owner, “…okay.”

Little kitten, “Meow.”

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