The fallen hero was returned!

Chapter 5 \"Mysterious Person\"

OU SAY TO ME YOU BITCH?! Unexpectedly.. My opponent heard what I said.


”Oh did you heard that mr.garbage? ”

”Ill kill you bitch! ”as he chant and flew himself at me and unsheathed his sword and slash horizontally as I respond with and unsheathed my ”Rapier ”


Sound of metals heard…as I step a little backwards and glare my opponent.

”Hah!You just a bitch that don have a name! As he jump backwards and chant .


As he use that magic a wind suddenly form as a blade and point towards at me and started to fastly flew to myself.

I depend myself using my rapier to cut horizontally the blade.



As the blade get broken suddenly a several blades appeared on my opponent on where he standing on.

”HAH HOW ABOUT TAKING THIS ONE?! ”As he yells and several blades flew towards me.


Sounds of metals was clashing if the wind blade was a real blade I having myself a hardtime depending myself.

”HOWS THAT HAHAHA YOU CANT TAKE IT? HERES MORE! ”as more blades started to materialize and flew again towards me as myself was already hurt and barely standing.

”God please bless this poor myself ans destroy this monster. ”and then. golden light started to glow on my body I feel my wounds was healed and I feel strength was pouring my entire body

As sheathed my rapier and equip a different weapon and take a breath.

I know this strategy won work against him thats why I will use a different method

”Switch Class. ”as I began to feel myself different and my senses began to sharpen.

”Shadow Movement,Leap ”

As Clarice disappeared leaving no trace behind and appeared on Troc side with daggers on his neck.

”Oh btw my name was Clarice Twinblood ”

The crowd fell in silence and the host that was nervously and hesitating to speak.

Clarice who devotedly herself on training by both Class she have that is being an assassin as the host and people heard her name they began to have cold sweats and this was an unexpectedly thing but it the impact of Clarice influence was none other troc himself he kneel on the ground and began to say.

”Eek! I SURRENDER! IM SORRY FOR WHAT I DID PLEASE DONT KILL ME! ” As what he said but clarise that determined to kill this trash lower her weapon and glance the host and the host say she was the winner as Clarice before she left she glance on a certain place that he notice someone was staring at her it was impossible to sense it but after she change class her senses were sharpen and she began to spread it and found the traces of the person who staring at her she feels something off as she chucles and says

”Interesting someone notice it? Whoever that is shouldn saw what I did. ”

As she began to walk to find the traces.

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