As he was sitting in the bus, Danwoo thought.

‘It’s the hunter exam.’

Before his death, Lee Danwoo was an A-Class (elite) hunter.
However, he wasn’t like that from the beginning, and it was only after several years had passed since he became a hunter that he rose to A-Class.

That was because Lee Danwoo was a human with no talent as a hunter in the first place.

All hunters were awakened.
They were humans who could see their stats and skills.
As soon as they awakened, the status window appeared in front of them, so they couldn’t be unaware of the fact that they had awakened.

Danwoo awakened at the age of 19, and as soon as he had awakened, he was surprised to see the status window.


[Lee Danwoo]


▷ Occupation: ?

▷ Title: ?

▷ Stamina: F

▷ Strength: F

▷ Mana: F

▷ Agility: C

▷ Luck: F

▷ Resistance: F


??? (?)

Everything was F-Rank, except for his agility.

Danwoo didn’t have the essential skill to become a hunter, which was often called a ‘signature skill’.

Was his skill the ‘??? (?)’ written under the skill window? But how was he supposed to use it? There was no rating.

The reason why the signature skill was important was because it informed the direction of growth of the awakened. 

It would be possible to guess whether an awakened’s type was ‘attack’, ‘defence’ or ‘assist’ through their signature skill.

The awakened Lee Danwoo was a human who shouldn’t have been a hunter, no matter how you looked at it.

His stats seemed to have been given by someone saying ‘Have a body stronger than the others, and continue to live normally’.
Nevertheless, Lee Danwoo decided to become a hunter.

Because there were things in the world that he could only do by becoming a hunter.

Like finding the bodies of his late parents in a dungeon.

So, Lee Danwoo went to take the hunter exam as soon as he turned 20.

‘And I failed.’

The lowest hunter rating was E.
The only thing an E-Class hunter could do in a dungeon was to be a porter. 

But shouldn’t a porter know how to take care of themselves? When a monster attacked, they had the physical stats to escape.

Lee Danwoo was worse than that.

Still, he didn’t give up and tried again for two more years and became an E-Class hunter. 

All of his problems started there, but…

‘Why is he following me?’

Kim Jigyu flinched when Danwoo looked back.

“What? What are you looking at?”

“Where are you going?”

“Since when have you been interested in where I’m going?”

“Do I look like I’m asking because I’m interested? Why are you following me?”

“I’m not following you.
I rode this bus because I have somewhere to go.”

Kim Jigyu said, shaking his leg.
Because of that, Danwoo’s seat, which was in front of Jigyu, shook as well.

When Danwoo stared at him, he stopped moving his leg.
He pressed his legs together and put his hands on top of them, then turned his eyes towards the window.

He wasn’t as stupid as Danwoo had thought.

Danwoo remembered something.

‘Oh yeah, he took the exam before.’

In the past, when Danwoo first took the hunter exam, Kim Jigyu was also at the examination centre.
It was strange, because his aunt wouldn’t have allowed it.

His aunt lost her younger sister and her husband to their hunter jobs.
If Kim Jigyu had set out to become a hunter, she wouldn’t have allowed it.
But when she ate breakfast, his aunt didn’t say anything after asking Danwoo what exam he was taking.

Danwoo simply replied with ‘certificate’ and Kim Jigyu didn’t say anything, so his aunt’s interest ended there.

‘This bastard didn’t say anything because he decided to follow me.’

Danwoo realised.

In the past, Kim Jigyu had left separately from Danwoo and arrived at the examination centre.
He had followed Danwoo again in the examination hall.
As soon as he found out about Danwoo’s stats, he started singing ‘F-Rank, F-Rank’.
Perhaps all those who had participated in the exam around Danwoo at that time knew that Danwoo would fail.

Danwoo didn’t know.

‘You’ve seen the exam application form.’

Danwoo also realised how Kim Jigyu noticed Danwoo’s stats in the past.
There was a space for his physical stats that needed to be filled in.

Entering someone else’s room and spying on their application form was something that someone as unpleasant as Kim Jigyu would do.

Danwoo, who was lost in thought, noticed a familiar figure and stared straight ahead with his mind blank.

A man wearing a hat was getting on the bus.
He stumbled down the stairs and the bus doors didn’t close on time.

He took out a card from his wallet and stamped it on the scanner, looking at the machine that made a ‘beep’ sound with curiosity.

Then, he walked inside and sat down next to Danwoo.

There were hardly any empty seats.

Danwoo’s heart dropped.
It felt like there was no blood running through his body.
His hands were cold and strangely wet.
Danwoo rubbed his hands on his pants and bowed his head.
Then, he looked away again.


Cha Woowon was looking at Lee Danwoo.

A living Cha Woowon… He was surprisingly young and innocent.

His calm, handsome face looked like it belonged to an educated young man.
It was a bit indifferent and generally gentle.
Danwoo seemed to open his mouth to speak.

– Why would you run down a path where you’ll get caught onto? Danwoo, use your brain.
You want him to catch you? Just look at you, you’re stupid.

Cha Woowon asked in a calm voice, the type that would make others angry.

“Are you okay? You’re sweating.”

Young Cha Woowon, who didn’t know Danwoo, spoke.

Danwoo’s heart was beating against his ribs.
It beat so hard that it almost popped out of his chest.

‘Shut up.’

He felt as if others could hear his heart beating.
If it was with Cha Woowon’s physical ability, there was no way he couldn’t hear it.
Danwoo wanted to make his heart shut up by hitting his chest, but his whole body was racing along with his heart.

He had no voice to respond with ‘yes’.

And this was how Danwoo felt inside.

‘You’re going to be okay, you idiot.’

He barely nodded.

“You’re crying.”

Cha Woowon said.

“I know.”

Danwoo wanted Woowon to shut up.

When Cha Woowon had suddenly died, Danwoo became somewhat strange.
In fact, he was like that before Cha Woowon’s death, but he couldn’t remember exactly when it started.

Anyway, there was a problem with Danwoo’s mind, and sometimes tears or laughter would come out randomly.

His tear glands were swollen now.

Danwoo was sitting in the bus.
The idea of not coming out to take the hunter test was running through his mind.
In fact, he didn’t even know why he was sitting there.

‘I feel like I’m back in the past.’

After waking up, that was what he had thought.

Without knowing whether it was a dream or not, he started off by going to the hunter examination centre as he did in the past.

Danwoo finally realised why he did it.
Because this was the only way he could find out about them.

A living Cha Woowon.

He wanted to make sure that Woowon was really alive, that this was the past, and that Cha Woowon was truly alive.
That he could sit there, with blood running through his veins and warm skin, talking to Lee Danwoo and putting on a worried expression.

“Hey, are you crying?”

Kim Jigyu suddenly shouted from behind, and Danwoo’s tears flowed.

Cha Woowon tilted his head and looked at Danwoo, and although he had a slim face without any baby fat, he was significantly younger than he remembered.
He looked so young and innocent.

‘What do you mean, a young, innocent Cha Woowon?’

Danwoo burst into laughter.


Cha Woowon’s eyes widened.

‘I think this person has some real issues.’

Was what he was obviously thinking.

Kim Jigyu spoke out what Cha Woowon was thinking.

“Are you crazy, Lee Danwoo?!”

“Don’t talk to me from now on.”

“…What are you going to do if I talk to you?”

“Walk away.”


It seemed like Kim Jigyu’s memory worked properly, so getting hit not long ago was worth it.
When he closed his mouth, Cha Woowon looked at Jigyu, and then back at Lee Danwoo.

He seemed curious about their relationship.

Danwoo didn’t want to get involved with Jigyu, and he wondered why Woowon was sitting on the bus.

In the past, during the first hunter exam that Danwoo took, Woowon arrived at the exam centre in a police car…


Come to think of it, that was strange.
The reason Lee Danwoo didn’t think it was strange at the time was because of other people’s reactions.

– This is Cha Woowon.

– He’s Cha Woowon…

The gossip had spread like wildfire, but it stopped as soon as Woowon entered the examination room after talking with the police.

It didn’t matter that Cha Woown came in a police car, because Danwoo just thought that he was a unique person.

‘What is this?’

Danwoo had stared at Woowon.
It wouldn’t have been obvious, because all of the examinees were doing the same.

‘Public abuse of power?’

Someone that was taking the hunter exam and had the police give them a ride? Danwoo couldn’t imagine what he was doing, so he thought that Cha Woowon was a son who lived well.
He had a handsome face, but…

That idea wasn’t wrong either, and he was right about Cha Woowon being from a well-off family.
Danwoo could tell just by looking at him that it was the first time he rode the bus in his life.

At that time, the police had dropped off Cha Woowon and left, and then the exam began.

After that, Danwoo had failed the exam, and Cha Woowon joined the Celestial Guild, one of the five major guilds.

Danwoo later found out that he was the nephew of the Celestial Guild’s leader and the son of the ‘hero’, Cha Moonkyung.

Then, he had seen how Cha Woowon got into the police car.

“Everyone, put your hands up! Don’t move!”

Screamed a man on the bus.
He was holding out his hands, making an ambiguous gesture as if he was covering something.

What was swirling in between his palms was a bundle of mana that seemed dangerous just by looking at it.

The skill .

It was a basic non-attribute skill for long-distance damage dealers and wizards.

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