e them, they could glean all kinds of insights from the ’before ’ and ’after ’ picture.

It wasn ’t until the day had passed that Gloriana finally managed to claw herself back from her obsessive fascination!

To Ves, it was as if she was glowing twice as bright! The grin on her face was so wide that it could stretch across a cavern!

”Ves! I love this design! Whoever improved it has taught me a lot! I really appreciate this opportunity, Ves.
I think I ’ll be able to progress my design philosophy two or three steps further once I internalized what I ’ve learned.
This is truly revolutionary! ”

As Gloriana continued to babble about the gains she made, Ves honestly felt perplexed.

She didn ’t ask any of the questions that Ves was worried about, such as why he felt the need to seek help from another mech designer.

Not that he complained.
He didn ’t really have a good way to explain the System ’s Superpublish function.
If Gloriana pressed him any further, he might slip something up! She was quite good at ferreting out his secrets, and Ves didn ’t want to prove her with any more loopholes than he had already revealed!

”So what do you think about the names? ”

”They ’re okay. ” She replied, her mind still lost in her dreams.
”Calling the overall design the Bright Warrior is a good decision, though I ’m less enthused about the names for the configurations. ”

Ves shrugged.
”I had to call them something. ”

”Well, even if their names don ’t entirely represent the design, with how good it is, they ’ll definitely have a chance to burnish their credentials! I just love this design! ”

As they continued their discussion, Ves noticed that Gloriana didn ’t even bother with the fact that the design was not entirely their work anymore.
While Ves constantly worried about losing their sense of ownership in the design, Gloriana didn ’t seem to care that much about this issue!

While Ves regrettably lost some of his emotional investment in the design, Gloriana was the opposite.
She truly reveled in the solutions the Superpublish ability introduced into their work.

In her perspective, it didn ’t matter how these improvements came about.
She only cared about delivering a result that was closest to perfection! The fact that she wasn ’t responsible for designing such a fantastic mech was compensated by the valuable opportunities she gained to evolve her design ability!

Due to her unexpected optimism, Ves began to rekindle some hope in his heart.

Perhaps it might be possible to fabricate a masterwork mech after all!

Ves would have to make sure that Gloriana was in the best possible state to fabricate the mech.
In fact, he wanted to start off right away!

Unfortunately, it was the end of the day, and Gloriana still needed to stick to her regular sleep cycle.
Though it was possible for her to ingest some pills to force her to stay awake for a couple of days, now was not a good time.

He still wanted to begin as soon as possible.

”We should strike while the iron is hot. ” He proposed.
”We should rest and prepare for our upcoming attempt to make a masterwork mech.
If possible, I want to complete this fabrication run in one, continuous session.
Can you do that? ”

She nodded.
”No problem.
I ’ll ask Ranya to prepare the necessary treatments to keep up with you.
It ’s not good for my health if I keep it up, but it shouldn ’t be an issue to forgo sleep just this time. ”

Some people attempted to reduce their need to sleep.
Most of the time, it was to make better use of their time.

Whenever someone slept, they wasted valuable time which they could have used to progress their career or create a new product!

For example, Nitaa hadn ’t quite gotten rid of her dependence on sleep, but her physical augmentations cut her sleep cycle by half!

However, there was a reason why this wasn ’t popular.
Aside from being a fairly expensive and difficult treatment, humans needed sleep for multiple reasons.
Those who skipped sleep for years at a time tended to become very odd!

In any case, the MTA performed plenty of surveys and concluded that skipping sleep for an extended period of time did more harm than good.

This was one of the reasons that Ves still tried to stick to a regular sleep schedule whenever possible.
He had the faint notion that once he stopped sleeping, he would lose his humanity!

”To sleep is to be human. ” He spoke and held her by the shoulder.
”I know you are tempted to stay awake to study the improved design even further, but make sure you have a good rest tonight.
I believe that we are close to achieving one of the goals we have always been aiming for.
As long as we succeed in fabricating a masterwork, our affinity for mechs will definitely increase! This will certainly allow us to design and fabricate a masterwork mech that is worthy to gain your mother ’s appreciation! ”

She nodded.
”You ’re right.
I can study these improvements later, but our chances of creating a masterwork of the Bright Warrior is fleeting! ”

Once they settled on a plan, they left the headquarters and returned to the Austen Estate to go to bed early.

Both of them wanted to catch as much sleep as possible before they embarked on their marathon fabrication session!

Before Ves went to sleep, he held the Larkinson Mandate in his hands and did the one thing he never imagined doing again.

He prayed.

”I beg of you.
Help us fabricate a masterwork mech tomorrow.
Do whatever you can to assist us and boost our chances to create the best possible version of the Bright Warrior.
Once we succeed, our fortunes will massively increase! Once we receive recognition from the MTA, we will instantly be able to stand out from the crowd and receive countless new opportunities! This is not only good for us, but also the Larkinson Clan! Will you help us, Goldie? ”


The Golden Cat looked up at Ves with huge, unblinking eyes.

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