Jiang Tiao didn’t sleep well the entire night.
Her head is in a daze as if everything seemed like a reality and a dream at the same time.

She got up early and climbed out of the bed.
It’s not even seven o’clock yet.

Her roommate is still deep asleep in the bed next to hers.

Jiang Tiao fixed up her pajamas and yawned as she walked to the cupboard.
She opened the mini fridge and took out two cold metal spoons.

When she saw her hand on the refrigerator door, she paused.
She looked at the wound on the back of her hand, it had turned into a small crimson scab.

She was scratched by a kitten last night…..

Yes, last night.
Speaking of last night, Fu Ting Chuan didn’t help treat her wound.
After he scraped away the pus and blood from the kitten’s paw, he put a layer of gauze over it and put the medical supplies back into the kit.
He lifted his chin and motioned to her, “You should also disinfect your wound.”

Of course, she didn’t expect him to worry.

There is a saying that has been spread to this day.
Men and women should not have direct contact.
To understand how not to arouse any suspicion of a relationship with the opposite sex, one should look at Fu Ting Chuan, this popular male star.

So, after they had settled treating the kitten, Jiang Tiao packed up and said goodbye.

Fu Ting Chuan sent her out the door and only said thank you.

That’s it.

Jiang Tiao sat in front of the vanity mirror and closed her eyes as she put the two cold spoons on her eyelids.

A layer of goosebumps settled on her arm from the suddenly biting cold.

Every time she does not have enough sleep at night, her eyes would get swollen and she would have dark circles under her eyes.

This method helps reduce puffiness and alleviate eye fatigue.
Many female stars do this.

After a while, when the spoon returned to room temperature, Jiang Tiao removed them from her eyes and looked at herself in the mirror.

She seemed to look more lively.

Right now, Sun Qing had also awakened and sat up in bed.
She blinked and asked, “Jiang Tiao, what time is it?”

“It’s almost seven.” Jiang Tiao added, “Quickly get up, we have to get to the studio by 8:30.”

Then, she walked to the bathroom, “I’m going to freshen up.”

Sun Qing pulled away her cover, “Let me take a big one first!”

Jiang Tiao, “No, I don’t want my skincare to stink.”

Sun Qing, “…..”

Jiang Tiao’s skincare routine every morning is very simple and straightforward: cleanse, water, essence, lotion, and sunscreen and in the autumn and winter, she would put on facial cream before sunscreen.

Although she is a makeup artist, she is also very busy with work so she does not put on a whole set of makeup every day.

She would put on some powder, did her eyebrows, put on lipstick, then she is done.

Because she stayed up late last night, her complexion isn’t that great.
Therefore, Jiang Tiao added an extra step of concealer to hide her dark circles.

Eyebrow pencils and lipsticks are the most important tools for a makeup artist.
They can go on without eye makeup but these two are indispensable.

The eyebrows determine your spirit while the lips add a touch of color.

Jiang Tiao applied the lipstick to her lips and carefully pursed her lips.

She opened a new stain, YSL 12, which is praised in the lipstick industry as the “Direct Male Killer.” 

Most of the time, she would prefer nude colors.
When she applied it to her lips, it looks very natural.
Because of this, shade number 12 had always been at the bottom of her box.

But then she remembers that she will see Fu Ting Chuan every day and he would notice if something is different, she blotted some of the colors out from this bright shade.

Lip stains are the most prominent out of all the lip products.
It can give the lips an altering effect.
Those who are born with thin lips or don’t bother to shape it can rely on the rich colors and texture of the lip stains to achieve the perfect lip shape.

Jiang Tiao stood in front of the mirror, completely focused on checking her lips to see whether it is painted properly.

After a long time, she finally put the cap back on and stood up from the chair.

Jiang Tiao turned around and met the gaze of her roommate.

The most common problem of a makeup artist, Sun Qing immediately recognized the color, “Oh my god, you’re actually wearing shade number 12!”

“What, I can’t wear it?” Jiang Tiao raised an eyebrow.

“I’m only surprised.
I thought you don’t like to put bright colors on your lips.”

Jiang Tiao guiltily looked at her fingers, “I occasionally like to change up my taste.

Sun Qing revealed a sinister smile, “Uh-huh, change your taste? Everyone knows shade number 12 is a man killer.
Women wear it to please others.
Who are you trying to get, could it be….” She narrowed her eyes, “Fu Ting Chuan? Hm?”

As if she had been stripped naked, Jiang Tiao revealed an uncomfortable look but still pretended like there was nothing wrong, “Him? Don’t joke around, he’s a star.”

“So what if he is a star.” Sun Qing walked past her.
She sat in front of the dressing table and squeezed some lotion onto her hand.
“He is still a man.”

“Even if he is a man, he belongs to the entire population of women.”Jiang Tiao pulled her hair back into a ponytail, “I don’t dare to even think about it.”

In fact, Jiang Tiao had already considered what her reaction would be if she finds out Fu Ting Chuan had a girlfriend.

The first possibility is, if Fu Ting Chuan’s girlfriend is someone else, regardless of whether she is beautiful or not, she’ll definitely be heartbroken and unhappy.
However, as a rational fan, she could only endure it and give them her blessing.

The second possibility is, his girlfriend is herself.
She would also be very unhappy too since she would feel very guilty toward the fans.

Of course, the probability of the second possibility happening is 0.0000000……1%.

After going out with Sun Qing, Jiang Tiao carefully observed her lips through the reflective elevator wall.

Crimson red, full and moist.
It made her face look more vivid than ever.

She is a professional makeup artist, so she should be able to plan out in advance what to put on a face.
However, for some reason, she doesn’t feel very confident today.

She hoped that since she looks brighter, Fu Ting Chuan gave her a few more glances her way but she is also afraid that if he looks at her, she would not be able to concentrate.

Liking someone will make you feel timid and inferior.
She is much clearer about this than anyone else.

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