ack of better options, the knight pilot controlled his machine to brace itself against the grown.
It knelt down on one knee and braced the enormous kite shield against its arms at an angle facing upwards.

The pilot didn ’t bother trying to dodge.
His knight mech was too slow, even if it barely fell into the mediumweight classification.

In the meantime, the more the Lady Death ’s Heel dove down, the more her passion became stoked.
Her heart beat faster as her anticipation ballooned to an unprecedented level.
Her smile grew wider and crooked as various thoughts sprung to her mind.

Within seconds, the Heel reached the ground.
The knight mech put up a desperate struggle, not quite knowing what it faced.
If it knew a little bit more about the Heel, he might have chosen to dodge or find some kind of alcove in the frozen seas.

”Hahahaha! Death from above! ”

The collision happened instantly.
Irenal underestimated the force her mech brought to bear.
Even if she piloted a light mech, they still consisted of many tons of alloys and composites.
Not even the thickest mech armor could withstand the power of a falling mech concentrated into a single point.

The Heel ’s pointed spike mounted on its lower body did its job.
It pierced through the knight mech ’s shield as if it was paper, and proceeded to dump an incredible amount of kinetic energy in its chest.
The penetrative qualities of the bottom spike had instantly bumped against the chest armor of the knight, which was one of its best protected portions.

It lasted only milliseconds before the spike ran straight through the frontal armor.
Still, the armor did bleed off a decent amount of momentum, so while the spike had managed to pierce through the back, it ran out of steam at that point.

this mech is fantastic! ” Irenal exclaimed, but quickly halted her celebration when she found out the mech below her spike still showed signs of moving.
It tried to grasp onto a sword that had fallen a bit away from its fingers.

”Oh no you don ’t.
Your time is finished here. ”

This time, Irenal remembered that her mech came with a light hammer.
She raised the handle of the weapon and swung it down against the torso of the knight.
She hadn ’t meant to aim at anything in particular.
She just wanted to wreck the sitting duck apart.

This time, the hammer just happened to fall in front of a very sensitive area to men.

”Yeouch! That hurt! ” The other pilot cried over the open channel.

The neural connection between pilots and mechs went both ways.
If the pilot got hurt, the mech got hurt, and if the mech got hurt, the pilot received a little damage as well.
In the game, this reciprocal connection was kept to a minimum in order to prevent the players from being overwhelmed by pain.

It still felt awfully unpleasant for men to get hit down below.

Irenal grew a little interested at the man ’s extreme response.
Her mech raised its hammer yet again and let it fall on the exact same spot.

”My nuts! Stop it! Please have mercy on me! ”

The woman grinned when she heard the pleas.
Ordinarily, she should have finished off her opponent and find some other prey in order to tilt the battle in the favor of her team.

Yet some kind of urge held her back from moving on.
She wanted to derive more satisfaction against the mech that her mech had mercilessly impaled onto the ground.

The hammer rose and fell for at least a dozen times.
The torso area became more dented and broken with each swing of the hammer.
The knight adopted a defensive build, so its waist enjoyed a lot of protection.

A single light hammer wielded by a light mech wouldn ’t be able to break the shell with a couple of swings.

Nevertheless, Irenal didn ’t mind this at all.
Instead, she began to get lost in her own world as the hammer kept banging against the mech ’s lower waist.
Even its engine module broke down from all of the stress and shocks.
The knight could not be piloted anymore, and the entire mech turned into a greyed-out mech.

That meant its mech pilot had forcibly logged out of the match.
Anyone who left the match prematurely suffered a lot of penalties from the game.
The knight pilot suffered so much redirected pain that he couldn ’t take it anymore.

”Hahahahaha! ” Irenal laughed in a deranged manner as her satisfaction broke through the roof.
It felt good to hammer down a man.
”More! ”

Her mech lifted up into the air with difficulty.
The brutal collision damaged the spike to the point where it incurred a minor mind.

The woman cared nothing for this, and sought out another prey with gusto.
She eventually found an isolated medium swordsman mech and chose to impale it from the skies.

This time, her opponent reacted a little smarter and moved his mech into speeds.
It darted along the frozen wastelands in order to make it hard for the Heel to pin it down.

Still, despite its best efforts, Irenal succeeded in predicting its final moments.
The swordsman mech became impaled upon the frozen sea.
The shock to the Heel was immense, but it had been designed to withstand several of these kinds of shocks in quick suggestion.
The mech wouldn ’t fall apart that easily.

The swordsman mech impaled to the ground started to struggle.
It had managed to keep hold of its sword, and began to slash apart the spike that nailed it onto the surface of the moon.

You won ’t get away from me! ”

The hammer banged down against the sword, flicking it out of the swordsman mech ’s reach with a single blow.

The subsequent hammer blows fell down onto the lower waist of the defenseless swordsman mech.
Its pilot howled as Irenal went to town with his mech.

The swordsman mech pilot quickly logged out as well, depriving her of her latest toy.

”Oh well, it ’s not like I can find a new toy to play with. ” She said to herself as she lifted her increasingly battered mech to the air.

By the end of the match, she ruined five different mechs.
Her mech had become one of the most prominent ones on the battlefield, and everyone who took part in the Wartorn Instance got to see a quick highlight of her actions.

Witnessing the mech demolish five mechs in a row with the exact same brutish methods led to extreme indignation among the men.

”Whoever designed this mech is a devil! ”

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