h a single charge.


Well, the magical power consumption of the magician to charge it is large, but it is insignificant for my magical power.


This allows to use refrigerators, washing machines, showers, kitchens, taps and toilets.


Electrical appliances……or rather, magic tools such as refrigerators and washing machines were made by me, but they should be as good as the latest Japanese products (from my past life point of view).


As for the washing machine, there is also a dryer function, but even if you dry indoors, you will not be bothered by the smell.


It has reached that level, and if Philia and I don't find an inn nearby when we go on a trip, it would be nice for the two of us to spend a relaxing time together.


Well then, I got my own house――or rather, I created it, but I diligently prepared several versions and saved them in another space with space magic.


Theoretically it's okay to put in hundreds or thousands in the other space, but it's troublesome to make that much, so I'll not do it.


However, as a result of having fun by changing the size and the interior of the houses depending on where they will be used, I was able to create 42 houses.


Since it's made with magic, the cost is only the magic stones and the food in the refrigerator, but the consumption of magic power is probably dozens of times that of a normal magician.
I'm sure I'm the only one in this world who can use this magic.


If you put it in another space, naturally, the time in the refrigerator in the house will also stop.


That's why I put things that have already been cooled by magic to some extent, but the fact that they don't rot may be the number one advantage of space magic.


Now, about the moving method, I'm sure many people will guess from the explanation so far, I will just store it in another space and carrying it around.

The problem is the setting.


A house is not just built above the ground.


That's why I decided to fix it on ground using another new magic, [Relocate].


The amazing thing about this [Relocate]    magic is that it will forcibly fix it with magic power without considering the topography.


This made it possible for me to rest comfortably at any place without having to sleep in a tent or carriage.


Well, I like inns and tents, so I will use it depending on my mood, but it's been a long time since I've used large-scale magic and felt a little fulfilled.


So the reason I did this all of a sudden was, of course…
I just got the idea!


 Yeah, nice


What a good way to waste time.


Really meaningful.


Well, one day I might go out to increase the number of transfer destinations, so there is no loss in making it.


Wiht this, I can now carry my house around.


 Yeah, I can congratulate myself.

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