[But, did our young master say anything inappropriate?]

[He told me to buy a foreign car with the consolation money he gave me.
It’s really disrespectful… Has he always been like that?]

At the time, he couldn’t refute Yoo Yeon Seo his cutting remarks, so he replied bluntly.
In fact, upon reflection, Yoo Yeon Seo’s words were all correct.

From the beginning, their family never had any thoughts towards Yoo Yeo Seo, despite their resentment towards the driver who caused the accident.

His brother had only worked for a little over two months, yet they were overwhelmed with gratitude for the large amount of compensation money they received.

[I see.
I will apologize on his behalf.
I will talk to our young master and tell him not to say things like that.]

What did the man who said that look like? Now that I think about it, his cheekbones were raised, almost as if he was holding back a laugh.

Could it be that he was the one who wrote the article? Or did he sell the information to someone for money? But why is it coming out like this?

“Damn… What do I do?”

Kim Jong Seo ran his hands through his hair as he paced back and forth.

Meanwhile, the Strategic Planning Department of Jusung Group had also come across Yeon Seo’s article. 

This was the first place to hear news of the boss’s family affairs.

“Looks like our young master has done it again.
Whoever made the bet, pay up.”

“Wow… right after being discharged from the hospital? Isn’t that the fastest record?

“Is Seung Hyun going to be okay?”

“Why worry about someone who’s already had a farewell party?”

Although some people didn’t join the conversation, they were loyal to the company and frowned at the gossip of other employees.

But among some of the newly hired employees, gossiping about Yeon Seo was like a sport, because in the past, Chairman Yoo had let him get away with anything.

“Oh, what a waste.
If it had happened tomorrow, I would have won.”

“I thought our young master would have immediately caused an incident.”

“When you say young master, do you mean…Yeon Seo?”


Everyone was startled and quickly stood up from their seats.
They had not realised that Yoo Eun Ho had approached them silently amidst their lively chatter.

“Isn’t it working hours?”

Yoo Eun Ho stared at their faces for a while without saying a word.
With just his cold gaze, the temperature in the room seemed to drop significantly.

“Did you guys bet on my little brother? How much did you bet?”

That was…”

“The three of you, I’ll remember your faces.”

The faces of the three people who had been gossiping about Yoo Yeon Seo turned pale.
Normally, Yoo Eun Ho wasn’t the type of person to eavesdrop on employees’ small talk.

But when it came to his little brother, it was different.
Yoo Eun Ho was there as well during the visit to the bereaved family, and it was strange for the matter to be distorted and criticized just because the subject was Yoo Yeon Seo.

“Oh, crap.”

A heavy sigh came from behind.
It was a stark contrast to the excitement they had just shown about betting on Yoo Yeon Seo.

‘So Yoo Yeon Seo was being undermined like this.’

If even regular employees behaved like this towards Yeon Seo, then… Thinking that he was also responsible for this situation, Yoo Eun Ho went straight to the Chairman’s office.


“You’re here.”

Chairman Yoo looked uneasy, perhaps because he had already seen the news article.

“So, this article isn’t true, is it?”

When Chairman Yoo first read the article, he was angry.
He thought that after the accident, his grandson had become more mature, but he was disappointed to see that nothing had changed. 

However, since it was a reality where trivial articles often appear without being true, he called Yu Eun Ho to confirm the facts first.

“Is it not true?”

“No, it’s not.
I was there.”

“Is that so?”

Yu Eun Ho recounted everything that had happened that day without missing a single detail.

Chairman Yoo nodded in satisfaction.
However, despite feeling embarrassed that he had doubted his own grandson based on a short article, his anger grew towards the people who wrote and published these reckless articles.

“I can’t just let them get away with this!”

“Grandfather, why don’t we just observe for now?”

Eun Ho calmed Chairman Yoo, who had risen abruptly.

“Didn’t say you were there, too? This needs to be corrected.”

“If we react hastily, they’ll say it’s external pressure from a big company.
Dealing with the media is different from before.”

“That’s true….”

The more you suppress, the more public opinion will flare up.
At times like this, it was best to do nothing, as it had always been.

“For now, let’s wait and see, Grandfather.
There was no problem with Yeon Seo’s actions when dealing with the bereaved family”


“Maybe the bereaved family will set the record straight, and then it won’t be too late to respond.”

And when they let their guard down, we’ll catch them all at once.
Yoo Eun Ho’s eyes glinted sharply.

*     *     *      *     *    *

“Reporter Lee, you did a good job”

“This much is easy.”

As his colleagues chimed in, Lee Da Woon’s shoulders straightened.

Even though it had been a few days since he released the article, everyone was still talking about Yoo Yeon Seo.
Everyone was using Lee’s article as a reference and publishing near-fictionalized versions of it, with no need for fact-checking.
As usual, Yoo Yeon Seo’s side would not respond anyway.

“Isn’t this reporter going to get the most clicks this year?”

“If it’s Yoo Yeon Seo’s coverage, it’s a hundred per cent certain.
Wow, I bet the bonus will be sweet.”

Lee Da Woon was the person who specialized in writing articles about Yoo Yeon Seowithin Entertainment Jump.
At first, he had imagined a drama unfolding in his head, wondering if writing clickbait articles targeting a third-generation chaebol would harm him in any way.

But no matter what kind of article he wrote, neither Jusung Group nor Yoo Yeon Seo’s agency took any significant action.

“So, how did you get the scoop?”

“I pretended to be a part of Yoo Yeon Seo’s staff and went into their house to snoop around.”

“But isn’t that a crime?”

“It’s not a crime if you don’t get caught.”

As a result, his actions became bolder and escalated.
He had his eye on the pay-for-performance bonus that was tied to increasing ad revenue.


A fellow reporter, who had been silently listening to their conversation, suddenly stood up.

“Hey, guys, you should see this.”

[PAN Talk Talk] I am the real younger brother of Yoo Yeon Seo’s manager who died.
The article is not true.

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