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Yoo Yeon Seo Manager’s Family Mocking Controversy,

Jusung Group Clarifies Position “Manager’s Brother’s Post Is True…We Will Find the Reporter Impersonating an Employee and Hand Him Over to the Police”

└Jusung wrote a statement.

└ Isn’t this the first time they’ve issued a statement about Yoo Yeon Seo?

└Impersonation? What a joke.

└If they sue…Isn’t Jusung’s legal team the best in Korea?

-I think I found the reporter who first wrote the article write about Yeon Seo?

ㅇㅇㅈㅍ ㅇㄷㅇAre you sure?


└Someone sent a tip to the email address listed in the Jusung Group’s statement that said they will give a reward.

└There are probably already a lot of tips submitted.

Jusung Group released a statement as if they had been waiting for the right moment.
It was Yoo Eun Ho’s who had personally given the order.
They took a strong stance, saying they will not only report the impersonator but also threatened to prosecute those who wrote articles spreading false information.

Some may say that the media should not be turned into enemies, but the Jusung Group was more frightening than that.
The article that copied Lee’s article and spread false facts was silently deleted.
But the Love Letters submitted tips that had taken note of them it was flooding in.

“Da Woon!”

Naturally, the Entertainment Jump office was in chaos.
The editor-in-chief yelled loudly as soon as he arrived at work.

“Where’s Lee Da Woon?!”

“I heard he was taking a day off today.”

Da Woon’s colleague, whose next was next to Da Woon’s, sighed heavily.

“Ha… if this a**hole doesn’t show up for work, we are done for.”

The editor-in-chief searched through Da Woon’s desk, and the atmosphere in the office turned sour.

“What were you guys doing when Da Woon was writing this kind of article instead of stopping him?!”

The other employees who heard this snorted inwardly.
After all, who else was it that had instructed them to focus on Yoo Yeon Seo.

However, the employees who were secretly snickering were also the ones who added flattery to the exclusive story that reporter Lee Da Woon had asked for, expecting a sweet bonus.

“Excuse me.”

A stranger entered the chaotic office.
The large man in a black suit was smiling warmly.

“What, what is it?”

“This is from the Strategic Planning Department of Jusung Group.
And this is Detective Seo from Gangnam Police Station.”

A person from Jusung Group, and accompanied by a police detective? The editor-in-chief gulped.
He tried to hide his surprised expression.

“If you’re looking for reporter Lee Da Woon, he didn’t come to work today.”

“Ah, that’s not why we’re here.
Although it’s somewhat similar.”


“My colleague is already on his way to Lee Da Woon’s place with the police..”

“Then why are you here…?”

The man just grinned without answering.
To someone who didn’t know about the case, it might have seemed like a warm smile, but it sent shivers down the editor-in-chief’s arm.

“You’re the person in charge, right?”

“That’s right, but… that article was written solely by Lee Da Woon without consulting us.”

“If the person in charge doesn’t know, then that’s a problem.”

The editor-in-chief’s attempt to evade responsibility didn’t work.
The detective who had been standing silently by stepped forward.

“You’ll have to come with me.”

“W-w-why do I have to go?”

“Let’s talk about it at the station.”


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