The fallen hero was returned!

Chapter 4 (Clarice Past)

- ”Please,Welcome our little warriors on this stage with a loud cheer!!. ”

Its pretty noisy out there aye..?

Well I should expect since this were one-time event a year,However why my body felt anxious?no rather anxious ..excited?

My opponent are just a kid that same age as me,but I shouldn underestimated my enemy maybe he was some kind of sword-master or a reincarnation of a great person?that will be cliché honestly..

”Please competitors state your name! ”

I arrived on the stage same in my opponent as,I guess all kids who participated this tournament are all nobles?

A blue-haired boy with skyblue eyes,that was as if representing as Poseidon himself an aura that a 15 year-old shouldn have that yet as I guess,I really shoudn underestimate my enemy.

”Ray Larelfol… ”a voice signifying with dignity of a true noble.

”Z-Lin Mofu… ”I almost blurt my real name…

Our eyes has met and I feel a bit familiarity on him did I met him somewhere?…no this is not important,I should focus on the match.

The host glance me as sign if was ready,I nod as answer.

Same as my opponent he also nod and then after that.. our match starts.

The boy was wearing chain armor and leather armor at the bottom he quite shy aren he?And then..

He take the first attack by slashing vertically his broad sword seriously …his pretty fast …

And I easily evade it but aren his sword quite a little big?if that sword successfully cut me,It sure I will cut half.

Though, I doubt the the host will stop it and the adults who watching us,Well theres nothing to worry about lets just see this boy swordsmanship .

While I keep avoiding his attacks I noticed he only slashing vertically he already got wasted a lot of manas ,hes not bad on his age but…he lack a lot of things….

Ten minutes…passed.

Ohhh…good lord…


Even a kid around 9 years-old could be better than him,nevermind I should stop this match it embarrassing me.

I take an initiative to make a counter attack and knock him out using my hand to chop his neck.

His armor get cracks and fell on the ground pieces to pieces..revealing the pink childly shirt.

However he didn got knock out instead he stand up with his eyes becoming more fierce is he perhaps happy or angry?

I feel a bit something off about this..and I know this is not a good feeling…

My eyes was faster than his sword though he learn mana he doesn know how to use it properly pure brute strength is he born muscle head or something?..

Hold on,let me see his skills for a moment.

Name:[Ray Larelfol ”]


Status:[Mana-berserk] [Excited]

Skills:Slash,Berserk,Mid-Level Regeneration

Strength: 92 +10

Mana: 100/500

Vitality: 85 + 10

Agility: 100 + 10

Personality: A muscle-head person however he love strong people also he loves little childrens.[though… you shouldn do that…]

Wait..what is with the last part?…never mind thats not important right now because he was on mana-berserk right now

The grounds started to get cracks and overflowing mana were feel all the way on the stadium even the watchers got fainted by it.

” dare you… ”a terrifying voice sound came from ray

”?..? ”what?did i did something that can get him that mad?

”Big-brain what do you mean by that? ”I asked politely.

”You…didn only take my childhood crush and you even dare to avoid my even tried rip my dear lovely clothes…that was made by my angels?!?


As he disappears on where he stands leaving cracks on it and appear beside me to punch me on my side fortunately..I dodge it…using {Warp} that teleport me on his back and I unsheathed my sword and slash diagonally and make him lost balance and then I put my sword on his face.

”Th-the winner is Lin Mofu… ”the host started sweating off wonder why?is it because the sun?its quite hot honestly I should take a bath after this.

After I left the stadium the audience started to murmur something thats gonna bother me off on future but who cares?I like fighting strong people.

Finally, its the adult tournament time.

That was quite exercise..I think I should do that more often..then something ridiculous happened…

It was happened when I was walking on the reasturant near at the stadium,I across a person who bowing his head …I realized it was my opponent Ray Larefol.

”Please,MASTER LET ME BECOME YOUR APPRENTICE! ”Argh its loud as if a speaker that were in high volume in front of you.. My eardrums hurt…ugh.

”No and I don take apparentice. ”

”How about 1,000,000 GC? ”[Gold Coins]

”Hah?do you think,I will fall from that?unfortunate- ”




”Here….3 million gold-coins.. ”

A large pot of gold coins appeared on Ray hands,his hands was large enough to fit those moneys..

”Ahem! However don expect so much to learn on me and don regret it. ”I take the money by my hands so fast and I put it on my dimensional-storage.

”YES!.Thank you so much! ”

Sigh* ”your voice quite loud,fix that first. ”

”But this is my normal voice tho- ”

”No BUTS! ”I glare him and he get quite…

”Okay…. ”is he pouting?

Nevermind that..somehow I got a apprentice that was muscle-head and gained a lot of money…hehe.

And the kids tournament ended and adult will start tommorow apparently they have some technical difficulties and because of that it cancel the supposedly schedule.

As I bid my farewell on my (technically)apprentice and,I said I will come back tommorow on him.

His quite sad about it but he still bid farewell on me …its not like im gonna run with your moneys though..(probably..)

Nevermind that and the day was finished…

To be continue~

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