The fallen hero was returned!

Chapter 5 \"Mysterious Person\"

Ten years passed.

-As usual..Im sleeping and then…I hearing shouts outside of the house and I saw Ray standing and smiling at me.

”Clarice Twinblood! I have something to tell you come on go down! ”ugh his voice quite loud today aren it?Well im already used of it after 15 years of him bothering ….

”What is this time now Ray? ”I asked politely while covering my ears…while my eyes closed.

”He he..theres a tournament happening today lets go participate it! ”Ray asked.

”What?Tournament?no I won participate it goodbye. ”I coldly replied him.

”What?They you don mind,I will shot your dark past hehe … ”

”…. ”

”Is that a threat Ray?you grown a lot aren you? ”

”Oh he he…. ”He smile and laugh..(idiot! thats not a compliment!)

”Ugh my head..seriously…and?what time the tournament starts? ”I glare him and ask.

”Ohh,it will start at 9:00 am its 8:00 am right now we have at least an hour to prepare your stuffs.. ”

”My stuffs?how about yours? ”how come he already prepared his?

”Ohh don worry about mine,I already did it was on my dimensional pocket.. ”

”I see wait for a moment then ”

A little later..

I open the door wearing a leather armor

I already say that on my parents,I will go somewhere and they didn ask more they just smile and said ”go on join your friend ”

”Hes not my friend!hes like my-…little brother ”(murmur)

Then I saw Ray already wearing such heavy armors I ask him why he was wearing such a thing and he said Its a protection from my precious treasures… ”

”Whatever… ”I gave my hand on him and surprisingly he was confused

”Why you giving your hand like that? ”

”The Scroll of Teleportation ”

”Oh thats what you ”

I then rip it and we teleported on the capital..

” So this is capital was like… ”I murmur.

”What?your first time visiting the town? ”Ray asked

”No its not… ”

”I see I already seing the where the tournament will start lets hurry up and register on there… ”Ray said

”..ok.. ”

We arrived on the place and we see the counter and the person in-charge registering people..

”Hello there you will you both be joining this tournament? ”

”Yes. ”we both say.

”Then your name please. ”

”Ray Larelfol! ”

”Clarice Twinblood ”

After we both telling our names the receptionist fell quiet and the people behind us suddenly having a cold sweat..

”Twinblood…you mean that family of sadistic holy knights?? ”

”Shh shut up..if you don want to get torture and dry alive don say anything about them. ”

”The other kid also what was his name again? ”

”Ray Larelfol only royalties know what Larelfol rue nature I heard when someone mess up with them because of status will get you killed.. ”

”Hiiiii!!! ”

”Shhh shut your mouth if you want to live. ”

I and Ray heard of that murmur we decided to ignore it and left after we got registered.

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