The fallen hero was returned!

Chapter 4.5(Clarice POV)

-Ever since I was born,I born with silver-spoon life.

I was quiet strong,at my young age I have the great teachers and a good parents,

though,its annoying to get a lot of bugs wanted to get close of you.

And that is what happening right now at this moment..a while ago someone challenge me on a duel and I obviously win but even though,I win the duel he keeps coming on my house shouting to get out that kid name was Ray Lyrelfol on our first meeting he was a type of a guy that attacking the same pattern he used,at unexpectedly he was a strong at his age did it because of those muscles he got?that seriously disgrace.

A noble shouldn do such a disgraceful act,but I later found out he was the only Larelfol remains..I conducted an investigation about it and I found out his parents died,because of assassination.

I was shocked when I read this and feels sad about him however what can my family do about it.

Though I feel the same way as him…the feeling of loneliness is such a curse…no matter wherever you go theres no someone will care about you no one will help you even if you tried to ask them to help wanna know why?because humans on this world were disgusting creatures.

Although I said that,Im also a human thats why I shouldn act like them they were just lower than trash.

They are greedy creatures they expect we should act as they expected,They want to do us whatever they want…as expected of humans..

You can hear them say…Do what I say its only for your own good,Don do such a nonsense thing ever again,A slave like you should act as you should be.

It maybe sounds ridiculous thing but its true,but my parents were an example of the good parents that other parents should learn unlike them they love me as their daughter they care and forgive me if I did a mistake.

In my opinion they are great parents that I shouldn wish more…

I got woke up more earlier than I expected…

I stand up to see if the sun already risen up however I see something else when I open my curtain.

A boy sleeping on the tree while holding a broad sword on his hands is he waiting me like this everyday?..thats laughable… Haha….hmm why there are water on my eyes?am I crying because of him?…thats ridiculous thing I ever heard…as I glance him again and I saw he was shuddering because of cold.

I realized, I was a bit older than him and I didn know what I did but

I unconsciously open my window and lift my extra thick blanket ugh this is quite heavy… and drop it on the window and I begin use magic.

”Wind magic..{Storm Wind}

and I levitate it using magic and it was lifting as expected….I drop it on the kid and I stopped using magic..and lay on my bed.

I feel such a relief when I did such a thing maybe because of lifting such a heavy blanket and using a magic at the same time.

I feel quite tired,and go back sleeping..

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