ogether for a long time, but she had never seen Lise so happy.

“His Highness the Crown Prince personally prepared the room!”

The words did not touch Asha’s heart either.
At the Imperial Palace, Alexei was a living saint and angel, so everyone seemed to believe that even if a rival to the throne appeared, he would be welcomed.

Asha looked at her empty room and couldn’t stand the frustration and went out.
Lise left to take care of her new room, and the rest of the servants did not dissuade her.

‘Study at the Imperial Palace until adulthood? If I die before that… No, it can’t be.
Isn’t something wrong right now, is it? Right? Now… Something… How… Isn’t that wrong? Nobody hates me at least now… now… ’

It was when Asha thought that far.

“Why? Why! Why is it me, but not the skinny one who signed the contract with the wild beast?”

Unconvinced that she was the only one allowed to remain in the palace, her cousins gathered right in front of her.
As she walked aimlessly in confusion, it seemed that she came to the front of the palace where other cousins stayed.

The front yard, where several carriages stood, was a mess.
The faces of the cousins ordered to leave were stained with injustice, spite, anger, frustration, and despair.
I could feel the ripples of dark red emotions up to here.
Among them, it was Dimitri, the son of Prince Maxim, who pointed out her and made a loud noise.

“Look again! Tell Grandpa again! My spirit, the spirit of rain, is on a different level from a flying spirit…”

Then the little chick-shaped button on her coat wriggled.
A yellow bird appeared secretly and rubbed its head under Asha’s chin.

“No, Phoebe.
I’m fine.
I don’t care about that…”

The attack is here and they won’t be able to talk anymore.>

Phoebe squeaked.

Asha took a short breath, took Phoebe, who was still rubbing her neck and pressed it again on the button.
Phoebe managed to get into the button.

“Hey, Phoebe.
The average person is speaking.
So don’t talk.”

Wouldn’t it be better to end early?>

Asha couldn’t bear to reply and only opened her mouth.
It was understandable that he didn’t have what he wanted the most, and it was the last heart that Dimitri’s father often helped Yuriev, although she only recently learned it at the Spirit Ceremony.

Moreover, since the core of oneself is an adult, one should be generous and not hit the artery of a child…

“Yes-! How long have I been preparing for this day? How—something… ! How could His Majesty’s eyes be blurred!”

With… the generosity…

It seemed that what Dimitri had been fussing about so far was not his strength.
The words she didn’t quite understand were probably vulgar words she hadn’t learned.

Dimitri’s eyes finally turned dark red, shook off his servants, and rushed at her.
Asha was pushed back halfway, and her cousin’s hand brushed her cheek.
It was almost hit, but it was thanks to the servant who managed to catch up with Dimitri.

After that, it was a hell of a mess.
Confused guards and servants turned upside down, and some cousins burst into tears, and while dust clouds were rising, screams were rampant.
After such a physical fight, the cousins were all messed up.
Those who didn’t roll around were just crying.

Pretending not to hear the sound of Phoebe on the button, Asha rummaged through the pockets in her skirt.

“Even if you forgot the dignity of the imperial family and made a contract with something I have never heard of—how could you… ”

About half of the words from Dimitri’s mouth, which were captured by his servants, are words I’ve never heard before in my life.
As soon as Dimitri took a breath as if he was about to spit, Asha pushed what she had in her hand into his mouth without hesitation anymore.

Dimitri, who was caught by his servants, was leaning a little, so it was possible just to step on his toes.


“Your Highness?”

“Your Highness!”

Everyone made a confused sound whether it was a scream or a breathing sound.
Asha didn’t let go until Dimitri swallowed what he had in his mouth.




After Dimitri gulped down, Asha hit both hands and shook off the crumbs left in her hands.
Dark brown crumbs close to black, a piece of brownie she made.

“Is it good?”

“What, what did you feed me?”

Dimitri tried to spit out what was in his mouth, but nothing came out after swallowing it.
Asha shrugged her shoulders as she looked at Dimitri, who was about to vomit.

“It’s a snack I made.”

“This… This trash…”

“His Majesty called me separately and complimented me that it was delicious.
He said he’d give me a gift in a few days.”

To be exact, the gift was for a different snack.


And Dimitri suddenly became silent as if he had wax on his mouth.
Asha was a little embarrassed when she had to rub the scratch on her cheek with her shoulder.

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