Although the company of the heroine’s family is not as large as the male lead’s family Group and Huangfu Group, it was still considered a relatively large company in China.
The author set a market value of 2 billion.

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I took out the notepad again, “Okay, the market value of the heroine’s[1] company is 2 billion, which part of the funds are you planning to use for mergers and acquisitions?”

The President looked at me in disbelief and gradually became angry.
He grabbed a few magazines on the table and smashed them in front of me, “I warn you; this is the last chance I’ll give you.”

I glanced at the ground from the corner of my eye, oh those are the rainbow fart magazines that boast his worth of hundreds of billions.

Nodding my head, I praised sincerely: “The cover shot is good.
May I ask which part of the funds you plan to use to buy the company of the heroine?”

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“Don’t you understand words? I’m worth hundreds of billions, hundreds of billions!”

I felt very embarrassed and vaguely felt that several of the domineering president novels I read in my spare time had this problem.
I turned over last year’s audit report, spread out the page of the balance sheet, and put it in front of the president, “Look, your worth is made up of many, many parts, including your real estate, luxury cars, etc., but the largest part is your net worth.
Take your Group as an example, do you know the basic accounting formula that assets equal liabilities plus owner’s equity? Net assets are…”

The President interrupted me impatiently, “Let’s get to the main point.”

That is to say, although you are worth hundreds of billions, it does not mean that there are 100 billion liquid assets lying in the bank account for you to use at any time.”

This sentence made the president’s eyes ignite with fear.
“I’m worth 100 billion, and I don’t even have 2 billion in cash?”

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No, no, no, no, no!

Inner rage is one thing, my expression is still humble, “Yes, really not.”

The President’s eyebrows and eyes were instantly stained with frost, and his voice had faint anger, “Secretary, this is the negligence of your work.”

Those who scold me can, but I will never allow others to belittle my professionalism!

I took a big step forward and explained to the president righteously: “No no no, if there is too much cash on the book, it proves that the company’s working capital management is problematic.
Let me introduce you to the best analysis of cash holdings, although this had been taught in business school, and I don’t know why you haven’t learned it, this point is very important for managing a company, please be sure to listen to it.”

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The President with his 80 million swivel chair turned again and faced me with a straight back, “Secretary, this is your job, not mine.”

I seem to know the function of this swivel chair all too well.

Due to the president’s obscenity and prestige, I failed to realize my desire to be a teacher for the president, but I still seized the last chance before the president got angry, and quickly finished the key content of this teaching, “The liquidity of cash assets is excellent, but the profitability is extremely poor.”

The President should feel very tired at the moment, he turned back, put one hand on his delicate forehead, and sighed slightly, “My money is in the shadow bank overseas, you can transfer it in.

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Hey you, the big pig’s hoof [2]also knows the words “shadow banking”, and has made progress.

Unfortunately, it still doesn’t work.

Translator’s Note:

Don’t know if it’s author’s mistake, but mc started calling the heroine “heroine” in front of ml ↵

An internet slang 男人都是大猪蹄子/Nánrén dōu shì dà zhū tízi (for men mostly), it first started from netizens calling the ml of a summer TV series in china, after he did something that resulted in fl getting hurt…lol gender equality perhaps jk but another slang was made for women called 女人都是小鸡爪子/Nǚrén dōu shì xiǎo jīzhuǎzi, so men were pig feets while women were chicken feet XD ↵

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