The Vampire Heir

The Discovery-1

Appearing in the middle of a dark forest, a feeling of a strong aura is sensed oozing out of this weird area.

You should stop staring like a freightened puppy and lets move,with everything you have experienced over the past few months a simple teleportation to the middle of nowhere with the last person you would want to hang out with shouldn freak you out (smirks)-Zac, oh don worry I am not scared just taking in the scenery (obviously trying to lie with his shivering hands giving him out).-Xander

uh huh so much for a vampire prince (smirks again)- Zac

(In xanders head his trying to understand why his even here)

7months back on July 1st when it all started, sweaty bodies,colored lights drinks and loud music with a bunch of teenagers getting wasted. It is the 18th birthday party of Xander Chan,the one and only heir of the Chan family and Chan cooperation. Walking up to the stage is a blue colored hair with sky blue eyes young man with a perfectly shaped pink heart lips and strong body build giving out this high School football player vibe that swoons every girl and yes he plays football. He should pass for a very handsome young man and is known as ”Alien beauty ”. This name was specifically given to him by his numerous fans (girls of course)and it stuck to him like glue. Guys are not left out either in this whole swooning situation. The guys seem to pass jealous auras as they believe he takes attention away from them in the eyes of the ladies,but of course none of them could do anything about it but try to become friends with him and gain his favor.

Xander is beautifully dangerous as he does not only throw wild parties but does not miss the opportunity to bully the weaker few as he likes to call it.

Attention ladies and gentlemen(Xander smiles to the crowd exposing his sparkling white teeth and his sky blue eyes lightens as he delivers his speech).

The girls did not fail to notice and capture this moment as 3 other girls are seen discussing about Xander already.

1st girl- isn he beautiful!!!(Ellen staring at Xander with a dreamy expression), one beautiful snack you mean,wish I could just touch those strong looking albs (Alysia licks her lips shamelessly) and touch that beautiful face goshh, 3rd girl- you wish!(Gina laughing after seeing Alysia face turn sour), 2nd girl- what do you mean by that, Im very pretty and can get him if I want(Alysia raises her head boastfully and arrogantly). Alysia the prettiest girl in Philomath High school,the school our Alien beauty Xander was transferred to months back and had already gained popularity, Alysia is a slender, tall lady with a well tanned skin and blonde hair, she has a pretty brown eyes that can melt your heart in a second, with an Oval shaped face and full lips, lets not forget her natural blonde hair, she would naturally pass for a model. She is the Cheer captain of the Philomath High school cheerleading team. She is not left out in the whole popularity situation, infact any guy would kill to have her. She is the only daughter and child of the Williams family, making her the heir to the Williams cooperation. Alysia can be seen as a really pompous, proud bitch. She was rumoured to be dating Jackson the former quarterback of the football team(before the arrival of Xander haha) but they broke up, after she caught Jackson kissing another girl at a pool party, fortunately for the girl she was not attending the same school with Alysia and Jackson else she would have felt Alysias wrath. I know you would be wondering who the hell would want to cheat on Alysia, Jackson should be in the right position to give that answer.

Ellen and Gina on th

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