floor’s hallway, I came out to the garden before lunch and checked the flowerpot ‘Ru’ that was placed neatly on the stairs.

“…it seems fine.”

Yesterday morning, it sprouted for the first time.

The cotyledon of the seed I planted belonged to a dicotyledon.

The leaves were small but plump, and a total of 22 seeds germinated.
The irregularly huddled appearance was no small matter.

“So cute.”

So grass can be cute, too.

Ru, you have 22 bodies.
I’m glad I named it ‘Ru’, even if it has 20 different bodies.
No matter what anyone says, you’re Ru.

“Cut it.”

From above my head, there came a dry tone that broke the sentimental scene.

“Or you can transplant it somewhere else – but it’s too much to just replant.
There’s no room in the garden.
We’d better just thin it out.”

When I looked up, delicate features like that of a doll were staring at me.

The noon sun glimmered behind the blue hair that reminded me of a pouring waterfall.
But I couldn’t focus on the sun.
this guy’s face flashes more.


“Pull out the ones with thin leaves and weak stems.”

“but why?”

“it is hard for nutrition to be distributed properly in such a small flowerpot, so the plant won’t grow properly.
It’s correct to keep the ones that are more likely to survive.”

How dare you apply such barbaric logic to my plant!

I looked at the flowerpot with mixed feelings.
It is barbaric, but it is not wrong.
Even if you huddle together in this small pot, it will only turn into a tragedy if you kill each other.

‘Life is bitter.
Even grass is competing with each other to survive.’

However, I don’t feel comfortable thinning out the leaves that I grew with my own hands.
Looking around the garden, Rue warned in a callous tone.

“Like I said, there is no space in the garden.”

“What do you mean? There are so many empty spots.
There is so much grass next to the fountain, and grass again in front of the flower bed.”

There, there, there.

Forgetting that my lips were parched, I pointed at the places in the garden and Rue clutched my fingers, replying with a friendly yet pitying expression, as if he were teaching a fool.

“The empty space is for aesthetics.
The beauty is maximised by leaving it empty.
The flowers planted in the garden are not refugees.
There’s no reason to blindly plant anything into the empty space.” 

So you don’t want to die.

“You can’t forcibly dig into the ground.”

The Weatherwoods mansion basically shares all the household chores with all its employees (except for cooking).

So when Rue was busy I would water the garden, and when I was busy Rue would clean the fireplace.

However, the beauty of the garden was definitely in Rue’s jurisdiction.

This means that I needed his permission to transplant more than 10 pairs of dicotyledonous plants, which might harm the beauty of the garden.


No, I can’t bear to say it while looking at the face of my nemesis Rue.


I turned my head and closed my eyes tightly.

“Let me plant it.”

The words were barely able to leave my mouth, but there was no response.

When I opened my eyes and looked at him, he asked back with a face that looked like he didn’t want to let me plant them at all,

“Do you want me to cut it for you?”

He looked as if he were asking, ‘Am I your slave?’

“Well, I…”



His amused face tilted at an angle.
Rue jabbed at the pot full of cotyledon.

“What flower do you think it is?”

“It’ll be pretty.”

“With what confidence?”

“Because it’s name is Rue.”

Rue’s eyes narrowed.

Perhaps due to the thinness of his eyelids and the sharpness of the eyelashes, even when he opens his eyes, he appears like someone in a portrait.

“Do you even know how to do flattery?”

His voice sounded more like a laugh than a sentence.

Rue, who was staring at me, raised his head and looked around, walking to the back of the fountain.
He soon touched the grass under its fence.

“In a row, here.
If it’s messy, I’ll cover it up with dirt.
I’ll be checking it later, so move steadily.”

Oh, just like this?

Before he could change his words, I moved to pick up my flower pot.
When I turned my back to bring the shovel, he stood in my way and raised his chin, giving something that was somewhat like an order yet not an order.

“Thank you?”

“…Thank you, Mr.

After enjoying looking at my face as I chewed on my words, he stirred his long legs and disappeared.
What a fastidious guy.

I picked up a shovel and began digging up the hard grass.

..but if I transplant them in the garden, are these still Ru? Ru is the name of the flowerpot, and these cotypes have come out of the pot and will be newly established in the garden.

“Would it be okay to give them a new name? Like singular units?”

How much time passed like that while I was transplanting each one of the plants?

Children’s quarrels could be heard over the fence.

“I’ll be Raphael.”

“No, I’m Commander-in-Chief Raphael!”

“Hey, you idiot.
You have brown hair.
So just become Commander Andert, or do you prefer Natasha?.”

“What? I don’t like Andert.
Then I’d have to die from the Great Wizard Mephisto.
I’m Raphael!”

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