The next day, I immediately headed to my future territory by carriage.

Expecting a moderately rural location,

I arrived at a town that was more developed than I expected.

There are security guards, so the security doesn't seem to be bad.

Lively and full of shops.

Hmmm, I see

Compared to the royal capital, it's a rural area, but it seems like a city where is easy to live in .

When my carriage passes by, all eyes gathered on us , but well, it's a carriage with the crest of the royal family, so it's only natural.

“Welcome, Your Highness Sirius.
I am Serge, the magistrate in charge of the city of Westal.”

When I arriveed at the lord's mansion, I was greeted by a magistrate dressed like an elderly butler.

How should I put it…
In terms of atmosphere, it seems that he should be called Sebastian, but it just that he is not a butler but a magistrate.

” I am Sirius Slaind”

“I have been entrusted by His Majesty to assist His Highness.
please order anything”

“Hmmm, can I see the town for a while? After that, I might want you to show me various documents.”

I will arrange it immediately”

First of all, I want to see the state of the city directly.

That's what I thought before coming here , but in fact, I saw few skewers at a stall on the way, and they looked delicious, so I thought I'd try eating while walking.

When I walk around the city with several escorts, I get a lot of attention as if they that I was in the carriage earlier.

Well, it can't be helped.

“Sister, please give me a skewer”

“Oh, such a flattering word , Your Highness.
here you are”

I said that to the lady at the skewer shop and got her to serve me, but…I wonder what kind of meat this is.

Very soft and delicious.

I got it from the conversation just now, but it seems that they knew that a prince was coming today.

At the stalls I went to, there were a lot of people who spoke like they knew I was a prince.

Well, as a 4-year-old, my stomach isn't that big, so the eating tour soon ended and turned into sightseeing.

I received some curious gazes, but I didn't feel any malicious gazes.

Well, no one will picks a fights with royalty.


When I was walking while thinking about such things, I saw a woman bowing her head and receive something at the store I was going 

She bowed her head vigorously seems to be desperately begging.

What is it…
I was curious, and when I asked the person at the store where the woman was, I immediately found out the reason.

“oh that's an orphanage”

Apparently, they're coming to pick up what can barely be eaten, such as vegetable scraps, for the children at the orphanage.

An orphanage huh?

I was curious, so I went back to the lord's mansion to check with Serge.


“The orphanage? They should have arranged for people there, but…”

I also checked the document, the orphanage is properly receiving money, and it seems that people are also sent as administrators.

I have a bad feeling…

With that in mind, I headed to the orphanage on that same day, but there was a splendid building, and there was also a caretaker.

“Oh , Your Highness.
Please come in “

A well-built middle-aged man with a vaguely unpleasant laugh.

When I looked inside, several children greeted me.

However, it was somehow suspicious, so once I left the orphanage, I asked a nearby resident.

And then a surprising fact comes to light.

Surprisingly, that place is not an orphanage, but the true orphanage is else where.

It seems to be a well-known story among the residents, but the magistrate of this territory doesn't personally inspect it, and only use the documents as a reference.

So, the manager can do whatever he wants. 

In addition to the orphanage, there are also cases of unfair salary fraud of the members in the security team.

This orphanage was also prepared as a dummy, and it seems that the children inside are just the real children of the manager.

Hee, hee, Serge…

His value dropped in my mind.

It seems that the residents also wanted to do something about it, so they went to petition several times, but they only received a reply saying that they will investigate it , and that was the end of it.

yeah, he's fired.

Certainly, there was a plan to relocate the orphanage a long time ago, and it should have been relocated to this place.

And according to the documents , the site of the orphanage before it was relocated should have been changed to the manager's private property.

That place has relatively good traffic, and I've already confirmed that there's already a bar that adventurers can easily go to at night, so they probably forced them to move somewhere else.


I take out a map and find a place that seems to fit the criteria.

Fortunately, thanks to the stupid manager who didn't even tried to hide the evidence, I found out that there was a super old property in the corner of the town that was unnaturally purchased, and decided to go there.

Even so , according to the current situation, and being sent here, did my father meant to…?

Well even if he find something suspicious, he can't take care of it due to his current schedule ,so he probably send me here with the intention of solving it, but …I see it seems it is quite difficult to trust anyone for something like this, so he left it to me.

With that in mind, I headed towards my destination, and there was a run-down building that was about to collapse, and the woman from earlier was talking to an elderly woman at the entrance.

“I'm sorry, I can only collect this much today…”

“I troubled you “

The amount of vegetable scraps in her hand is insignificant.

I was able to confirm about 20 children in the building with detection magic.

So it not enough to cover that number.

It seems that, for the time being, I have to get the job done properly before I fire Serge.

For now, I'll ask the escort knight to go buy food.

Elia and her husband, Rudolf, will remain as escorts, and the others will go out to buy food, while I talk to those women.

“Can I have a little of your time?”

Surprised by the voice, the two women turned to me and bowed hurriedly as if they knew who I was.

“Oh, don't worry.
Besides, is this the real orphanage?”

The elderly woman nodded in fear when she heard that.

“Good then.
May I speak to you for a moment?” 

With that, I was guided inside. 

The inside was also quite shabby, and it didn't feel like it could withstand the wind and rain.

I sat onthe chair I was guided to, but it's pretty dangerous that it creaks even with the weight of a child.

“So what kind of…?”

I decided to introduce myself to a woman who seemed worried that they might be kicked out.

“I am Sirius Slaind, the third prince of the Slaind Kingdom.
I'm supposed to get this territory in the future”

“I'm the director, my name is Rita.”

“I'm Meyrin”

The old woman with reddish brown hair is Rita, the current director of the orphanage, and the young woman with green hair who was collecting vegetable scraps earlier is Meyrin.

These two are the only adults.

I see, these two are the support of this orphanage. 

“First of all, I would like to clear up some misunderstandings.
I'm not going to harm you But first, I want you to tell me the truth about this situation.”

They were puzzled by such words from a 4-year-old child, but the two told me everything honestly. 

Before the current manager, the orphanage used to receive money.

However, after he became the new manager, they were suddenly kicked out of the previous orphanage ,and was forced to move to this run-down house.

And, without any subsidies, the two of them managed to support the children in poverty until today, but it seems that their limit is approaching.

“The residents are kind, but they don't have much themselves, and it's difficult for us to take care of them while working…”

When I looked at the children peeking at me, they were all skinny.


I can't stand someone who treats children like this.

“For the time being, I understood.
well, you've done your best until today.
You can entrust the rest to me “

The Two of them seemed a little cautious when they heard it.

Well, even though he's a prince, he can't certainly be trusted.

With that in mind, I stepped in the uselessly large garden and used earth magic to instantly construct a building twice as large as the rags.

(Tn :your are showing too much for someone one who wants an easy going life)

It's an earthen house made with magic power, so it' will not be bad as a temporary house.

“Is this…
magic…? ”

“Amazing! It is a house !”

In contrast to the two women who were surprised, the children were excited at the sudden phenomenon.


this is……”

Elia and Rudolph were also surprised.

Well, neither of them know that I can use magic like this.

“Keep this a secret”

When I asked this to everyone present, they nodded.

Well, people probably won't believe if they were told about such a feat as to make a building with earth magic, so why would they go around saying it?

“For the time being, stay here until the new orphanage is built.”

“Um, will it collapse …?”

“If a dragon comes, will it break?”

I hit it with a bang, but my hand hurts more.

After a while, the escorts bought food, so after guiding everyone to the temporary house, me, Elia, the director, and Meirin-san started cooking.

The two were still cautious at first, but this time, they began to believe a little more.

After that, the children ate their fill of the warm rice for the first time in a while, and then went to their rooms and slept soundly.

There wasn't even a blanket, so I'll have to procure that later…

Your Highness Sirius.”

“Hmm? What is it?”

“Thank you very much.

“Well, it's my responsibility, so don't worry about it.”

I didn't investigate it earlier because I thought it would be troublesome to manage the territory, and if I did, I could have taken action a little earlier.

For the time being, I have to prepare food, clothing, and shelter for the children…
I will need to find a house later, but I have to prepare clothes and food first. 

I can't believe I've been working like this so soon after coming here…
well, I can't do anything about it.

children are innocent. 

It's not the line for a 4-year-old child, but well, it would be helpful if you could ignore that.

Thus, at this age, I became involved in the territory.

Good thing, once this is over, a slow life will be waiting for me.

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