Yoo Yeon Seo groaned for a moment, then turned on automatic action mode again.
His hand moved on its own.

‘0821? How much self-love can someone have to make their house password their birthday.’

He deliberately pressed the password for the door lock openly, for Lim Seung Hyun to see.
Lim Seung Hyun also memorized the number attentively.

“You’ve done a good job, you can leave.”

“Ah, let’s say goodbye properly before I go…”

“We’ll do that tomorrow.”

‘Tomorrow? There shouldn’t be any particular schedule, but he still had some doubts’, Lim Seung Hyun nodded.

What time should I come?”

“Come around 10 am.
If I can’t wake up, just enter.
You saw the password, right?”

“Is that okay?”

“Is there anything that’s not okay?”

Lim Seung Hyun tried to control his surprised expression.
According to another of his colleague in the Strategic Planning Department, Yeon Seo extremely disliked someone who intruded on his territory.

+But seeing him grant access so easily, Seung Hyun thought that either the rumours about him were exaggerated or he really had a problem with his memory.

“Then I’ll see you tomorrow, young master.”

Yeon Seo waved his hand roughly and entered the house.
The automatic lights and the spacious shoe storage caught Yeon Seo’s attention.

‘What kind of shoe storage have exactly the same size as my old house?’

As he stepped inside, the high ceiling with elegant chandeliers in the multi-layered interior greeted him.


‘Is this really my house?’ he thought foolishly as he looked around the house.
Blood began to drip from his nose and stained his clothes and the floor.
It was a side effect of memory synchronization.

‘What should I say about this automatic action mode?… the cost performance is bad.’

Despite being only less than a minute, his nose started to bleed.
With that thought, Yoo Yeon Seo wiped the blood with his sleeve and continued to peruse each room of his house.

“Why is my house this spacious even though I live alone?”, he muttered

*     *     *     *     *     *

After Yoo Yeon Seo left the house, there was silence at Chairman Yoo’s mansion in Pyeongchang-dong.

“So he remembered that event…”, Chairman Yoo said in a deep voice.

When Lee Hee Seo made her extreme choice, it was Yeon Seo who found her first.

Hearing the commotion, Yoo Eun Ho and the staff came running, but the firmly locked door showed no signs of opening.

[Elder young master, please step back for now.]


[There must be a reason why the Little young master doesn’t want you to see it.
Please leave this to us.]

The staff found the key and opened the door, and everyone held their breath at the devastating sight.


[Ambulance! Call an ambulance!]

Yoo Eun Ho was held in someone’s arms and could not see the scene, but he could clearly hear his younger brother’s voice inside.

[Auntie, I’m holding on… Mom, Mom is weird…]

[Young master!]

Later, it was heard that the younger brother was holding their mother’s legs and trying to lift her up with all his strength.
He was shouting not to come in in case his elder brother would witness the scene.

[What’s going on! ]

[Oh my god… Honey!]

Yoo Eun Ho had never seen his grandparents look so horrified, and he had also never seen his father cry out in agony.

Yoo Yeon Seo, who witnessed his mother’s death, had to receive counselling for a while because of the psychological shock.

[But where did Mom go?]


[Our Mom…]

Afterwards, Yoo Yeon Seo acted like a broken machine and did strange things, and the whole family tried to eliminate his trauma with all their strength, but it was insufficient.


[Yeon Seo!]

Then one day, after having a major seizure, Yeon Seo became normal again.
It was as if he didn’t know the word ‘mom’ at all.

At the time, the doctor said that it was probably due to the fact that the shock was too great and affected his head, causing him to lose memories of his mother.

[From now on, don’t bring up your mother.
You never know if it will trigger another fit.]


[Eun Ho, my sweet grandson.
You have to take good care of yourself too.]

[I’m okay.]

*     *     *     *     *     *

Lee Hee Seo’s name became a taboo word within the family.

After suffering a major seizure, his brother’s personality changed.
Yeon Seo, who was once considerate and gentle, became selfish and spoiled.

And then, when grandfather and father went on a long trip, he took the opportunity to join a talent agency as a trainee.

“It seems that the accident awakened those memories.” Eun Ho said with a tight voice

Yu Gun Min’s face was already pale, and his lower lip was quivering.

“For now, let’s just leave Yeon Seo be, grandfather.
Even if you try to convince him later.”

“Yes, let’s do that.”

Chairman Yoo rubbed his temple and let out a sigh, worried that if he said anything to Yeon Seo, the fits from before would start again.

“But I can’t just leave it as it was before”, he said.


Although Chairman Yoo felt annoyed by his second grandson, he did not hesitate to offer his support behind the scenes.
Half of him was genuinely worried, and the other half of him had an impulsive feeling that it wouldn’t be so bad for Yeon Seo to make a name for himself in the entertainment industry.

And he was well aware of how Yeon Seo was evaluated in the industry and the ridicule he faced on the internet.

However, he didn’t react much to it.
The conflicting thoughts of whether Yeon Seo would eventually give up and come back to focus on the company’s business made him hesitate to take any action.

“I thought wrong… That doesn’t mean things will go my way”, Chairman Yoo mumbled to himself.

Yoo Gun Min and Yoo Eun Ho observed Chairman Yoo’s self-talk.

“Can’t we at least salvage his reputation?”

“That’s right.”

Yu Gun Min nodded, having regained his composure.
He was ready to do everything for his son, but he was only twiddling his thumbs in response to Chairman Yoo’s order to not do anything for Yoo Yeon Seo.

“I thought it was not worth reacting to whether he comes or goes.
But we can’t leave him like this.”

‘I have to take action’, Chairman Yoo thought, clicking his tongue.

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