“What’s so interesting?”

Did this spirit, who had lived for a long time that humans can’t even think of it, have something curious and unique left? The shape of the wind paused for the first time at the Emperor’s question.

I’ve never seen a human being so uninterested in you.>


The wind burst out laughing as the Emperor raised his eyebrows.

Did you say you were giving away a prize? Was the peach interested in what the prize was?>



The Emperor was silent for a moment.
He knew the youngest son’s family, who left the imperial family, living in poverty.
Although he thought it was because she was still young that such a granddaughter only wanted to return home even after seeing the luxurious palace, a corner of his heart was agitated for no reason.

The shadow of his beloved youngest son seemed to be seen.

‘Don’t tell me you’ve inherited a ruffian temperament.’

“… that kind of temper must resemble her father.”

The Emperor clicked his tongue.
Meanwhile, the shape of the wind was changing around.

“Your yesterday is a long way off.”

But it was like yesterday for the Emperor, too.
The youngest son in his memory still had the face of a young man.

But now, the youngest son’s daughter has come to the palace.
A girl who baked a small cake for him, saying she made it for him, seems to have popped out of an unknown rabbit hole.

“…I heard she signed a contract with the spirit of the little bird.
Is that right?”

For a moment, Shamal’s ever-changing appearance stopped.
It looked strange because it stopped at the moment when a giant lizard turned into a rose.
Shamal said again as the Emperor frowned at the bizarre landscape.

“The Marquis of Serenetev.
He made a contract with the Spirit of Discernment.”

The Emperor referred to his son as if referring to others.

Shamal’s figure slowly changed again.
Unlike before, it was slow.

“It sounds like it’s wrong this time.”

The wind did not answer the Emperor’s words and spoke to himself, showing a translucent figure from one side to the other.

“It’s the first time you’ve spoken without conviction.”

The wind fluctuated for a long time after that and finally subsided.

One thing is for sure.
Your Marquis must be very fond of your Peach.>

At the end of the sentence, Shamal disappeared at once.
The cool wind blew, and it ended.
The Emperor sighed and slowly swept his solar plexus.

Judging from Shamal’s attitude, he didn’t seem to intend to tell the truth yet.
The Emperor had never regretted his choice in his life, but somehow he had a vague feeling that this decision to leave his youngest granddaughter at the palace would return to a big storm.

When Asha carefully returned to the room with a servant who seemed to have lost his soul, fortunately, Lise was still in the kitchen near the main palace.

Asha walked to the bed and threw herself on, listening to the sound of the door closing quietly.
She couldn’t sleep because her heart was shaking.
After all, she made snacks for the first time in her life.

‘What’s the gift? I hope it’s cashable.’

Then as soon as she return home, she could sell it, buy sugar, butter, and flour, and bake snacks…

‘If it’s a little big, maybe I can buy a house…’

If the roof was not repaired yearly, you might get a decent house to live in with your mom and dad, which was not a house where you could get rained inside.

Asha, thinking that far, suddenly felt the embroidery on her pajamas with her hand.
When the kitchen went crazy about the loss of two cakes, the bird, who disappeared as if she didn’t want to be bothered, remained in her pajama embroidery.
Asha pressed the overly vivid and chubby embroidery with her fingertips.

“Augh, au? Because of you, I…”


There was a brief disturbance behind Asha’s scream.

First, her ladies-in-waiting arrived, and Lise ran into her room after a while.
Asha explained that she had a nightmare.

After reassuring her, she hesitated to see if she was worried and left, leaving Asha to catch her breath while lying on her bed.
Just when it was quiet around her, Asha got up and tapped herself on the head.

“Is it an auditory hallucination?”

This body is the great spirit of the senses!>

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