I cheated.
In order to find all the information of the heroine in the remaining five minutes, I thought about the outline and character design written by the author.

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The heroine is a senior student at XX University [1], the most famous first-class institution in the city, and she was once a rich lady, but unfortunately the author set up a cliché plot of injustice and grievances between rich and powerful families.
After the death of the heroine's mother in 2008, the heroine's father married her stepmother, and the stepmother gave birth to a son immediately after entering the house, gradually fooling the heroine's father into being unable to find the north.

Then the heroine's father was written to death before he appeared on the stage, and left all the family property to the stepmother and her son.

Even before the heroine's father's bones turn cold [3], the vicious stepmother ruthlessly drove the heroine out of the house.
Then, Xiao Wang, the son of the landlady, also a classmate who had been secretly in love with the heroine, learned of this incident by accident, and proposed that the heroine could live in his house for free.

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The self-improving and independent heroine of course firmly refused.

It was not until Xiao Wang compromised and agreed to collect the rent that the heroine agreed to move in.

In order to earn rent money, there was scene where the heroine sells beer at the door of the nightclub.

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She deserves to be the heroine of this book, her body shines oh so brightly.

I sent all the information I knew about the heroine to the president in WeChat, because I copied the author's outline, it was much easier to do, as I simply did copy and paste.

And I don't really want to talk to the president.

The president didn't reply to me, maybe he was busy savoring the heartache.

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After enjoying a happy Sunday, I went to run an errand for the President on Monday morning.
After returning to the company in the afternoon, I unexpectedly heard from the lady at the front desk that the heroine was coming for an interview.

After all, selling beer is a short-term job, not a long-term one.
The diligent and motivated heroine has always been looking forward to working in the world's top Group.
After seeing the recruitment information that the world-dominating Group of all is recruiting interns on the Internet, she came for an interview excitedly.

With such thrilling news, of course I have to inform the president as soon as possible.


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[1] it's translated as “cha cha”, something like “so and so” meaning the author never really named the university, unless its really named as chacha…

[2] make him confused

[3] before he died

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