ou done?]


[Th, that would be…]


She was indeed a scriptwriter.
She had won various awards and received many offers to be an assistant writer for other well-known writers, but she had not yet had any of her own works produced, so she was technically still a newcomer.


When Jeong Da Hee hesitated, Yeon Seo noticed right away and sighed.


[Alright, let's hear your proposal.]


[C-Could you take a look at this script?]


Jeong Da Hee nervously offered the script to Yeon Seo.
He started to get annoyed.


Why are there so many people like this nowadays?]


Jeong Da Hee flinched.
In fact, she had heard through the rumour mill that as long as Yeon Seo was involved, everything from production to broadcasting would go smoothly.
So, with a sense of desperation, she sought him out.


[Would you like to add a synopsis or another line at this time? The script is essentially done.]


However, Yeon Seo, who was fed up with this request, went on his way without even paying attention to the script.
Jeong Da Hee, who was left behind, cried.


And again, his vision went dark.


The memory seemed unusually low quality as if it were a memory from childhood.
Outside, the pink cherry blossoms fluttered and the spring breeze coming in through the open door was pleasant.


He walked with a pounding heart, his footsteps echoing.
Upon entering the room at the end of the hallway to call for someone, the young Yeon Seo let out a deafening scream.




As if white noise had been added, his vision began to flicker and Yoo Yeon Seo slammed the door and locked it in his agitated state.


[What's going on? Hey! Yeon Seo!]


A hoarse voice called to him from the other side of the closed door.
It was his older brother, Eun Ho.
He had run over at the sound of Yeon Seo's scream, but the locked door did not budge.


Disclaimer: Skip here to avoid


[Yeon Seo! Open the door!]


The white curtains swayed with the spring breeze.
No, it wasn't the curtain.


[Hey! Yeon Seo!]


[Young master? What's going on?]


[Auntie, please give me the key to the door!]


Someone's legs appeared in mid-air, firmly between the skirt that had been mistaken for curtains.


Yoo Yeon Seo slowly raised his head.
Again, his field of vision began to tilt.
Maybe he couldn't fully remember the memory because he had received a major shock.


[Yeon Seo, Auntie has gone to get the key, so open the door before I have to force it open.]


[Don't open it!]




Yoo Yeon Seo cried.
Yoo Eun Ho heard sobs beyond the door and pounded on the door.


[Don't look!]


[What shouldn't I look at? Hey!]


Yoo Yeon Seo panted heavily whilst looking at the person in mid-air.
The lifeless eyes that could be seen through his flickering vision…


[Hu-eo, e-…


The panicked Yoo Yeon Seo, gasped for air as tears rolled down his cheeks.
After a while of stuttering, he opened his mouth.






Synchronization rate 0.72%>


His head felt hot and dizzy as if it was on fire.
Mom? What are you talking about? Then who was Vice Chairman Choi that the manager mentioned?


'What the hell is this…'


Just as one problem was solved, another problem reared its head.
However, he didn't even have time to think about it in detail, before he once again coughed up blood and fainted.

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