Jiang Tiao quickly came back with some ham.

She is short and small, unlike the standard body type.

“There are only cup noodles at the front desk so I took it from there.” Jiang Tiao explained and ripped open the package with her teeth, “There is only this.”

She tore open the wrapper and took out a small piece to throw at the kitten as she assertively said, “He will definitely eat it.”

The ham has an umami taste.
The small kitten raised his head and sniffed at it.
Then it opened its mouth and took a small bite.

“This little guy….” Fu Ting Chuan heavily sighed.

The little kitten hung his head down, solely concentrating on eating, looking very cute.
Jiang Tiao’s heart melted when she looks at his fluffy head.
She couldn’t help but reach out to stroke his head.


The small cry pierces through the night.
Fu Ting Chuan hastily lowered his head, “What’s wrong?”

The girl who crouched down slowly raised her hand like a student asking to use the restroom in a classroom, “I got scratched….I wasn’t paying attention.”

Under the streetlight, her white hand looked to be shining lustrously.

It is only a small cut on the middle finger, with tiny red beads of blood dripping out.

Fu Ting Chuan’s heart rate began to speed up and closed his eyes as he tries to find the cat.

That guy had already moved back two steps with a piece of ham in his mouth looking at them vigilantly.

Fu Ting Chuan looked like he wanted to say something.
Should he blame the kitten or show concern for the woman.

It seems whatever he says wouldn’t seem right.

“Stray animals are very protective of their food,” Fortunately, Jiang Tiao spoke up, “It looks like his forelimbs are also injured.”

Jiang Tiao turn on the flashlight on her phone and shined it on it, “Do you see it?”

Fu Ting Chuan noticed that the joint on the cat’s left front paw is a big red wound.
It looked like the wound had already been infected and dried up by the wind.

The kitten was curled up earlier so no one was able to notice the claw which was hidden underneath.

Jiang Tiao turned off the flash and looked at the time, 00:27.

“It’s really late, we should head back.” She stood up and broke the remaining ham into small pieces before throwing it into the grass.

Fu Ting Chuan looked over at Jiang Tiao, at her full forehead and then her small nose.
He asked, “You’re just going to leave the kitten like this?”

“It’s already 12:30.” She didn’t look at him as if she is afraid of him, “Celebrities should not stay up late.
It would be bad for your complexion and makeup won’t adhere properly to the skin.”

“Occupational illness.” Fu Ting Chuan indifferently said.

Then he remembered her injury, “You should get vaccinated for your wound.”

Jiang Tiao absent-mindedly waved her hand, “It doesn’t matter, the wound is not deep.
I have some antiseptic in my room.
I’ll put some on when I get back.”

Her heart is really big, how can she not care for her body?

Fu Ting Chuan couldn't help but look at her hand.

Never mind, she is not worried about herself and it wouldn’t make much sense for him to discipline her.

“What about the cat?” Fu Ting Chuan retracted his gaze.
The little kitten is still eating the minced ham looking on high alert.

“We’ve done our best.” Jiang Tiao released a breath, “It’s natural selection, survival of the fittest.
At least he filled up his belly tonight, we’ll see how he will turn out in the future.”

“Do you detest him for scratching you?” Fu Ting Chuan suddenly raised this strange question.

“Of course not.” Jiang Tiao didn’t understand how he came to this conclusion, “You think that I’m intentionally not helping him out of spite?”

“If that’s not it then what else?”

“If I rescue it, where am I supposed to raise it? I also don’t have time to take care of him and there’s no animal hospital in the area.
Our crew has to run around the entire so it would be unfair for the kitten to keep on changing his environment.” Jiang Tiao turned to Fu Ting Chuan, “There are so many stray animals in the world, there is no way we could take care of all of them, am I right?”

Fu Ting Chuan didn’t say anything.

“Let’s go back,” Jiang Tiao urged, “It’s getting late.”

She knows that filming could be tiring so she wants him to rest well.

“En.” The man finally gave up, “You go first.”

Jiang Tiao walked in front while Fu Ting Chuan followed behind.
The two slowly walked like this without making a noise.

Jiang Tiao suddenly felt that the man behind her stopped.

She looked back and saw Fu Ting Chuan had walked back to the flowerbed.

Without thinking, he took off the gray cardigan he was wearing to avoid the cold, revealing only a short sleeve shirt on his body.

He bent down and wrapped it around the kitten two or three times before raising it up into his arms.

His arm muscles stood out more than usual.

“At least I can save one.” He quickly walked over to Jiang Tiao.

There were stars in his eyes, bursting with life as if he had returned to when he is 28.

The kitten in his arm softly cried out.

He stopped in front of her.
Like a grown man with no worries, he decisively said, “I will raise it.”

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