Jiang Tiao had nothing to do the entire day.

She didn’t go to the studio and stayed in the dressing room to wait for the actors to return so she can remove their makeup.

The makeup done on the filming site is very tiring.
Because of this, her master felt sorry for his disciples so he arranged for her and Sun Qing to rotate rounds.

One person a day.
Jiang Tiao would stay behind in the studio while Sun Qing would go to the front lines and work.

She heard that there were only a few scenes to film in the day.
Jiang Tiao thought that they would come back after the day ends.

As a result, near the evening, as the glow of the setting sun could be seen on the horizon the actors sparsely returned to the dressing room with the assistants trailing behind.

For some reason, their complexion wasn’t that good.

The air in the atmosphere is particularly heavy.
The girls in the wardrobe department didn’t dare to talk or laugh like usual but instead, silently clean up the props.

It was too quiet.
Jiang Tiao also didn’t dare to speak up.

She could only give Sun Qing a look that said: What’s wrong?

Several silk cloaks were draped on Sun Qing’s arm.
When she walked past Jiang Tiao, she softly whispered, “There was a cat fight….”

After she said it, she quickly bolted away.

Jiang Tiao could naturally guess it was between who and who.
These two people had already changed back to their regular clothes and are standing eight feet away from each other in the dressing room.

Bai Rui is coldly looking at her phone while Tong Jing Nian sank into the sofa like a little white rabbit.
Her eyes are red looking like she had just cried.

It is very rare for two people to get into a quarrel on their first day of filming together.
Jiang Tiao couldn’t help but exhale a breath.

Master, who had disappeared after he finished applying the makeup, suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

He raised his arm and clapped a few times to get everyone’s attention.

“Hustle, hustle everybody! The sooner we finish the sooner we get to go back and eat!”

“Jiang Tiao, remove my makeup.” Bai Rui took the lead to sit in front of the dressing table.

She leaned back against her chair as she crossed her leg one over the other showing a lazy image.
But because of her beautiful appearance, people would only associate her with Drunken Beauty*.

T/N: 貴妃醉酒 (GuìfēiZuìjiǔ)-The Drunken Beauty, Qing Dynasty Beijing Opera about a concubine's disappointment, her drunken charms, and her intentional show-off of her beauty. More info here.

Her pair of red phoenix eyes were hooked up creating a rather flirtatious feeling and making others feel entranced.

“Older sister Jiang is mine!” The little girl on the sofa suddenly spoke up, “Older sister Jiang, remove my makeup!”

She walked past the coffee table and pulled Jiang Tiao to the dressing table on the other side, “Remove mine first.”

Bai Rui stood up and moved her line of sight to Jiang Tiao as she raised her eyebrow at Tong Jing Nian, “You acted so bad and dragged everyone down.
Now you want to remove your makeup first? Reflect on your mistakes first before you come to pick a fight.”

“How was my performance bad?” Tong Jing Nian shouted, her eyes filled with tears, “You slapping someone in the face is considered good?”

“Compared to me, your acting is bad! I slapped you and you don’t continue on with the scene.
You don’t say your next lines and are soft like a slug*.”

T/N: 鼻涕蟲(bítìchóng)- slug but it can also mean someone with a runny nose.

“You’re the one who is a slug.
The director doesn’t want you but you are shameless enough to stick to him that he couldn’t throw you away.”

“What are you talking about.” She must’ve hit Bai Rui’s sore spot of not landing the role of the “Adult Taiping.” She tapped on the table twice with her fingertip, “Fortunately I didn’t play the role of Princess Taiping.
If I knew the person playing my younger self is someone as stupid as you, I would have vomited blood.”

“Fortunate you didn’t get the role? Shouldn’t it be that you vomit blood because you didn’t get the role?” Tong Jing Nian seemed determined to open this scar and cut deep inside.

“It’s fine if I didn’t get the role.
It’s better than some people who think they are gold because of a small ad they filmed and only think about taking advantage of someone’s weakness instead of thinking about making progress.
If you film for two more days, the director will ask for a replacement!”


“So noisy!” Yuan Yang came out of the changing room.

His scream immediately silenced the two people facing each other.

Seeing that they aren’t making noise anymore, Yuan Yang calmed down but his tone was still fierce, “Our styling group still has to finish today’s work.
Otherwise, you two stay here and argue the entire night and let us get off work all right?”

The entire room was dead silent.

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