he Akkara mech pilots maintain control over their fire rate, then they could essentially continue to fire without any concern for reaching their maximum heat capacity.
The ship they connected to essentially acted as an enormous heat sink!

This was a huge advantage in spaceborn combat because venting heat was one of the biggest technical challenges in spaceborn mech combat!

Along with an abundant amount of energy and ammunition at hand, these Akkara mechs exemplified their role as turrets as they threw a prodigious storm of firepower against the incoming missile swarm.

Even though hundreds of them attempted to assail the ambushed Flagrant Swordmaiden fleet, none of them managed to survive at the halfway point!

”I need the identities of the parties attacking us! Who are we dealing with?! ”

”Sir, we are having difficulty parsing the variety of pirate mechs and ships! Even the Swordmaiden database doesn ’t have entries for every ship we ’ve managed to observe.
From what we can tentatively gather, we are facing at least thirteen different small-scale pirate gangs, of which half only owns one carrier vessel! ”

”Bottom feeders. ” Major Verle growl.
”These vermin have messed with the wrong fleet.
Prepare for a counter-attack as soon as the mines are cleared out! ”

During the time the other officers and operators handled the immediate crisis, Ves and Ketis calmly performed their own duties in the background.
The two tasked themselves with identifying the origin, providence and attributes of the mechs arrayed against them.

While Ketis managed to identify a couple of mechs from the top of her head, most of the motley mechs arrayed against the Flagrant Swordmaidens consisted of cheap salvaged junk.
They were so inconsistent that Ves had no way of determining their original mech models through all of the sloppy ’accessories ’ and other junk the pirates tacked on!Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Ves had to make a brief visual inspection in five seconds and quickly list out the most pertinent strengths and weaknesses that came to mind within the next five seconds.

Observe a new mech for five seconds.

List out its traits for five seconds.

Observe another ugly pirate mech for five seconds.

List out the new mech ’s traits for five seconds.

His quick, bot-like manner of analysing the mechs would be sent into the local database, which would corroborate his analyses with the ones performed by AIs and other experts.
As Ves was a bona-fide mech designer who also happened to be the head designer, his analyses usually trumped the others, though the AIs usually managed to pick up something new due to their radically different thought processes.

All of this information became available to the mech pilots when they deployed into the field and faced off against one of the identified mechs.
The wondrous part about the man-machine connection between a mech and their mech pilot was that they shared the best of both worlds.
They combined a human ’s ingenuity and spark of imagination with the raw analytical and calculative ability of a machine.

In essence, the effect enhanced a mech pilot ’s judgement and responsiveness to that of a human implanted with an AI chip or a biocomputer.
The difference was that the machine half of this union transcended a mere chip or computer.

Nonetheless, despite these fundamental differences, the fact remained that they became partially capable of reading and internalizing a large amount of data than a normal human possibly could withstand.

This advantage or mutation to be more precise could bear the load of so much data that some people even believe that potentates were destined to be the next evolutionary step of humanity!

In short, this amazing capacity to internalize a large amount of sensory, mechanical and external data inputs and process them in an extremely efficient way became the signature ability of modern mech pilots.
How else could they exert fine control over a massive multi-ton mech the size of a structure that ran millions of different processes at the same time?

Ves recently gained a new appreciation of their information processing ability after witnessing the sick Redemption Duel held by the Church of Haatumak.
Even as their nerves withstood tens if not hundreds of times the routine input of a mech, Acolytes Gien and Evie still managed to persevere and exert a limited amount of control.

Compared to the flood of data that poured into those poor acolytes, the minute amount of data that consisted of his analysis was nothing to be concerned about.
The mech pilots would easily be able to process his analyses and subconsciously adjust their fighting methods to take advantage of their opponent ’s weak points while avoiding their strong points.

”The mine field is almost expended, sir! Only fifteen percent of the original mine field remains! ”

”Redirect all Akkaras to target our opponent ’s motherships! Put pressure on the vessels even if they are out of optimal range of our cannons! I don ’t believe these cowardly pirates are so united that they are willing to ignore the threat to their own rides home. ”

Major Verle ’s orders caused the heavy mechs to turn their firepower towards the distant carriers that hovered at the periphery of the battle.
While the kinetic and ballistic rounds from the Akkara mechs had a hard time hitting the moving vessels, the laser cannons proved to be more accurate as they seared long rents into the cheap junk-grade armor of the ramshackle carriers fielded by the pirates.

The combat carriers of the Vandals actually sustained quite a large amount of accumulated damage, but their thick and superior armor plating prevented them from affecting the hull structure.
A few errant compartments blew out due to successive impacts at the same armor section.

”Sir! The enemy mech swarms are faltering in their charge! A number of them are pulling back to their sieged carriers! ”

The Akkara mechs barely bombarded the pirate carriers for more than a minute, but already the damage began to tell.
The fact that the pirates already started splitting up due the resilience shown by the Flagrant Swordmaidens signified that they weren ’t under a strong unified command!

The Vandals had grasped their weakest aspect! Four-hundred incoming mechs quickly became three-hundred attacking mechs as at least a hundred of them had second thoughts.

”Let ’s split these pirates even further. ” Major Verle grinned.

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