The Tea Scandal: Framing Jack Choi

Chapter 4: Rumble before the storm

”Did I do the right thing? ” Jack mumbled to himself with a lost gaze

The taxi driver was convinced he is drunk but his actions tell otherwise

”Is he a bit unstable? ” the driver wondered and drove through the traffic glancing in the rear view every few minutes

”Stop here please ” declared Jack suddenly

”But this isn the.. ” the driver began but by this time Jack had already left

”Maybe he had a bad break up ” said the driver looking at the night suit clad Jack walking away like a ghost

He wandered off not knowing where to go but his suffocation drove him away from people until he ended up in an isolated park

Just a few steps more and his tingling feet and heavy heart gave away and he dropped on his knees

Tears rolled down his eyes and his heart screamed of a wrenching pain but he couldn scream or yell. Clinging to his knees he just lay on the dry ground wishing he was never born. The weight of living is sometimes too much to bear

”I wanted to tell the truth ” he said

”How can people believe anything without proof? ” he cried loudly

”Am I a bad person? ” all sorts of questions flooded his mind some were justified some were self-loathing and it all pushed Jack further away

What happened next would always be a blur in Jacks life. He didn know how he ended up at his home from that place but hell always remember what triggered him

”Why are you calling me so late? ” demanded an angered voice on the phone

”You stopped picking up my calls, you stopped replying to my texts. Why? ” said Jack

”Do you not see the news? Don you know what you have done? ” said the man

”Thats what I want to tell you. None of that is true. Its just a rumor. How can everyone be so serious about a rumor? ” said Jack

”Why didn you address it and came out clean? ” said the man ”Thats what made the suspicion solid ”

Jack fell silent and the phone hung up

But you are like my brother, how could you do this Jack said crying

No matter who he called the result was the same – all his support had fallen away or was always fake to begin with. When it comes to loyalty, words are always cheap

Some people believed Jack but were unable to help him. Some ignored his call. Some behaved the same way he dreaded and experienced just now.

On the 16th floor of an office building, two men were working late at night

”Do you think Jack is alright? ” asked a man from his desk

”I don know man, these tabloids are out of control ” said another typing and clicking on his computer adjusting his glasses

”I am thinking of giving him a call ” said the man

He hesitantly picked up his phone his fingers too tight but he couldn . Staring at his computer in the empty office, he felt uncomfortable and suffocated.

”Ill be back ” he left and went straight to the rooftop

Are you alright Jack? he mumbled to himself.

He reached to loosen his tie

”Okay ” he said sighing as the phone dialed to Jacks number

The person you are trying to call is not answering your call

”I hope he is okay ” he said and went back

There was too much left to happen in this finite night ahead

Jacks trigger had already brought him back home but now the tone of his life was different. Always-smiling dimple cheeks Jack had fallen into the depths of internal darkness, or to be honest Jack was pushed into it

Even though others actions and words intend to cause us harm, it is only our true power that can scare them away by shining too brightly

His cold, numb hands shockingly free from anxiety reached for a bottle of pills in his drawer. He filled his large hands with them and paused and just in a blink of an eye he forced them in his mouth. He almost choked but was too persistent to end his larger misery through this smaller discomfort

After a few minutes Jack let go of the will keeping him together and violently lied on his bed

His phone rang quite a few times, people did try to contact him unfortunately they were too hesitant to call on time

The continuous knocks on his door would begin to draw attention soon

”Grey Matter he isn opening the door. I don want to attract attention but I have already knocked a lot ” said the woman ”I think you know what we have to do ”

”Yep, listen carefully and type in his lock combination ” said Grey Matter

In the blink of an eye the passage was empty and eerie, the woman was already in Jacks apartment

”Wow, they give new artists too many benefits now ” she said looking around

”No, he just got it a month ago, after the success of The Tea Shop ” said Grey Matter

”Oh shit! ” loudly exclaimed the woman

”What?! ”

”He has taken sleeping pills. His hands are cold and.. ” she leaned in to check his pulse

”He is alive but his pulse is weak. I think a lot of time has passed ” she said urgently

”The ambulance is on its way ” said Grey Matter

”I think it will be too late by then, I will take him ” said the woman

”How? ” exclaimed Grey Matter but he was left in frustration because he could only hear the woman huffing and puffing

”I think he works out, he is heavy ” she said heavily

”Are you lifting him? ” said Grey Matter surprised

”Not at the moment, he is already in the back of his car. I piggybacked him ” said the woman

She swiftly drove through the traffic of the city, cleverly avoiding jams and finally reaching the destination

”You just brought him in time, a few moments delay and it would have been nearly impossible ” said a relieved doctor to the woman

”Are you his guardian? ” asked a nurse at the reception

”Umm, no. I am…his manager ” she said

”Fill out this form please ” she said

”Why didn you leave and wait for the manager? ” asked Grey Matter worried ”What if someone recognizes you? ”

”Relax, sadly people have already forgotten me and I am wearing a mask ” she said

Jack was stable but was unconscious for the whole night until next days shock brought him discomfort

”We have checked, everything is alright. I hope he feels better soon, I know this seems inappropriate right now but this is the contact of a really good therapist. I think it will help him ” said the doctor handing over the card to the woman smiling kindly

”Thank you ” she said smiling back

”I hope someone supported me like this back then ” she mumbled to herself and hesitantly walked towards Jacks room

”Uhh, what to do? ” she asked

”The one who got into this mess, shall be the one to take the next action ” said Grey Matter in a prophetic manner

”Yeah yeah, alright ” said the woman annoyed. She took a deep breath and turned the knob to go in

”Feeling better Jack? ” she asked

”Who are you? ” asked Jack dazed Why does she sound like we are close? he wondered

”Shh, the staff thinks I am your manager ” said the woman ”I am the one that saved your life ”

”But who are you? ” asked Jack a little angry

”Whoa whoa! You should be thanking me boy. And I thought you would call me, but you just went ahead and signed the contract even though I said not to! ” she scolded him

”It was you? Uhh, you are creepy! ” said Jack making a disgusted face

”Creepy? You mean hidden and mysterious. Use your words wisely ” said the woman a bit offended

”Anyway, I have already called your manager, tell him a neighbor saved you. Don you dare utter a word about me! I know where to find you ” she said

”Wait! At least show me your face, how will I call you? ” said Jack raising his voice as he realized this woman won stay

”Check under your pillow ” she said and vanished

”At least let me thank you. I am sorry ” said Jack regretting his behavior a bit

”But she behaved like a stalker ” he talked to himself ”Thats true, so its okay to be a little angry ”

He checked under his pillow and found the same cryptic card he found in his pocket a few days ago

His phone beeped a incoming message

”Whoa, there are so many calls and messages ” he said and opened the latest

”Call me if you want to know who actually did this to you ”

It was the same number from that day and the same number from the card

Does she know who did all this?

Did she find his bitter ex-girlfriend?

Why is she resurfacing now?

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