”Where am I? why do I have these ” I touched the fangs in my mouth, ”how did I get here,why is there blood on my lips ” I asked no one in particular while staring at my features in a big mirror just in front of me. I was in the middle of a huge castle with statues of gargoyles surrounding the dark castle and lighted candles placed in different areas. Bats were flying around like they were protecting the castle.

”What kind of dream is this, I can remember watching any horror movies lately ”. I kept on asking while speaking to no one

”Hello….. anybody here….Hello ”

”squeak squeak squeak ” I heard sounds of bats flying towards me

”argh arghh,get away from me,argh ” I tried to fight off the bats and hissed at them with my fangs protruding out of my mouth,an action that surprised me. The next moment I was holding one of the bats and dug my teeth into its neck, draining and pausing at different intervals to catch my breath,I sucked continuously till it was lifeless then I dropped it to the ground.

”what just happened! did I just kill and drink a bats blood ”,my hand moved to my lips once more, staring at the blood on my hand I freaked out and started sobbing profusely.

”where the ** am I,what is happening,last I remember I was making a toast on my birthday night,what happened!!…..ouch,** my head hurts ” my head was aching badly as I tried to remember what happened after my birthday toast. I sat on the ground in the castle looking dejected when my memories came rushing in ”I was shot!!! and after that everything went blank,shit I think Im in hell,am I really dead,oh no no no no,I thought hell was supposed to have fire around with demons punishing people, no way am dead,I need to get out of here ”, I kept on talking to myself. Immediately I sighted a huge door with a little light peeping out of the door, I tiptoed as quiet as I could, forcing my legs to move faster but the fear surrounding me made me move like a snail. Finally getting to the door after what seemed like ages, I put my head to peep only to find a huge room well illuminated. The room was as large as my room back at the Chan mansion if not bigger. The person who decorated this room must have spent not less than an hour I thought. Compared to my room back at the mansion which had more colors,game consoles, football idols on wallpapers and shoe collections,this room in front of me had just a king size bed,a large shelf stacked with books

”Who reads all these ” I wondered

a side stool was positioned just next to the bed,a door which I assumed led to the bathroom,a circular rug,shaped like a bat ”Oh wow bat rugs now huh,what will I see next,a bat toilet ” I laughed dryly until I heard the squeaks of the bats again,I screamed like a 4year old,thank God no one saw that,it would have been really embarrassing. I ran into the room jamming the door as hard as I could and tried to catch my breath when I hear a voice that anybody present would see made me jump like a frog

”You should learn to knock before entering peoples rooms ”. The strange man said. The guy in question was a tall young man around my age I guess with sparkling blue eyes just like mine. I always thought I was the only one with such mystical eyes but here I am seeing differently. He was really hot, yeah I know its weird saying my fellow guy is hot but this guy is a beauty to behold. He had a long silver hair that stops just at his shoulder,the hair was beautiful and I felt like running my hands through it but don they have a saloon here in hell or something for haircuts?,he was tall just like me or maybe a little taller,I don know,I couldn even think straight,he wore a long black cloak with long boots and a black leather shirt inside his cloak and a black trouser to match. The golden sword hanging loosely on his waist made him look like these mysterious knights from movies. He sat on the bed with a cup that had a red content in it which I assumed was wine

”You have been staring for 10 minutes now ” the guy said with his eyebrow raised

”I…um, Im sorry for barging into your room unannounced,I was trying to run away from the bats and I entered here…Im sorry ” I could not believe I was apologizing to this guy, although he looked scary but I Xander apologies to no one, what is this place doing to me. I noticed he was staring at me with his expressionless face and before I knew it he was standing so close to me,how did he even do that. I tried to hide those hideous fangs I grew out of nowhere. He forcefully grabbed my chin eliciting some swear words from me

”Get your **ing hands off me asshole ” but he didn let go,I kept on struggling until I was weak. It was no use struggling anyways,so I decided to scare him off with words,

”Do you know who I am…I can make you dissapear just by snapping my fingers,my parents will…

”will make sure I rot in jail? ” he completed my statement and finally let go while laughing,I knew I sounded stupid,I didn even know where I was and I was talking about my parents making him rot in jail but still he had no right to make fun of my helplessness,this guy was getting on my nerves.

”Attitude,I likey ” the guy added with a smirk on his face then continued ”I am Zac Fing by the way and you must be Xander Chan ” he stared at me with a poker face as he introduced himself,he knows my name what a surprise i thought. ”yes I am and how did you know my name, oh wait you guys should have some kind of records here in hell,so yeah that should be how you knew my name ” I told him trying to make him realize that I was smart enough to figure out this was hell.I went ahead to add ”and you
e Satan right? ” but what he did next made vein pop out of my head, he was laughing again,what was funny this time.

”You really think this is hell? ” he laughed more,it was obvious his laughter irritated me ”you
e way more dumb than I imagined ” Zac added.

what the hell did he mean by I was way more dumb than he imagined I am gradually loosing it, ”fine, what is this place, who are you, what are you doing here and do you live in this big castle alone,where are your parents, aren you like 17 or 18, I paused expecting answers

”whoa chill dumb ass,first this place is my home,that should answer most of your questions,I am Zac Fling I told you earlier or you
e too dumb to remember.I don live alone,my parents are in prison and Im 1000years old,any more questions ” Zac said with a smirk on his face

After everything he said,I realized this guy life was just messed up, common 1000years ,am I 10 or what to believe that and this place is home is not going to help me,like who even lives in a place infested with bats,the feeling to say all these out was really strong but who knows this guy might be some kind of psycho,instead of asking all these questions I heard myself asking ”what happened with your parents,why are they in prison ”

Zac moved towards the bed picking up his cup filled with wine or so I thought before speaking ”they were captured by the Dragon Clan ” I started laughing,this guy must be a comedian but he was serious

”So this Dragon Clan ” I said air quotting with my fingers, ”is that the name of a club, underground world society,drug Lord or what? ” I was resisting the urge to laugh more

” they
e actual dragons,what part of DRAGON clan don you understand ” he replied getting irritated

”hahahaha,you must be crazy to think I will believe that,you have been watching too much movies and reading fictional books lately, haven you ” I started laughing again until I was thrown across the room only to crash hard into the bookshelf,I was bleeding on my lip, turning to look at Zac he was still sitting on the bed looking undisturbed,okay something strange just happened.

”What did you do to me!! ” I said with invisible smokes coming out of my nose,yet Zac sat there feeling less disturbed. ”What do you mean,I have been sitting here ” Zac answered with a smirk on his face.

”I am pretty sure you did something, you
e strange,this place is strange,how do I get the ** out of here ”, I was finally loosing it, first I grew fangs,then killed and drained a bat,now Im flying across a room,I fell to my knees and started crying. ”Zac!! ” I heard a beautiful voice that sounded soothing but harsh only to turn to the door to see another beauty, is this place occupied by only beautiful and handsome souls, the lady in front of me was a tall, slender lady with brown eyes that were shooting glares at Zac at the moment,she had blue hair that looked exactly like mine but longer with perfectly shaped lips and lashes,I would have said she looked exactly like me but she is more beautiful and has a longer hair than mine. She might be a little older maybe a 21 or 22. ”Now what do you want? ” Zac answered with a similar intense glare

” you
e scaring our bro….I mean guest ” the lady finally turned to look at me before turning back to the poker face Zac.

”He was getting on my nerves and its part of his little training ” Zac replied her. What did he mean by my little training. Zac and the lady stared at each other for a while before the lady turned and smiled at me

”Hi Xander ” she said, every one seem to know my name I reasoned. ”I am Cyril Fing ”, she said, ”Are you guys related ”,I asked pointing to Zac

”yes we
e actually ” Cyril smiled showing he pearl white teeth

”oh ” I answered

”you must be very hungry,come with me,I prepared something ” she said smiling at me.

”oh,I am starving ” Zac who was quiet all this while said while dropping his cup and stood up from the bed when I heard

”clean up this mess first ”, Cyril told Zac pointing towards the scattered books that fell as a result of my fall earlier.

”But it was not my fault ” Zac finally dropped the poker face act, ”its all his fault,he should clean it up ” Zac made himself clear

”well it wouldn have happened if you didn use your powers on him ”, Cyril retorted angrily

I knew it that fool did something to me but powers,was not expecting that,I listened to see if I could get more information

”and I wouldn have used my powers if he had just listened and believed what I told him about Dragon Clan,we have no time left to play around Cyril ” Zac finally said much words without acting like he was being forced to use words.

”We will discuss this later ”. Cyril showed no intention to argue further, ”now clean up this mess and join us downstairs ”.The next moment,Zac was hissing showing a deadly white pair of fangs,I am pretty sure I peed on my pants at that moment or so I thought,but Cyril just stood there looking undisturbed,was i supposed to be acting like this in front of a lady,she should be the one acting scared,I realized I was hiding at Cyrils back when she said ”You
e scaring him again,drop the attitude Zac ” I am very sure I saw something in Cyrils eyes ,like she was spitting out tiny red dangerous orbs with her eyes but I waved it off, Cyril was too beautiful and nice to be dangerous like Zac right, that sounded more like a question than an assurance. I noticed Zac was already obediently picking the books and stacking them,only someone powerful should be able to control Zac like that but Cyril? I was interrupted in my thoughts when Cyril said ”come Xander, Zac will join us when his done ” Cyril told me with the brightest and sweetest smile I have ever seen making her more attractive. Cyril led the way while I followed behind, before closing the door to the room I stopped to give him one last look and laugh at his misery but then

”hisssss ” Zac brought out those fangs of his and I ran after Cyril. We kept on walking, going through underground passages until I realized the castle was bigger than I thought, getting to a wall she said ”we are here ” smiling again, she was just so beautiful but I was confused,where is the dining here,this is just a hallway

”Here? ” I asked her confused and she nodded before turning to touch the wall and the wall turned into some kind of portal,some particles circling around and it was like I could hear music inside the portal. This place just keeps on throwing surprises at me,I was about dashing out of that place when Cyril shouted

”Xanderr..its okay, Im not going to hurt you,come here ”, she smiled again,her smile was just so comforting,I found myself walking towards her even when a voice in my head was telling me not to, she entered the portal,I think that was a cue for me to follow her,i stood there contemplating if I should do this,then I heard a voice,a familiar one that I was starting to hate

”you can stand there all day,but I don need to remind you that the bats in this place doesn seem to like you ”, and Zac smirked again,can he just stop doing that, before I knew it Zac was gone,he had entered the portal too. He was right about the bats but I don even know where this portal leads to

”squeak, squeak, squeak ” oh no the bats are back and they were flying towards me. I had no other option but to jump into the portal and everything became dark,then a small light appeared very far from me,the only light in this place. ”Cyril!!! Zac!! anybody ” I shouted but I got no reply,I was very scared,the portal I came in through closed immediately and the light I saw at the other end of the room went off.

Please support this author in any way you can,I can continue without your support,Im a new author and need you opinions on how to improve the book. What do think would happen to Xander in the portal, I will like to hear your comments,the next part is ready already but lets be interactive,I will like to hear what you guys are hoping to read next.

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