as some unknown alien systems embedded into the transparent crystals wearily turned active.

Eons had passed since they last became active.

As the asteroids brought them tumbling away from each other, the crystals finally unleashed a portion of their might.
They connected to each other with bright, intangible strings of energy.

The asteroids they resided on suddenly stopped their senseless tumbling.
Their trajectory came to a halt as these heavy objects had been fixed into a forceful stop.

Then they began to move.

The energy strings forcefully rearranged the positioning of the asteroids until they formed a
decahedron relative to their original resting place.

This place just so happened to be the asteroid that held the cave where Ves holed up at the moment.
Both Ves and Lucky ignorantly continued their usual routines.

The outline of the decahedron started to turn solid as the spaces between the lines turned opaque.
Once they finally turned into a solid pane of white, everything inside had been captured.

The energy panes cut right through the other asteroids as if an atom blade had passed through them.
Many chunks became loose and spun away.
Some even bumped into the asteroid in the middle.

Ves hardly noticed a tremble as his hazard suit held him aloft.

Once the activity died down, the decahedron began to glow even brighter.
It also started to pulse.

The pulse began slow, but sped up over time.
This time, Lucky noticed something amiss and stepped outside the tunnel he had dug.
Once he saw that the asteroid had been surrounded by a lot of panes of light, he immediately meowed in alarm and flew towards Ves.

The cat bumped straight into Ves and pawed at his hazard suit.

”Ouch! Lucky, I told you not to bump into me again! ”

Ves had been knocked out of his highly focused state.
He almost finished his final design!

Lucky kept acting like a crazy cat.
Ves took note of his pet ’s behavior and figured out that something was wrong.

”Show me the way. ”

Lucky led him out of the cave, upon which Ves stumbled upon the amazing sight in front.

”What is this?! ”

Everywhere his eyes could reach, what looked like solidified light had trapped his asteroid in a cage.
He grew scared at the sight of the unknown.

”Did you do this, Lucky?! ”

His cat acted like this had nothing to do with him.
Lucky merely stared his big eyes up at Ves, hoping that he could come up with a fix.

”I don ’t know what ’s going on myself.
This must be some kind of ancient alien contraption. ”

The ten-sided object surrounded the asteroid from all sides like an inescapable prison.
Ves contemplated summoning his Amastendira to shoot at the panes, but ultimately held off on this decision.
Who knew what might happen if he tripped some sort of failsafe.

”The main characters of those adventure dramas trigger alien traps all the time.
I never expected something like this would happen to me as well! What awful luck! ”

Ves picked up a rock that had been embedded into the surface of the asteroid and threw it at the nearest pane.

According to Newton ’s First Law, an object in motion stayed in motion.
Deep in space and away from any major gravity wells like stars and planets, the chunk of rock continued to sail forth in a virtually straight line.

Once it reached the pane, it abruptly flashed and disintegrated out of existence.

Ves gulped in his hazard suit.
”Alright, so it ’s not a good idea to go through this wall of light. ”

He threw another rock at one of the corners which formed the anchors of his light prison.
He encountered the same result.

With an increasing amount of alarm, Ves tried to test out a number of ways in which he could open a gap in the decahedron.
Nothing worked.
All of it failed.

Desperate times called for desperate measures.
After half an hour of procrastinating, he decided to take a risk.
He summoned the Amastendira from his inventory and dialed it up to the highest setting.

”I don ’t know what ’s going to happen, but I hope it will work. ”

A bright beam flashed out from the barrel of the mastercrafted laser pistol.
The thick beam carved a hole straight through the pane of light.

Everything changed at that moment.

The decahedron grew unstable while a wild storm of light happened just outside the hole.
Ves grew dizzy staring at the nonsensical sight.
It felt a lot like looking straight out of a window of a ship travelling in FTL.

He closed his eyes and tried to suppress his headache.

Once he opened his eyes.
He emerged in an entirely different location.

Gone was the asteroid.
Gone was the decahedron.
The cave behind him disappeared as well, along with the 3D printer and supplies he had brought.

Only Lucky remained.
His cat had hung onto his shoulder in fear.
His paws tightly gripped his hazard suit to the point of scratching its coating.

”Where… am I? ” He asked as he looked around his completely different surroundings.

Ves somehow emerged on a Terran jungle planet.
The environment mimicked the Terran standard, and when his hazard suit tested the air, it found it breathable, though there were traces of poisonous substances in the air.

A human might be able to survive for a week.
As for Ves, his hybrid human physique should comfortable be able to breathe the air, not that he intended to do so for the time being.

Gravity also started to act upon him.
It hadn ’t acted on his body immediately, but rather eased him to it, as if he didn ’t entirely exist on this strange location.

Ves had the sense that the decahedron only partially transpositioned him to this location.

”Did I interrupt some kind of spatial shift? ”

His spontaneous and reckless decision to shoot the decahedron with a high-powered laser beam had disrupted what he suspected to be a teleportation process.

Ves could have easily turned his body into noodles or fractured it in tiny pieces across multiple light-years.
That he came through this disaster with his body somewhat intact was a miracle.

Still, that didn ’t mean he was out of the woods just yet.
He still had to figure out a way to get back to his asteroid.

”Now what? ”

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