… How, you may ask.

She is more mature than usual, which is fresh and… cute.


My face is hot.

I felt as if I would seem oddly conscious if I remained silent, so I calmed myself down once and opened my mouth.

“I think it looks good on you.
Yeah, I think it looks great on you.”

My voice rose slightly.

“I see.

But it seems that Ageha was oblivious to this.

Her mouth loosened happily, and she fiddled with her hair and let her gaze wander.

Then, Ageha’s eyes caught a spot and stopped.

Blindingly staring for a moment, she turned her head down, her mouth relaxed.

“That, you’re wearing it.”

I knew without asking what.

It was a hand-knitted scarf that I got from Ageha on Christmas Day.

Today, I wrapped it around my neck.

I guess the person who gave the gift would be happier if he or she uses it.

Especially if it is handmade.

… and I like it a lot myself.

“I’m sure you made it, It was a little surprising.”

“What do you mean?”

“I thought you weren’t good at this kind of thing.”

“… I can do it very well.
I put a lot of love into it.”

“… Um, yeah.
Thank you.”

Why is it that Ageha says very embarrassing words so plainly?

I wish she would think about herself.

I gently lifted up my scarf and covered my mouth as I stared at her, red to the ears and down on her face.

A strange air flows through the air.

I felt a little restless, so I tried to distract myself by looking again at the way she was dressed.

She usually gives the impression of being active, but when she is wearing a kimono like this, she looks demure.

Her neck, which is usually hidden by her hair, is rather glamorous.

… no-no.
It’s counterproductive.

On the contrary, I become conscious.

It is earlier than the scheduled time, but it is time to leave.

I was about to step out when I realized it.

“I see you’re wearing that kind of Ageha, too.”

The pink mitten gloves I gave her on the same Christmas day.

I was too late to notice because of the color of her kimono, but she was wearing those gloves.

When I pointed them out, she lifted her hands and giggled.

“It’s very warm.
And the bunny ears are cute, too… but…”


With a smile that turned to one of disappointment, Ageha quietly removed the glove from her left hand.

As I stared at her gesture in wonder, she stuck out her left hand and said,

“I’m a little frustrated that it’s easier to hold hands without gloves on.”

When she said this to me with a silly smile, I involuntarily fell silent.

I tried to remain calm as I took her hand.

“Let’s go… then.”


With an innocent smile on her face, she squeezed my hand back.

We left the park and continued on our way to the station.

Suddenly, I looked next to her and saw that she was blushing bright red.

I felt my face heat up…

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