to interface with any mech.
In theory.

However, any who did so immediately caused their mechs to trip or perform some other calamitous maneuver.
It would be like a random person gaining complete control over the helm of a starship.

If the dummy mode hadn ’t been engaged, the ship might overload her reactor or collide into a space station because the person at the helm didn ’t have any clue what to do!

It took ten to fifteen years of training for most mech pilots to qualify to pilot something as complex as a mech.
The dwarves, for all of their inborn abilities to interface with both mechs and exobeasts, could never make up for at least a decade of dedicated training.

The dwarves wouldn ’t be able to fulfill any of the support services as well.
Never mind operating the machines or maintaining the mechs, they wouldn ’t even know how to operate the kitchen!Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

The absurd thought distracted Ves from the initial interaction between the dwarf captives and the sacred gods.

”It ’s working! The dwarves are buying time for us! ”

To some of their amazement, the sacred gods and their beast riders fell into an internal discussion after the dwarves showed up out of the blow.

As for the captives, a handful of them noticed that they were free from their cells and instantly tried to make off!

The sight of the dwarves running away with their stubby legs amused the sacred gods.
Pairixan applied his power over the earth and caused the area around the dwarves to be ringed with a round earthen wall.

The dwarves were too short to climb over the smooth walls!

”That ’s a lot of precision. ”

Some of the dwarves mindlessly continued their attempts at climbing over the walls, while the other ones had gone senseless at the sight of several sacred gods.

Pairixan continued to move closer, forcing the other sacred gods to move with him in order to stay under Qilanxo ’s umbrella.

A few minutes passed as the beasts roared with each other and their riders chiming in.
Ves got the sense that they were trying to make sense of the sudden appearance of the dwarves.
One of the riders even yelled something at the dwarves, though he didn ’t receive any response.

Suddenly, Pairixan decided he had enough.
He extended his dragon-like head and snapped nine closely-grouped dwarves into his gullet!

The remaining dwarves yelled and tried to climb over the earth walls, to no avail! Pairixan dove in again and continuously chomped on the remaining dwarves with rapt pleasure.

Evidently, dwarf meat tasted good for the sacred gods!

”Well, at least the captives bought us some time. ”

Even a five-minute delay helped them out a lot.
Chief Dakkon and the engineers rushed to unmoor the power generators while keeping them running with all of the safeties disengaged.
This was exceptionally hard to do in a short amount of time because the power generators were designed to shut down as safely as possible if anything went wrong.

What the engineers essentially tried to do was to hack the power generators into doing the exact thing that all of their programming and hardware tried their best to prevent!

Checking on the progress of the engineers, Ves realized that they still needed some time.

With a heavy voice, Captain Byrd issued the next order.
”Alright, send in our diplomat. ”

The suited Vandal who emerged from the fast transport hadn ’t volunteered for this duty.
In fact, the man was kind of a delinquent in that he frequently got into trouble with his loose mouth and slacking ways.

The Vandals included more of their ilk than was strictly healthy.
Their productively left a lot to be desired and their screw-ups often set a task back rather than progress it forward.
They were more trouble than they were worth, but the Vandals had no choice but to continue to employ them to make up the numbers.

Now, the only chance this unlucky chump ahd to make it out alive was to fast talk his way out of getting eaten by Pairixan.
If he somehow bought the Vandals enough time to finish their preparations, then he and his dependents would be heavily rewarded.

When the chump garbed in a hazard suit with an active gravitic backpack came close to the sacred gods, the man almost fell to his knees.

”Don ’t eat me! ”

The appearance of the man caused the sacred gods to halt yet again.
The dwarves had intrigued the sacred gods, but once the novelty faded, Pairixan just ate them all without any further interest.

It was different for the Vandal that showed up out of the blue.
The man possessed the same stature as the blessed people, but was garbed in a technological suit that was unlike anything the Samarrans had seen before!

Due to the interference and space barrier hindering most of their observation methods, the Vandals couldn ’t tell what the beast riders were saying to each other.
The remote connection to the diplomat ’s suit also increasingly turned to noise the closer the sacred gods came to the man.

”The beast rider of Pairixan is calling our diplomat forward. ”

With an uncertain gait, the Vandal slowly stepped forward, trying hard to keep his gaze away from the bloody maws of the Pairixan, Qilanxo and the other sacred gods.

Once he walked underneath Qilanxo ’s space barrier, the Vandals lost connection to the man ’s suit.

”Now, let ’s hope he can stall them long enough for us to complete our plan. ”

One minute passed.

Two minutes passed.

Three minutes passed.

From certain sensors, they managed to find out that the diplomat was gesturing wildly while engaging the beast riders in conversation.

Seven minutes passed before the diplomat amazingly retreated without getting chomped upon by the sacred god! The man even dragged it out by walking backwards with slow, measured steps.

By the time nine minutes had passed, the Vandals finally regained comm connection to the hazard suit of their diplomat.

”What did you talk about? ” Captain Byrd immediately asked.

The Vandals only hastily gave him some instructions on what to talk about.
None of them really held out any hope that it would matter, but it at least gave the diplomat something to waste more time.

”I went with the third suggestion. ” The man said with evident exhaustion.
”I managed to convince Pairixan that we can help him kill his older brother! ”

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