trick was okay so long as it worked.
To avoid the enemy ’s strength and target their weaknesses had always been the favored mode of combat to their mech regiment!

This clash in values threatened to strain the relationship between the two forces.
Only when Commander Lydia reined in her Swordmaidens did the tensions stall.
As much as she instilled her Swordmaidens with a warrior spirit, she recognized that they couldn ’t be too indulgent during their campaign in the Aeon Corona System.

The live feed of the three light mechs eventually showed them halting in place.
After the mech pilots checked the coordinates, they all threw their payloads a fair distance away before taking off.

The Vandals cast the bait!

”Now we wait for the fish to bite. ”

Several hours went by as the large wildling tribe slowly made their way towards the site where the giant candy bars had been tossed.

Ves frequently directed his gaze to the footage transmitted by the scout mechs trailing after the procession.

When any dwarf tribe managed to secure the services of a wild god, they underwent an explosive growth in numbers and capabilities.
With apex predators by their side that could easily hunt as many herd animals as they wanted, they never grew hungry anymore.
This allowed the tribes to expand their numbers to an explosive degree.

The dwarf tribe the Flagrant Swordmaidens targeted numbered around twenty-thousand dwarves.
Many of these individuals followed behind the ponderous footsteps of the three consecrated wild gods.

When so many individuals gathered at once, it became inevitable that some people had it better than others.

The warrior caste and their wives and children rode at the front.
Their godling mounts were bigger and carried much more goods such as tents, beds, clothes and bone jewelry.

The ones that followed after them should be the servant caste.
They didn ’t look as strong and well-fed as the warriors, but they performed essential activities such as caring for the godling mounts and cooking the meat the wildling gods deliver to their subjects.

As for the dwarfs at the very end of the procession, they mostly consisted of the old, the abandoned children, the exiles, the criminals and other characters the more upright dwarfs found unpleasant.
The underclass lacked godling mounts to carry them forward, and mostly subsided through abject means.

The only reason why these dwarves on foot were able to keep up was because the tribe was too large to set a fast pace.
Therefore, even underfed dwarves with their short legs could keep up with the tribe as it slowly roamed from animal herd to animal herd.

They seemed so human to Ves.
Even after their genes experienced so many changes, he still found a trace of humanity when he witnessed them on the move.

It felt almost cruel to Ves for a bunch of outsiders like the Flagrant Swordmaidens to barge in out of nowhere and attack their entire tribe, just so they can capture their tribal wild gods.

So long as anything happened to the giant beasts, the entire wildling tribe wouldn ’t be able to feed so many mouths anymore.
The tribe would starve and collapse within days!

Yet Ves didn ’t care.
He wanted all three tribal wild gods at his disposal.
With more test subjects, he could gather more data.
With more data, his research became more robust.

Additional test subjects also allowed the Flagrant Swordmaidens to perform multiple high-risk experiments to confirm some of their latest developments.

Therefore, Ves firmly hoped the Flagrant Swordmaidens would be able to secure all three wild gods alive.

The candy bars formed out of thousands of nutrient packs dispersed their aroma into the winds.
The same winds brought the smells towards the three wild gods at the head of the moving tribe.

One of them began to pick up a faint but extremely yummy smell.

It roared, calling the attention of the beasts next to it.
After all three wild gods sniffed the air, they became mad!

Without any warning, they doubled their pace! From their previous slow stride, they hastened their movements, causing the rest of the wildling tribe following behind to panic!

The Vandals witnessing the disarray from the sudden changes laughed.
”Look at them running around like headless chickens! ”

”So much for their faith in their gods! ”

Atop each wild god rested an elaborate palanquin that housed the dwarf chieftains and their attendants.
Right now, they suffered from a shaky ride as the overeager wild gods didn ’t concern themselves about maintaining stability.

They wanted to reach the source of the smells as fast as possible!

After ten minutes of vigorous plodding, the wild gods reached the place where the light mechs tossed the candy bars.

Though the dwarf riders sitting atop the wild gods yelled at them to stop, the exobeasts didn ’t listen.
They became fully enthralled by the smells!

”The wild gods are eating the candy bars! ”

The creatures showed on vigilance towards the adulterated food and each of them gulped them down all at once!

”They were probably afraid the other gods would steal their snack, so they all jumped in first to secure at least one of the candy bars for themselves. ” Someone explained.

At the very least, this showed that the three wild gods enjoyed roughly equal positions.

As the food made their way into their stomach, the substances concentrated within started to apply their effects.

Due to the size of the beasts, it took at least ten minutes for the substances to take effect.

”The wild gods are swaying! ”

But when they did, the effects were dramatic!

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”The candy bars worked! ”

”What?! I lost my bet! How could those beasts be so stupid?! I thought they were smarter than that! ”

”Knock it off, men! Proceed to the next step of the plan! Secure the wild gods and gas the rest of the dwarf tribe! ”

The Flagrant Swordmaidens almost couldn ’t believed the dumb plan to fool the wild gods actually worked.
They belatedly proceeded with the next steps of the plan.

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