ng them caused their amalgamations to grow smaller, but that only made them faster and more agile.
They were like mechs outfitted with modular armor in that sense.
Only by crushing them down until they reached the size of a melon did they finally become inert.

By now, the Misty Slashers, the Inheritors, the Hellcats and many other mechs launched out of the combat carriers as fast as possible armed with cheap backup rifles.
While they packed less of a punch than anyone would want, they were cheap to procure and did not require too much complexity to operate.

Any humanoid mech could make use of them, even melee mechs.
Their accuracy left a lot to be desired, but the large sandmen ships were easy to hit at medium range.

”Sir, the sandmen escort ships are forced to slow down under the weight of fire. ” The tactical officer said.
”However, their mothership is advancing unopposed! ”

”Assign Venerable Xie to the task of halting the mothership. ” Major Verle instructed.
”Maintain our current targeting priorities.
Right now, we need to whittle down the sandmen frigates. ”

The Flagrant Swordmaidens expended a large amount of ammunition by having hundreds of mechs fire their rifles and cannons at the twelve ominously agile sandmen escorts.
Over three-fourths of the projectiles missed their mark, but enough hit their mark to physically hinder their forward momentum, buying precious time for more mechs to take up rifles.

”Sir, the Parallax Star has deployed! It ’s firing its railgun! ”

The Parallax Star armed itself with a large railgun that outgunned the cannons of the Akkara mechs by a significant margin.
Just the length of the weapon alone surpassed the height of the mech that wielded it! Its mass and size already made it clear that this was a weapon meant to be deployed in space.
A mech on the ground wouldn ’t be able to hold this weapon properly under standard gravity!

The expert pilot already received permission to fire at will, so as soon as Venerable Xie drew a bead on the large sandman mothership, he pulled the trigger.

The firing sequence almost passed without any notice.
If Ves hadn ’t glued his eyes to the stream depicting the Parallax Star, he wouldn ’t have noticed much.
The mech ’s flight system and the railgun ’s inertial dampeners did an excellent job in compensating for the recoil upon firing.

The slug the formidable weapon fired impacted the mothership fairly hard! A small crater marred its smooth sphere-like surface.
What must have been several tons worth of individual sandmen separated from the greater mass, the kinetic impact causing their energy constructs to be overwhelmed!

”The sandman mothership has sustained significant damage! ”

The only downside to the artillery-scale railgun was that it required a significant amount of time to safely fire it again.
An agonizing amount of seconds passed as the railgun finally shifted enough heat and energy as well as load in a new slug to fire again.

”The second railgun impact dealt less damage! The mothership is adjusting its structure into a hollow cage structure! It ’s adjusting its composition in response to the heavy impacts! ”

Major Verle cursed.
”It appears the sandman admiral isn ’t a total rookie.
Divert ten percent of our Akkara mechs to suppressing the mothership.
Don ’t let it get away with its latest shapechange! ”

A small amount of high-volume firepower assisted Venerable Xie as his railgun accurately hit the hollowed-out mothership that had changed its structure into a multitude of hexagonal-shaped cages.
Its overall volume ballooned in size but most of it consisted of empty space.

Each time a railgun hit the hexagonal cages, the constructions broke easily, but the lack of interconnectedness also limited the spread of damage.
The mothership could last four times longer when it adopted this hollow structure!

This was why Major Verle insisted on adding some of the Akkara mechs to the equation.
The thinner hexagonal structures didn ’t need a railgun to shatter apart, so adding the high-volume firepower of the heavy cannoneers on top of the railgun fire put the mothership under a lot of pressure.

The sandmen admiral decided to respond.

”Sir, the sandman mothership is accumulating energy for an attack! ”

”What is it targeting?! ”

”Seventy percent certainty the mothership is targeting the Parallax Star, sir! There ’s a seventeen percent chance that it ’s targeting the Gorgon ’s Gaze behind the expert mech! ”

”Order Venerable Xie to evade! ”

A few seconds later, the communications officer reporting something alarming.

”Sir, the Venerable has refused to follow your last order! He believes the Parallax Star can take the energy attack! ”

”Damnit! Who does he think he is?! Tell him to pull back now! ”

Too late! Just as the Parallax Star tossed aside its railgun to get it out of the way, an energy field formed around the unarmed lancer mech.

A bright yellow beam struck the Parallax Star with unerring machine-like accuracy! The sandman mothership only sustained the beam for 0.026 seconds, but it had transferred enough energy to bore through the armor belt of a combat carrier!

”The mothership has exhausted its attack.
It is accumulating energy for a second energy attack! ”

”What is the status of the Parallax Star!? ” Major Verle demanded.

”The Parallax Star sustained light damage.
Its energy field has largely negated the damage to its frame. ” Ves responded.
He had kept an eye on its telemetry throughout the entire event.
”Some of its energy field emitters have overstressed themselves.
They won ’t stand up to repeated punishments. ”Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

”How many more attacks can it take? ”

”If Venerable Xie is able to maintain the same strength of energy fields, then at around four to six full-powered blasts. ”

”Reckless! ”

It was indeed a reckless move to tank the sandman energy beam without any attempts at dodging.
The Parallax Star may not be the most agile mechs, but turning a head-on attack into a glancing attack would have saved it and its maintenance crew a lot of grief!

Venerable Xie, evidently satisfied with this test of his capabilities with his new mech, flew out to grab the spinning railgun and fired at the mothership yet again.

The battle was far from over, but the Flagrant Swordmaidens at least managed to stem the tide!

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