The Tea Scandal: Framing Jack Choi

Chapter 9: Unravels like thread work

”Huh, I hate this job! ” said a woman sitting at her desk reading about Choi Jacks scandal spreading like wildfire

”Wait till you read the comments, its like eating fungus on the food ” said her colleague coming in to drop some files at her desk

”I don know what to make of this ” she said irritated

”Isn he one of your favorite actors? ” he asked chuckling

”You don think hes innocent? ” she demanded taken aback by his attitude

”Ri Na, you have been working in this industry for some years now, can you see through the facade yet? ” he asked

”I know people on screen are very different in real life but your experience is more than me, and you know the dark side more than me. You know how people frame innocent ones not only in this industry but everywhere else too, just because they can stand it ” she said in an emotional rage and left in a huff

”Well, but she wasn framed ” he said behind her, feeling no difference by her words

Her anger march took her straight towards another man working at his desk

”Come with me ” she said to him like the leader of a battalion

”But what happened? ” he asked following her to the terrace ”You know people think we are dating or something ”

”I don care about the people. Heck, I don even care about this damn job! ” she said kicking the wall

”You should kick that plant, theres no point in kicking the wall ” he said

”But I don want to hurt the plant ” she said in a small voice her face turned away at the view of the beautiful city. The tall buildings looked like titans protecting tiny villages

”Will you tell me what happened? ” he asked patiently

”Do you think Choi Jack is innocent? ” she turned suddenly and asked him staring like a lawyer in a courtroom

”Well, uhm, I don know ” he said staring right back ”We don have enough information to conclude anything. You can base off these things on rumors you know ” he said his journalism kicking in

”Exactly! ” she agreed ”But wholl tell all these people? These haters popping out of nowhere? ”

”So, what do you have in mind? ” he asked getting ready to hear bizarre actions

Do-yun and Ri Na started together at Kiss n Tell, one of the most notorious Korean tabloids which pries on celebrities and shamelessly disregards their privacy and uses the spice of rumors to keep things fiery. Both of them weren fond of their work, however Ri Na absolutely despised it. After working with Ri Na for so long Do-yun knew what was coming next from her

Ri Na pumped up courage taking a few deep breaths, the plants helped too

”I want to dig up this case and find out what really happened and if Choi Jack is innocent I want to publish that ” said Ri Na in one breath

”That would be the first time for Kiss n Tell that we are actually opposing the rumor and saving a celebs reputation ” said Do-yun chuckling

”Be serious, will you help me? ” she asked with a wide-eyed gaze

”Of course ” said Do-yun

”Ok, now we just have to convince the boss ” she said determined ”Come on ”

”What! You should have done that first! And what do you mean we? ” said Do-yun getting playfully offended ”Well, now Im not so sure about all this ” he said teasing her

They both walked in pushing and playing

The next few days went into research, trying to find the identity and the not-so-open past about Choi Jack. It didn matter to Ri Na that the boss gave an unenthusiastic approval to them with a wide chagrin painted across his face. She didn care about anything in the face of bringing justice

”Think of our reputation boss! ” she told him ”Even though people love to read our juicy content, they actually despise us! When people find out I work here, they run away from me. You know I don have any friends or a boyfriend? ” she rested her case

”Are you sure thats because of Kiss n Tell? ” whispered Do-yun beside her trying to stifle his giggle. So, naturally he got hit by her elbow in the stomach

”Oww ” he said a bit loudly. The boss glared at him, his glasses sliding down

”I mean, think about this sir and let us know. We will dedicate ourselves like we do at every assignment ” he said

”Ahh, alright alright. No need to drag this anymore ” he said like an old man

”Do this, and if it fails get ready to work extra time or any other penalty which I may come up with ” he said and dismissed them

”Ah sh- ” accidentally blurted Do-yun. The boss looked up from his file to glare at him

”I mean, yes sir of course ” he said and they excused themselves

They got out of the office and Ri Na jumped ”YES! ” he said

”You know, if this fails you should be doing my work too ” he said looking at her unpleasantly

”Haa! As if! Channel that negativity into something useful and shuffle your contacts. Get us the juice man! ” she said and left excitedly

”She is cute and cringey at the same time ” he laughed

You would think working at a tabloid they would get this information in the blink of an eye. But unfortunately they didn , it took a few days.

”Finally! Finally I have it! ” exclaimed Do-yun

”What? What? Quick! ” asked Ri Na

”I finally got her current number and address! ” said Do-yun writing it down ”Why was it difficult in this case? As if someone was hiding her information ” he wondered

”Did you get something? ” he asked Ri Na

”It wasn difficult to get her real name but her past is shady. There are definitely drugs involved but nobody can tell me clearly. Who took drugs? ” she wondered

”So, should we go to this address? or call her? ” he asked dancing in his chair

Ri Na was lost in her thoughts, calculating the consequences of their next steps

The next day Do-yun was ready to ambush the case

”Come on Koh Ri Na! I shall see you in the battlefield! ” he said imitating a colonels voice and marched ahead

”Wait Colonel Park Do-yun ” she called

Do-yun groaned and unwillingly came back with a nasty expression

”Don you think it would be better if only one of us met her, so she doesn feel ambushed and actually gives us some information? ” she asked innocently

”So you will hear the recording later? ” he asked equally innocently

”Yaa! We are going to meet a woman, do you think shell be comfortable in meeting a man alone about this messy case? ” Ri Na raised her voice, comically

”Alright alright ” said Do-yun frowning dramatically ”But what if she is some crazy bi-…I mean crazy bison. I don want you to get hurt ” his tone suddenly serious

”Well, I will call you and keep it going, you will be hearing everything and if anything happens you will know ” said Ri Na

”And I will be in the area ” concluded Do-yun ”Now, lets go! ”

Their team work truly made the dream work. The bond between two people at work despising their job was sometimes stronger than friendship

”So you stand here, and I will find that building ” she said leaving Do-yun in front of a comic book store ”Please remember we are on an assignment ” begged Ri Na knowing instantly that this store was a mistake

”Yeah yeah, now run ahead soldier! ” he said Ri Na went ahead

”So, left from here ” she said to herself and turned ”Ahh I almost stepped on that ” she said exhaling with relief ”Eww ”

Her white red sneakers would have become a sight to loathe if she stepped on that pile of fresh poop. She roamed around carefully watching her steps

”I think this must be it ” she said standing a few feet away from a building

”So where did I come from? ” she said and looked behind ”Oh wait ”

The comic book store could clearly be seen from where she stood, at the corner of an alley few meters from her

”This useless GPS ” she groaned ”I wish I could kick it ”

GPS system are just ghosts getting a taste of technology and messing with ghosts still clinging to their meat suit

”But why is it so crowded today, its not even a weekend ” she wondered

An angry mob of people passed her, cussing and groaning

”Wait till we find her ” said one of them

”Su-jin, du-jin whoever you are, well get you ” said another and went away

”Wait, Su-jin?! ” exclaimed Ri Na

She stood at a food cart and watched the crowd discreetly

”Hello Do-yun, I am at a food cart in front of the building, come quick! ” she said and hung up

”Ahh, food never leaves her mind ” groaned Do-yun

Ri Na witnessed the fans threatening Su-jin and cleverly took a video from her phone

”Should I go talk to them? No, I think it will be too much. They look very angry ” she shuddered

Su-jin ran inside and the crowd couldn do much

”Ri Na, what happened, who are they? ” asked Do-yun coming in and tapping her on the shoulder

”Where were you?! ” she scolded ”These are Choi Jacks fans, they found out about Su-jin, should we ask them for any information? ”

”If you want to learn new cuss words we can go talk to them ” said Do-yun

Ri Na nodded and they parted away from them

”I think they would better suit to work at Kiss n Tell, I mean how did they find out about her? ” she said shocked

”I think I saw Choi Jack ” said Do-yun casually

”WHAT! ” yelled Ri Na ”And you are telling this now? ”

I was completing a comic when you called me, and after a few moments I saw a man who looked like him run behind a woman riding a kids bicycle. But I am not sure because he was wearing a mask ” he said

”Did you take pictures? ” she asked

Of course he had. She zoomed in for a better look

”Yeah, thats him but who is this woman. She seems familiar ” wondered Ri Na

”Do you think he came to meet her, Su-jin I mean? ” asked Do-yun ”Or threaten her? ”

Ri Na could feel her anger rising at Do-yuns annoying question. But her anger was not at him but at the possibility of the truth and herself. Was Choi Jack really innocent? Did he really come to threaten her? Did he send his fans to attack her? Did she take the side of a wrong man?

Truth and Illusion seem like the two sides of the same coin, or like siblings from the same parents but their core difference is like lava and water. The form however same – liquid but the nature is vastly different. However, in the end, only truth has the power to cut all illusions

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