The Vampire Heir

The mansion 10

Walking into the street,Ciara had this feeling that she was being followed,she hastened her steps and the the follower did the same, turning to her back she saw two scary looking men following her. She freaked out and ran as fast as she could,but the street was quiet and dark,but was a little bit illuminated thanks to the street lamps. Ciara ran as fast as she could, bumping into a really hard chest.Looking up she saw a really tall and heavily built man with a bald head,he grabbed her arm in a way it was hurting,

”Get your hands off me ” Ciara shouted at the man, punching him hard on his chest

”Got her boss ” The man shouted to the two men approaching them. These were the same men chasing her earlier.Ciara knew she was in deep trouble when she realized the man holding her was working with the men chasing her.

”Hey pretty girl, what are you doing out here all alone? ” One of the men who was Baron,the leader of the group asked Ciara,touching her neck and sniffing her. He was short,had a lot belly and muscles.

”Let me go,you stink ” Ciara tried to act brave, even when she knew she had no hope of escaping them,just then a slap landed on her cheek. Baron had slapped her really hard.

”It seems you like it rough huh ” Baron told Ciara, grabbing her chin really hard and smiling evily.

”Please let me go!! ” Ciara finally lost the braveness she thought she had,and broke down into tears.

”Not so fast pretty girl,you will have to satisfy me tonight before you go,you will be my little slut ” Baron said,smiling and showing off his dirty brown teeth,

”Please, please,I just want to go home ” sob..sob,Ciara cried profusely.

”Jack grab her, we
e going back to the lair ” Baron instructed Jack,the bald guy holding Ciara.

Ciara struggled as hard as she could to get out of his grip and escape but it was all to no avail. Jack lifted Ciara effortlessly placing her on his rock hard shoulder, causing Ciara to let out a small wimper as her tummy hit hard on his shoulder blade.

”Let me go please, someone help me!! ” Ciara shouted, hoping someone would come to her rescue,she cried profusely and finally stopped, preparing her mind for what was to come. Jack carried her, with Baron leading the way and the third man whose name she didn know following Jack at the back. Just then she heard a loud scream coming from the back,she lifted her head easily since she was on Jacks shoulder, to see what was happening,Jack turned and dropped her to ground almost immediately when he heard the scream. She fell hard on her butt, scratching her leg in the process. She looked up to see what made Jack drop her so quickly,only to see the third man following them at the back earlier, lying in a pool of his own blood

”What happened to him ” Ciara asked no one in particular still sitting on the ground with shock written all over her face. A tall young man in a black suit,appeared from nowhere, standing next to the dead man. He was tall and had a really nice body but Ciara couldn tell what his facial features were like,since it was dark and only the street lamp illuminated the area. She thought that the man must be really handsome seeing how sexy only his silhouette was. Ciara was still staring at this strange man when she heard a loud scream

”Attack him moron, don just stand there! ” Baron shouted out this order to Jack. Jack rushed towards the mysterious man,for some reason Ciara prayed the mysterious man doesn get hurt,but what she saw next made her eyes bulge out of its socket. Jacks head rolled to the ground with his body falling to a different side. Ciara was still on the ground where Jack dropped her, with her mouth wide open for what seemed like ages,she had just witnessed someone get beheaded and was trying to recover from the shock. The violence was too much for her brain to handle,it was just impossible for her to erase what she had seen from her brain. Baron the leader of the gang took to his heels immediately, fleeing from the area.Anyone in their right senses would flee after witnessing that scene,maybe Ciara was not in her right senses after all,as she sat there still unable to process anything. She finally snapped out of her trans when she saw the mysterious man walking towards her,she tried to stand up and run but realized she had hurt her ankle and was limping instead of running,she felt useless,she could not even run. The mysterious man finally got to her and she closed her eyes, waiting for her head to fall off but it didn . She opened her eyes slowly hoping the man was gone but he was standing right in front of her. He was much taller than she thought.

”Please don hurt me ”, Ciara pleaded,but what she saw next surprised her. The mysterious man leaned closer to her and lifted her, carrying her Princess style.Unlike how Jack had man handled her,this man carried her like she was some fragile glass that would break if allowed to fall. She tried to get a glimpse of his face but it was just impossible under the dimly lighted street lamp. Although she was able to get a glimpse of his facial structure,his oval face that was well carved by his creator,his strong chin and pointed nose. His chest was so strong and hard,it was obvious he worked out alot. His breath taking scent was something she didn forget to take note of,why did he smell so good,she wondered. The mysterious man carried her and walked quietly till they got to a Black Bentley car, parked not too far from the scene,he placed her gently in the back seat of the car, closing the door and moving to the drivers seat. Ciara was still too scared to ask any question but was finally able to get herself to ask,

”Who are you and where are you taking me! ” She asked with a straight face, trying not to show her fear. The mysterious man ignored her and typed something into a watch on his hand.

”Don you talk!? ” Ciara asked again but still got no reply,it was really frustrating,she had not heard him say a word and here she is seating in his car without knowing what he wants or who he was.

”Clean up the mess,8th Millicent street ” The mysterious man spoke into the watch he was typing into earlier.

”Hello, where are you taking me!! Im going nowhere until you tell me where you are taking me,this is kidnap you know.. ” Ciara told the mysterious man with a straight face,but who was she kidding,if he wanted to kidnap her,he didn need her opinion to do so. The mysterious man finally turned to look at her,the light in the car finally gave her the opportunity to see his face,he was breathtakingly handsome,he had green eyes that were cold and without emotions but captivating,he had a cute pink shaped lips,he looked too good to be human, although Isaac was more good-looking compared to the mysterious man. ”Who was this guy! ”Ciara wondered.

”Put on your seat belt ” The mysterious man finally spoke, ignoring Ciaras questions.

”You are not going to answer me, are you?,who are you working for,Im not keeping quiet until you give me an answer!!! ” Ciara finally lost it and shouted at him,his silence was not helping to calm her nerves at all. The mysterious man turned to the back again to look at her, making her release a small wimper of fear,she shifted in her seat uncomfortably,the braveness she showcased few minutes ago had dissapeared after seeing the mysterious man cold eyes staring at her. He turned back and started the car, making the engine roar to life. Ciara sat quietly and avoided asking more questions, while waiting for what was to come.

”Enjoy your ride ” The mysterious man spoke again and smiled for the first time but this smile didn reach his eyes,it was scary instead of comforting. The drive was smooth and quiet. He drove for 30minutes before getting to a huge gate.

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