ively sent a text message to Mr.
Zhao, “Hello, Mr.
Zhao, I'm a Xiao Mi from the secretary's office.
I, I'm really sorry to disturb you so late.”

Zhao was very polite, and he is also a man who could predict like prophets, “It's Xiao Mi, I see, you want to ask about the girl the president met today, right?”

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God, finally found someone who understands, I almost burst into tears.

Zhao's news came back very quickly, “The president was kicked by the girl selling beer at the door of the nightclub today, and passed out after that.”

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Another text message followed, “I thought the people who goes to nightclubs were all bad, I only knew I was wrong when I saw her, it turns out that there are such innocent girl there.”

Well, needless to say, I know who it is.

Also, who is going to sell beer at the door of a nightclub?


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