She deserves to be the heroine of this book, her body shines oh so brightly.

I sent all the information I knew about the heroine to the president in WeChat, because I copied the author's outline, it was much easier to do, as I simply did copy and paste.

And I don't really want to talk to the president.

The president didn't reply to me, maybe he was busy savoring the heartache.

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After enjoying a happy Sunday, I went to run an errand for the President on Monday morning.
After returning to the company in the afternoon, I unexpectedly heard from the lady at the front desk that the heroine was coming for an interview.

After all, selling beer is a short-term job, not a long-term one.
The diligent and motivated heroine has always been looking forward to working in the world's top Group.
After seeing the recruitment information that the world-dominating Group of all is recruiting interns on the Internet, she came for an interview excitedly.

With such thrilling news, of course I have to inform the president as soon as possible.


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[1] it's translated as “cha cha”, something like “so and so” meaning the author never really named the university, unless its really named as chacha…

[2] make him confused

[3] before he died

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