p>Well, she's probably my first love.

” what's so good about this stupid girl? It's true that she has huge breasts and a loli face, but from your point of view she's an old hag, right?”

No, no, I care only about her inner quality…
I feel like I've been talking only from my mind since a while ago…

“Oops, sorry.
Well, let's finish it quickly”

Ehh? What are you going to do?

“I'm just giving you a blessing.
I didn't have any motivation at first because this guy pestered me , but…
it' was interesting to talk with you , so I'll do it properly.”

divine blessing….
what is the blessing of Goddess-sama?

“I was thinking of doing it before your reincarnation.
However her blessing might be more useful than mine in this world “

“Aren't you the primordial creator?”

“Yes but your the space time god and the creator god of Aztecal “

……Um, are you two creator gods?

“Yes, I am the creator of all worlds, but technically speaking it is a little different.
It is l difficult to explain.
So you can just see her as the creator of the world your in now”

……Can I ask you a question?

“Yes go on “

……What is the name of Goddess-sama. 

“Just my name?”

yes, that's all i want to know. 

“I have many names.
But you can call me—-“

Thanks, I remember it, and will never forget it.

“However, you can't say my name in public, understand? because it affects the world”

“Well, if it's over, it is time to end this “

And so, on that day, I received blessings from God.

This is what I heard later, but it seems that the phenomenon of talking to God is impossible in the first place, and even if it is, it seems that light will appear in front of the person praying as a proof of blessing.

I see, I was given a special treatment.

Well, I've memorized the goddess' name, and from now on it'll be more easy to pray in my heart.

I was told it was useless, and I can't spread the word about the goddess, but I'm happy that I can always remember my benefactor.

Even so, I've learned a lot of things I shouldn't know…
Especially with the priests of the church, I can't say that God is a goddess, not a male god, and if I say that I receive blessings from the person herself, I will definitel t be a hassle.

Come to think of it, what kind of effect does Goddess-sama's divine protection have?

I wonder if it that I won't catch a cold, even if I sleep with my exposed ?

…Don't fault my lack of imagination.
but well, you will know soon.

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