Three Combs: Chapter 9.3

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After a few minutes, Tong Jing Nian returned to the team.

Joining her are Fu Ting Chuan and his assistant.
Sometimes he would leave to discuss the filming for the next day with the director so he would usually come back late.

The entire makeup room is like boiling water that just froze.
Everyone stopped to observe the little actress’s actions.

Jiang Tiao helped Bai Rui remove her headgear and carefully removed the little black clips as she looked over at the little girl.

Tong Jing Nian looked better than before.
Her eye makeup which had been ruined by her tears earlier was also cleanly wiped away.

Jiang Tiao fixed her eyes on her lips which are flushed with the color red.

It seems that she listened to her words.

Tong Jing Nian also looked over at her.
The two girls looked at each other and smiled.

The male and female leads sat in their respective seats.
Sun Qing rushed over to do her task.
Her main priority right now is to help Tong Jing Nian remove her makeup.

Yuan Yang is still responsible for Fu Ting Chuan.

Everyone who is responsible for their own position completed their work.
Overall, it was a smooth and successful day.

Jiang Tiao quickly helps Bai Rui remove her Linger Bun hairstyle from her head with full force.

T/N: 盤桓髻(pánhuánjì)-Linger Bun: all her hair gathered at the top first, then linger upwards, with a flat top.

This stuff is very heavy.
Wearing this every day while also keeping your head up and standing straight, it is very tiring.

She hangs her eyelashes as she removed the buyao, golden hairpins, and flower ornaments one by one.
They are all made of the best quality craftsmanship.
They must be cautious and patient.
If they accidentally broke it or fractured it, they will have to compensate for it.

Fu Ting Chuan sat in front of the dressing table which is also on the left of Jiang Tiao’s side.

While combing through Bai Rui’s hair, Jiang Tiao took the opportunity to steal a glance at Fu Ting Chuan.

He probably didn’t have many scenes to film today.
There was no tiredness o his face.
Assistant Xu stood by his and would occasionally bend down to show something on his phone.
The two of them were laughing and talking.

–––What did he see that’s making him so happy? Is it the comments left for him by the fans?

When she thought of this, Jiang Tiao’s lips unconsciously quirked up and her heart softened.

She carefully brushed through Bai Rui’s hair, applying the most appropriate force of her root so that it won’t hurt her.

After taking off a hairstyle that had been held up with a lot of hairspray, there will definitely be a lot of knots after wearing it for an entire day.
Of course, it is very difficult to untangle everything.

She has to be cautious because if she were to accidentally slip, it will hurt her scalp.

Bai Rui suddenly let out a scream, “Do you want to kill someone–––”

This voice was like a sharp blade that pierced through the air.
Surprised, Jiang Tiao immediately pulls out the comb and stood still.

She quickly adjusted her mood and quickly rush to apologize to Bai Rui, “I’m sorry, I was too careless.”

Bai Rui placed her hand on the back of her head and turned around as she began to teach Jiang Tiao a lesson, “That freaking hurts.
Do you know how to comb properly? If you can’t do your job properly hurry up and resign!”

Bai Rui had always been famous for her quick wit and sharp tongue in the entertainment circle.

There are not many small actors in the industry who haven’t been scolded by her.
But because she is a beautiful, popular, and talented actress, no one dares to confront her.

If an ordinary person got their hair pulled they basically wouldn’t say anything and let this matter slide.

But Bai Rui is the type of person who holds grudges.
After a long time, she would get her vengeance.

She would find the right time to take out her anger on Jiang Tiao.

Who told her to be close to Tong Jing Nian.
This is the perfect opportunity for her to yell at her.

“Miss Bai, I’m sorry I wasn’t paying attention.
Does it still hurt? I’m really sorry, I was being too careless…..” Jiang Tiao is very upset after being scolded by her but she still has to keep a low profile.

She could lose her job because of this so she can only honestly admit her mistake.

“Xiao Jiang,” Her master gently called out, trying to appease her, “Properly apologize.”

“Yes.” Jiang Tiao took a deep breath and sorted out her words, “Miss Bai, I’m sorry for the damage I caused you.
I’m sorry for letting you down.
I will be careful next time.”

“Who knows if this is intentional or not.
You have a good relationship with some people, maybe you were helping someone to get revenge.
Did you go outside earlier to discuss some plan to get back at me? I don’t dare to let you put makeup on me anymore.
Who knows what you might do to my face!” Bai Rui’s eyes were filled with tears and her voice is soft.
When she is scolding someone it sounds very coquettish.

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