The fallen hero was returned!

Chapter 3 (Descendants)

-Several years later.

Zen Rough became 15 year-old kid now,and he was in the library at this moment.

”Hmmm,no matter how much I studied about mana-developing my mana-core haven been got any better since ”that ” was happen on me. ”

I can really think any way other than forcefully open my mana-core,I tried many times to open my core but,I really need someone to guide me…an advisor will do.

Lets see,if im gonna get an advisor i should choose someone capable and worthy teaching me however I can really just wait aren I?

”Young Master, your face is telling me you gonna go out again? ”

”Sebas….are you some kind of assassin? ”For god sake,Sebas do really surprised me everytime when he was appearing beside me.

”Is that a compliment young master? ”sebas ask politely.

”No its no- nevermind, Sebas I will go out for today ”

”Okay,I will prepare a clone immediately then you can leave after that. ”

”Okay! ”

As Sebas said that he begin to materialize amana-energy on a puppet,I specially made for me it was a purpose make a puppet become my substitute and the mana was begin to materials and make the wooden sticks get flesh its starts on arms then front body then the heart,legs and lastly the face.

No matter how much,I watched this I won get bored Iwant quickly to become stronge such stronger than,I was used to be.

”Its done young master ”

”Okay,I will leave then take care of my creation okay? ”

”Yes. ”

Then lets go then!,I immediately use low-level {Quick Steps} suit a cloak that was enchanted of Invisibility ,after 4 years sure it was worth it to make my past creation aren it?

And I begin to run forward and dashing and I arrived on the town with just 30 minutes of running without any rest.

I vaguely remember when I tried to do make any faster but,I always got collapsed due of mana exhaustion.

Now think about it,thats also happen to me when I just reincarnated as Zen my mother were really panicked when,I was burning how of all sudden thinking those past male me grin for a bit.

Until now I keep training my mana-core to get open but it seems theres like a conditions to fully open it maybe my not that large yet?since that event happened I keep training martial arts and sword-arts at first.

It was amazing sight when im watching knights dueling using mana-energy to enhance their bodies to fight however when swords fighting it was on different level of street fighting thus I, decided to learn sword-art however I can do just like what I saw on that fight thats why I need experienced for it.

Tournament,An event to gather warriors,fighters and many more.

As, I said experience are greater than learning,though learning was not bad winning a lot of money sure a good choice.

Thus I decided to partake this event.

I arrived on the counter where I can register

My identify wasn that known only red hair was the only thing that can recognized me as royal,but I already make preparation for it using my creation ”Mask of Joker ”my hair turn black and my face turn into different face and soon, I arrived on the counter.

”Hello, how can I help you little one? ”

”Can I get register on this tournament? Theres no age limitation on this right?

”Yes? Yes it is but. ”

”Register for one please. ”

”O-okay then but participated on kids tournament okay? ”

”Then your name?… ”

”Lin Mofu ”since theres no one know this name I will use it as my alias.

After my name was registered I left, while the lady have a worried face and I ignore that one.

The kids tournament will be the first program then adult Williams come after that.

Should I go watch their fights?

Hmm I might need to learn how strong children on my age and additionally I want to know to have some connection…

As I walk towards the stadium where kids tournament happening,I saw a kid around my age have blonde hair and wearing a leather armor was already beaten up by the opponent he have ,If its in my age he should know how to use mana why he won use it?

I was suspiciously on that kid as I use mid-level {Eye Appraisal) the kid skills was reveal on me this is how it looks.

Name:Clarice Twinblood



Skills:Blessing,Holy Heal,Purification

Strength: 26

Mana: 100/300

Vitality: 70

Agility: 30

Personality: A sadistic holy-knight that even the god she serving was afraid of her.


Seriously,what is with those skills and personality? I definitely don want to pass on someone like her.

As I left at the stadium and go on the changing room to sleep and waiting for my turn,I open my eyes theres a sword were on my neck.

”You…who are you? ”a cold voice I heard and I ask while my head was down

”Can you put your sword away from me for a moment? ”

”… ”she didn say anything and put her swords away from me.

”Im sorry for that it was my habbit to kill any person who staring at me with malicious intent.

”When I did that? ”I ask politely.

”Don play dumb or I will kill you. ”as she glares at me as if she do really want to kill me.

”Or do you want to get interrogate by me? ”

”No,thank you but I treasure my life this time.

”? ”…

Seriously, I just said I don want to associate someone like her but shes the one who come at me?

”Interesting… ”I murmured.

”What? ”She ask cautiously.

”Lets make a deal. ”

”Deal?and what do Im gonna earn on that? ”

”Your life and future.. ”I said without any hesitation.

”What do you mean by that? ”

”Well you will find out eventually.. ”

”What?? Wait where are you going?? ”

”I have a match so,I excuse myself my lady

I left the room and proceed to go on the stadium where my match will start.

I hear the people cheers already while im walking.

”And the last match is Lin Mofu vs Ray Larilfol!! ”

I hear the host already called my name as I walk on the stadium and climb up the stairs,this reminds me the past… when im challenging gods who always picking up fight with me because I was a human that have a great-power growth that make me grow everytime when im fighting on that time I didn know what should I do

I already lost my emotions when I kill the demon lord my past comrades died before me they were killed brutally by the demons we encountered.

One more sad thing is..I lost my only family who adopt me like im their child.

My comrades faces was blurry when im trying to remember their faces as if someone erased my memories

I only just remember how I was on my past life before I become a god though I was supposedly die because of human age.

I gain immortality when I killed the demon lord however is it even worth it?Should I be happy for it?No I rather die and go on my comrades but when the goddess said to me there was a way to revive my past comrades I have hopes and just a little bit…a light that lighten my soul as if it was pure darkness that a fire was born.

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