coming from a position of weakness.

”It ’s time to teach these yokels that we aren ’t as toothless as they think.
Ranged mechs, open fire at your preselected targets! Begin at twenty-five percent strength! ”

Half of their mechs started firing laser beams at only a quarter strength.
Each of those laser beams lanced out towards the center of the walls.
While the simultaneous discharge looked extremely impressive, the lasers hadn ’t actually inflicted a lot of surface damage to the thick and solid walls.

Not only did the laser beams possess only a fourth of their regular potency, the rifleman mechs all aimed at different portions of the wall.
The initial salvo of laser beams was meant to wake the inhabitants up and to give them a good scare.

Half a minute went past before the city launched another volley of five rounded boulders in the direction of the Vandals and the Swordmaidens.

Ves was starting to think that these insular descendants needed a good smacking until they came to sense.

The mechs repeated their half-hearted laser discharges, which besides looking pretty really didn ’t do much more than to vaporize some of the surface layers while heating up the alloy wall at certain sections.

”Okay, it ’s time to stop handling them with kid gloves.
Switch to the follow-up plan! Set power to a hundred percent, and focus your fire on the wall section next to the gates! ”

The wall wasn ’t entirely uniform.
Gates had been built in each cardinal direction, and they were large and tall enough to fit two mechs walking abreast.

Damaging the gates directly disincentivized the defenders from opening them up, while damaging a distant section of the wall might not alarm them as must.
This was why the rifleman targeted the section just next to the western gate.

As the lasers burned brighter and hotter, forty of them instantly carved out a hole in the exact same spot.

A hole rapidly started forming on the thick alloy surface! Ves sat behind one of the consoles integrated in the fast transport and tracked the damage inflicted by the lasers.
The intense heat caused the surrounding alloy to glow and blacken while the lasers continued to melt and vaporize anything in their way!Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

In just a couple of seconds, they already dug a couple of meters straight into the thick solid mass!

As the lasers encountered a new layer of alloy consisting out of more resistant material, the defenders started launching their rocks as fast as they could manage.
In their evident panic, the launchers fell out of sync, causing some to launch their rocks faster than others.

The transports had already receded well beyond the effective range of the rocks, while the nimble rifleman mechs easily dodged the falling and rolling boulders as they continued to fire their lasers unerringly into the deepening hole their weapon carved out!

Even as the laser weapons started to accumulate a burst of heat, the Vandal and Swordmaiden rifleman mechs continued to persist until they finally bore straight through the other end of the wall!

All of the rifles immediately halted their fire.
The visitors wanted to make a point, not to inflict any actual harm on the residents.

Silence emerged on the battlefield as the rocks stopped being launched in the direction of the mechs.
Perhaps their thick skulls started to understand that they would continue to be sitting ducks if they kept hiding behind their walls to launch ineffective projectiles against the nimble mechs.

”At least they stopped launching rocks at us.
That ’s good news, right? ” Chief Dakkon asked.

”I won ’t be so sure of that.
Whoever they are, I doubt they dropped their evident xenophobic stance at us. ” Ves replied.
In situations like this, he always feared the worst.

”The west gate is opening! ”

The thick double gates slowly shifted open at a snail ’s pace.
The incredible weight and size of the gates made it difficult for anything to shift them open.
The rifleman mechs could have easily interrupted the agonizingly slow process, but Captain Byrd ordered no such thing.

It was time for these mysterious inhabitants to reveal their faces to the visitors.

Three minutes later, the formerly-closed gates widened up to reveal a broad avenue.
Just as Ves analyzed the glimpse they obtained of the interior of the city, a massive creature lumbered into sight.

”That ’s an exobeast! ” Dr.
Tillman called! ”It ’s a warm-blooded, quadruped exobeast! I don ’t see any traces of Earth-based creatures in its appearance.
This is an adaptive native exobeast! ”

”Look at what ’s above! ” Ves immediately identified a tiny presence on the top of the reptile-looking creature rocky, scaly hide.
”There ’s a human mounted on a saddle above the creature ’s back! ”

Ves, Chief Dakkon and Dr.
Tillman rapidly derived the exobeast ’s properties as the creature slowly lumbered through the gates and parked itself in front of the city gates.

”The exobeast weighs as much as a heavy mech, if not more. ”

”The creature is an adult or an elder of its species.
It ’s likely an apex species of this planet, as I can hardly imagine that this planet can support anything larger! ”

”Strong readings are emanating from the large crystals embedded in the forehead, chest and various parts of its body.
These are..
they ’re some kind of energy reservoirs! No, not only that, but they act as antigrav modules as well! ”

Another mounted exobeast joined the first one.
This one looked to be of an entirely different creature, though Dr.
Tillman identified several similarities.

A third one appeared after the second one.
A fourth one appeared after the third.

One by one, the city revealed their offensive might as the giant ridden exobeasts continued to step out of the gates until ten of them lined up in an intimidating row under the evident control of their riders!

At some command, the huge and deadly looking beasts opened up their maws and started to unleash an awful roar towards the Flagrant Swordmaidens!

”The savages are challenging us! ”

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