The queen bat flew to Vamial and perched on his shoulder. Vamial was quite friendly with all the animals but he never got along with the bats,as the bats were known as night creatures,and they all came out at night when all the creatures in the garden were asleep. So seeing a bat by that time of the day was something to be worried about. Then, all the animals could talk and interact with humans. The bat introduced herself to Vamial as ”The Queen Bat ”. She could come out whenever she wanted to but before she comes out,it must be for something important. She offered to give him more powers than he already had which was his greatest wish. Vamial laughed upon hearing her, finding it hard to believe that an ordinary bat could give him power. The bat instructed him to bite her, Vamial laughed and ignored her, sending her away. She kept on visiting him when he was alone. One fine day Vamial decided to do what the queen bat wanted to make her stop visiting him,he bit the bat, draining her blood gradually,he wanted to stop but it tasted so good until she flew away from his reach. She told him he will get the power he wanted but him and his generations to come will not be able to resist the taste of blood,as a punishment for doubting her, then she flew away and never returned. Vamial didn take what happened that day seriously and went on with his daily life activities in the garden. One night he had strange nightmares,he saw bats flying around,two sharp teeth grew in his mouth and they were sharper and longer than the rest of his normal teeth, he woke up, sweating profusely.He could not sleep and decided to take a walk around the garden for a while. He saw a deer that was injured and rushed to it,to check its injuries. When he got closer,upon seeing the blood he lost it and grabbed the deer, digging his two pointed teeth into the deers wound, sucking and licking the injured area causing the innocent deer to release a loud cry. He continued until the deer stopped struggling and died. Finally pulling out, he was shocked and confused at the same time,he touched his lips and saw blood all over. He had the urge to take in more blood,that of the deer was less satisfying. He walked to a river that flowed in the garden, staring at his features he screamed. Adam and Eve woke up upon hearing his scream,after searching for a while they found Vamial near the river, sitting quietly. His appearance freaked them out and they were scared of going closer,his skin was looking really pale,his eyes were red,his fangs protruding and stained with blood. Vamial attacked Eve, biting and draining her until she fainted. Adam was too scared that he ran off to hide. Vamial skin and appearance returned back to normal after taking in Eves blood. He immediately went to meet God for help. God made him understand that he was possessed with an evil power and can not dwell in the garden anymore. God did not forget the fact that Vamial was still his son,so he gave Vamial the strength and ability to control his powers. After that Vamial was sent out of the garden, never to return again and his name was erased from anything that had to do with Eden. How Vamial survived after then was a mystery to all and sundry. Vamial started his own family,which resulted to the sect of Vampires we have now,we were first called the Vamial Empire,but was later changed to Vampires ”. Liraz concluded his story and turned to look at me

”So you mean Vampires are actually real!! ” I asked still trying to digest everything I heard.

”Yes they
e and most of the humans you see walking around are Vampires too,but they come out only at night, sunlight is one of their weaknesses ” Liraz replied me

”So why didn I die or something,I have been walking around in the day time back in the human world ” I asked still confused why everybody thinks I am a vampire when I obviously don have their traits,apart from the fang I grew earlier but it was not there again.

e rare and special Xander,you have always been different from the rest ”. Liraz replied back casually

”What do you mean,can you tell me what I need to know about myself now ” I asked

”You are from the royal lineage of Vampires, that means you are a prince and a potential King of this great and powerful race. During the days of Vamial,he had so many sons,and his second son, Romero,was hungry for power and wanted the throne,He wanted to be the King after his father instead of his elder brother. He started rebelling and made some Vampires support him. It resulted to a serious war but Romero was concurred and banished along with the few Vampires that supported him. Romero started his own empire of vampires with these vampires that supported him. Everything remained the way it was. Vamial died after twenty thousand years. His sons ruled and the lineage continued. During the reign of a particular Vampire king,king Iseul,things changed. King Iseul was a king that believed in peace and harmony within a particular race. He wanted all Vampires to live and dwell in Harmony,so he started plans to concur Romero empire. He met the almighty Dragon Clan for help. These dragons were the last existing of their species and were being controlled by certain humans with great powers and gifts. King Iseul had an agreement with the Dragon Clan to make them fight on his side. The Dragon Clan accepted to fight with King Iseul and his people to defeat Romero Empire and bring them back to Austria which was Vamial Empire. At that time Romero Empire was ruled by Romeros sons.The Dragon Clan accepted to help Iseul, but on the condition that the Vampires will pledge their complete support to the Dragon Clan and become their ally in whatever war they wanted to fight. The agreement took place and the Dragon Clan fought along side King Iseul. The witches were not left out either,it turns out that Vamial had many connections that made it easier to fight wars and concur towns and villages.The witches line started from a little girl that was banished from her village in the human world when she portrayed extraordinary powers such as seeing the future,using spells and teleporting from one place to another. She was termed possessed and was banished. Vamial took her to his kingdom after finding her in the forest on her own on a night he was hunting. He took care of her like his own child,she grew to become a beautiful lady with so many powers and good fighting skills. She joined Vamial when he went to fight wars and used her spells when necessary. After giving birth her children possessed the same powers, and it was passed on but the male members of her lineage had no powers,only the females possessed her powers. The witches and Vamial Empire were in good terms.With the help of the Dragon Clan and the witches,King Iseul defeated Romero Empire and brought back the people to Austria. The war between the Dragon Clan and Vampires started after a new Dragon Head came into power. The Dragon Clan leaders were humans with the power to control the oldest Dragon of the Clan. Only special people possessed this power and were made the head of the Clan. The new Dragon Clan Head believed that the Vampires were not supposed to be regarded as the strongest race but the Dragon Clan. He wanted all other races to be slaves to the Dragon Clan,so he succeeded in convincing his Clan, making them believe that the Vampires were only using them to fight wars and had no respect for them. The relationship between the Vampires and Dragon Clan became sour as war broke out between the two races. The witches fought with the vampires to defeat the Dragon Clan. They prepared a portal that made it difficult for anybody that was not a Royal Vampire to enter the main castle of Austria. This measure was taken to protect the royals so the line so the line of royal Vampires could continue. Even the witches could not cross this portal,the knowledge of the spell used to make this portal,died with the witch queen that made it.In as much as the royal Vampires could not die unless they had reached their destined age,the measure was still taken since it has not been proven that the royal Vampires were immortals, and we are not sure if a means of killing royals would be discovered. The head of the Dragon Clan was finally killed in the war and peace reigned for a while but the Vampires and Dragon Clan relationship was not restored. There was peace everywhere until Larsus became the head of the Clan,he brought back the idea of Dragon Clan ruling the world and to achieve this,the strongest race which was Vampires had to be destroyed first. Larsus caused alot of Havoc and killed so many prominent vampires. The Elders of the Vampires had to flee from Austria,as we have all the knowledge of the Vampires and guide it with our life. To save our line the Vampires Elders fled,we were directed to this place by the great Queen bat and was instructed to name it Eden. She came back after so many years just to help us. She revealed to us that a child will be born in the royal family, and on the day of his birth, the sky in Austria will be red and the spirit of Vamial will appear to give us the news here in Eden . Your elder sister Cyril was delivered and we awaited these signs but it never came,then Zac came and we had strong hope and believe that he was the one,since he was the first son and future Vampire King but it never happened, until the day you came into this world, there was celebration in Austria when they saw the sign and Vamial appeared to us the elders, telling us to protect you at all cost and that you were special and will be the King in place of your elder brother Zac. We were worried, thinking about how Zac will react in the future when he realizes he was cheated but we were happy that the saviour was finally here. You grew up developing powers those your age never had,you developed powers even your elder ones were yet to activate. Larsus had attacked the witches too and destroyed so many of them making them run into hiding. He gave some witches the opportunity to live if only they worked for him,they accepted and became his slaves in exchange for their lives. Thanks to these witches, Larsus found out about the prophecy of you being the saviour that will destroy him. He started trying to get to you by all means,but you were hidden with your siblings inside the main castle with the portal protecting you children. One fine day you walked out of the portal without the knowledge of anyone and was almost captured by Larsus but a power we didn know you had activated and saved you. Your super speed came up and you ran back to the castle,you moved like the wind that day. Your parents, King Fing and Queen Kesha became worried that staying in Austria was not safe for you as Larsus had his eye on you and was trying to get you by all means. Your parents the King and Queen reached out to the elders for help,after different meetings conducted here in Eden by the oldest Elders,we could not do anything to help. Vamial spirit appeared to us once more and gave us the power to perform a very dangerous ritual,which would send you to the human world,you will be hidden there and you will be back to your people when you come of age. We buried you alive. Your Vampire life and memories about your lineage died with your Vampire body at your gravestone. You went into the human world as a new baby, and we specifically sent you to the Chans. They know about the Vampires and offered to help. Mr Chan success is possible thanks to the Vampires who has helped him with some dirty underground job. We told him about everything and told him about you,he knows you are not ordinary and promised to give you all the love that he could offer since he was indebted to us. You finally came of age to come back to your people that was why the people that shot you were able to. You have always been protected by hidden warrior Vampires who were assigned to watch you from the shadows and protect you. All the life threatening situations that would have come your way as the heir to a successful business man was terminated thanks to the shadow Vampires. You were shot by assassins sent by the owner of a rival company of your fathers company. We have been aware of all his plans and sat back to watch because there was nothing we could do about it. The man in question is Mr Max Miller ”. Liraz completed his story after dropping the name. I was still unable to form a sentence.

”Ma…Ma….Max Miller,Isaccs dad?!!,no you don know what you are saying,thats my bestfriend dad,I go to their house almost every weekend!!! ” I said finding it hard to believe

”your enemies sometimes might be the closest person in your life ” Liraz replied casually

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